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Alligator Technologies. (Innovations In Tools, Equipment & Services).

Alligator Technologies, a supplier of data acquisition and sensor signal conditioning equipment, has introduced an expansion to its line of signal conditioning modules, the SCS-818. A high-performance amplifier and 4-pole Butterworth low-pass filter, the SCS-818 8-channel module features a custom uni-polar to bi-polar output stage that can drive analog measurement and control signals greater than 50 meters, more than twice the distance for typical A/D and D/As, providing better measurement and control for electrically noisy real-time environments and data acquisition. With a combination of both signal amplification and filtering, the SCS-818 lets users reduce the number of controllers and position them up to 50 meters from the analog signals and measurements, twice the normal distance, while increasing signal performance. Circle #251

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Publication:Pipeline & Gas Journal
Date:Jul 1, 2002
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