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Allis Mineral Systems.

Allis Mineral Systems is an international group of companies serving the minerals processing, mining, construction, chemical and related industries.

The principal product groups within Allis Mineral Systems are:

Bulk Material Handling

Crushing and Screening Equipment

Grinding Systems

Pumps and Process Equipment

Pyro Systems

Pyro Systems Division

The world headquarters of the Pyro Systems Div. is in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The Pyro Systems Div.'s principal products are:

1. Process Systems which include plants and systems for high-temperature roasting, induration, reduction and calcining of ores and minerals. This includes iron ore processing into pellets or sponge iron, production of lime, coke calcining, lime recovery from pulp sludge and processing or incineration of waste materials, such as used foundry sand.

2. Process Equipment such as rotary kilns and dryers, fixed hearth incinerators and process test work and technical services.


The Pyro Systems Div. has over 50 years of experience in designing and building processing plants for ores, minerals and related products. It has successfully completed over 250 large engineered projects worldwide. More than 1200 rotary kilns and over 4000 rotary dryers have been installed.

The Pyro Systems Div.'s capabilities to market, design and deliver process-based projects are represented by its pool of qualified people. In the U.S., the Division has over 200 engineers and technicians representing a wide expertise in marketing, engineering and project management. A significant number of the engineers have advanced degrees in their field of specialization and possess field experience in plant operations.


"Customer Satisfaction is Our Ultimate Measure of Quality" is the Division's theme. In early 1991, the Division launched a Total Quality Management (TQM) program with the goal to deliver, consistently on-time, quality products and services that satisfy or exceed customer requirements.

New Product Development and Existing Product Improvements

The development of new products and the improvements of existing ones represent Allis Mineral Systems' thrust to meet changing customer needs. It operates its own Process Research and Test Center (PRTC). The PRTC is a fully equipped facility with the capabilities to perform complex material and process testing and evaluations, as well as simulating complete flowsheets.

The PRTC is designed to perform comminution, agglomeration and thermal processing studies. Its test facilities range from laboratory and batch tests to pilot plant circuits. Typical processes investigated in continuous pilot plant circuits include drying, calcining, ore pelletizing, clinker production, roasting, direct reduction, thermal conversion, soil decontamination and waste treatment. In the last 40 years, the PRTC has conducted over 50 continuous pilot tests.

Allis Mineral Systems, 20965 Crossroads Circle, Waukesha, Wisconsin 53186; 414/798-6200; fax 414/798-6211.
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