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Alltel's booming pops.

Alltel's Booming Pops

Alltel Corp. has been in the news lately but many readers may have missed the Forbes magazine piece Dec. 25, 1989, touting the booming future of cellular telephone franchises. The article points out that Alltel's rural "pops" -- or potential customers -- could double or triple in value.

Why? "In less than a year we'll see a number of rural service areas valued at over $200 a pop," says Martin Hyman of Booz, Allen & Hamilton. In 1989, many analysts valued rural pops at no more than $40.

Alltel has 41 percent of its pops in rural markets and its stock could see a steady boost if analysts change their way of thinking. But, the article cautions, all rural areas aren't created equal. Pops located in sparsely populated Texas, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and Nevada may not be gold mines for a long, long time.
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Title Annotation:Stock Talk; potential customers
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Jun 4, 1990
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