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Allies with Six Companies, Chinese Digital Culture will Create a new Generation of Chinese e-Sports Idols.

Hong Kong, Nov 13, 2013 - (ACN Newswire) - On 11 November 2013, China Digital Culture (Group) Ltd. ("China Digital Culture", or the "Company"; Stock Code: 8175), alongside KEAHORAL Technology Inc., China Interactive Sports, China Unicom, Phoenix New Media, Galloping Horse Media and OGN Television Station under the Korean Conglomerate CJ, organized a press conference on a strategic alliance formed between seven enterprises from different industries and sectors. The press conference was titled "Pioneers of Competitive Cyber Gaming in China" and was located in the Sheraton Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel. In order to promote and develop the competitive cyber gaming industry (the"industry") in China, these seven enterprises will concentrate their cooperative efforts in the organization and production of gaming competitions, live broadcasts, high-budget movies relating to competitive cyber gaming (also known as "electronic sports" or "e-Sports"), and any other entertainment

events. The press conference revealed the first multi-national and cross-sector cooperation for the development of the competitive cyber gaming industry in China.

With the support from the General Administration of Sports in China, the Alliance will be committed to improving the industry environment for future growth and development. The seven enterprises have significant influence in their respective industries and substantial resources which will also enhance the development of the competitive cyber gaming industry in China at an accelerated pace. According to members of the Alliance, the Alliance will allocate more resources for hosting large-scale competitions, and procure the exchange of industry expertise and knowledge from South Korea. China Digital Culture will collaborate with KEAHORAL Technology Inc, a renowned cyber gaming company in Shanghai, to provide comprehensive training for professional players. With the Company's integrated resources and its influence in the sports and entertainment industries, the Company will strive to nurture these players as the new generation of idols in China specializing in competitive cyber gaming. Meanwhile, the Company, along with KEAHORAL Technology Inc., will also work with Galloping Horse Media for a plan to produce the first high-budget movie with a competitive cyber gaming theme in 2014. In addition, the live broadcast of cyber gaming competitions will become more streamlined with the support from China Unicom. The participation of mainstream media will not only facilitate the communication in and out of the cyber gaming community, but will also convey a positive message for the industry through the higher quality broadcasts. As a major organiser of various cyber gaming competitions in China, China Interactive Sports will also make every effort to promote the exchange of experience and cooperation with respect to the cyber gaming industry between China and South Korea.

Mr. Hsu Tung Chi, the chief executive officer of China Digital Culture, said that, "Benefiting from the support of national policies and increasing involvement from South Korea and other heavyweight enterprises spanning across various industries and sectors, the year of 2014 will be a key period for the maturity of the competitive cyber gaming industry in China as a whole. There are 400 million gamers in China alone, and therefore, the value of the industry distinguishes itself not only in Asia, but also across the world. The revenue generated from its competitions and potential economic, cultural and entertainment value are incalculably substantial. China Digital Culture Group will leverage on its expertise in operations of sports competitions management and agency of artists and media entertainment, to undertake the responsibility of competition promotion and team packaging for the Alliance. In the near future, the Company aims to select five gamers and offer training to them with an emphasis on entertainment and professional gaming to develop them as stars of the Cyber Gaming Alliance. Not only will they step out on the competitive stage in Asia, but will also enter the world arena of competitive gaming. The Company will also explore and identify a mature business model for the industry in China and will make competitive cyber gaming related businesses as its fourth major and core business segment after music, sports, and media entertainment. The Company is seizing the initiative in the development of the competitive cyber gaming industry in China and will gradually increase its operations in the gaming business segment.

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Date:Nov 13, 2013
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