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Alloya name of new corporate.

Alloya is the name chosen by the Members Advisory Council of Members United Bridge for the new corporate they are creating. The name selection was announced in a statement issued last week by the MAC and signed by John Fiore, CEO of Motorola Employees Credit Union, in his capacity as chairman of the MAC.

Fiore indicated the name has received "trademark clearance."

Why Alloya? Fiore elaborated on the choice: "Our criteria required that the name be distinctive, memorable, and timeless. We sought to project the values of an entity that is within the system, is member-owned, is central to the members' business, and is where service to members is paramount. We wanted the name to have energy, sound and look good, and stimulate discussion. Finally, we wanted a nontraditional name to reflect the difference in our business model. I believe we have succeeded in fulfilling these criteria."
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Title Annotation:News to Know
Publication:Credit Union Times
Date:May 4, 2011
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