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Alliances vital in PH maritime security. Jul 22, 2022 1169
Moving Past the Name: Focusing on Practical implementation of the India-U.S. Strategic Relationship. Melin, Nicholas 0. Jul 1, 2022 6489
NATO Gets A New Lease On Life--For Now. Berman, Ilan Jun 22, 2022 1798
Clausewitzian Friends. Garard, Olivia Report Jun 1, 2022 5472
Asian Allies and Partners in a Taiwan Contingency: What Should the United States Expect? Cooper, Zack; Greitens, Sheena Chestnut Report Jun 1, 2022 5386
Travis Peterson on America's Afghan Allies. Greene, Noor Interview Apr 12, 2022 630
The Case for a New Atlantic Alliance. Glastris, Paul Editorial Apr 1, 2022 856
U.S. European Command Theater Infrastructure Plan: Aligning U.S. Requirements with European Capability and Resources. Depreo, Jon-Paul; Raymond, Scott P. Apr 1, 2022 3029
NATO -- Strategic Asset or Liability?. Buchanan, Patrick J. Mar 1, 2022 838
Captive Nations Once, NATO Allies Now. Camp, Beatrice Feb 1, 2022 1046
Steadfast friends, equal partners, and enduring allies. Essay Jan 27, 2022 707
Ayungin incident won't trigger US-PH defense pact - AFP Chief. Dec 6, 2021 503
SHOULD NATO OPEN ITS OOORS TO GEORGIA? Boehm, Eric Nov 24, 2021 1305
US should 'step in' as China asserts claim on Ayungin Shoal--Trillanes. Nov 20, 2021 513
Five eyes/five countries: Jim Rolfe discusses New Zealand's connection with the Anglosphere security grouping. Rolfe, Jim Nov 1, 2021 3146
Are Taiwans Threats to China a Bluff? Buchanan, Patrick J. Nov 1, 2021 837
Egypt: still supported by the West. Ismail, Nehad Oct 1, 2021 912
GCC dreams of an 'Arab NATO'. Blanche, Ed Oct 1, 2021 1877
TURKEY: Erdogan and the desperate search for a role. Karkouti, Mustapha Oct 1, 2021 869
More than allies. Sep 6, 2021 606
Allied Relationships Should Start with Humility and Commitment. Burns, Jay S. Sep 1, 2021 738
France moves to strengthen economic relations with Nigeria. Iruoma, Kelechukwu Aug 1, 2021 1486
US seeks strong ties with PH as 'equal sovereign partner,' Pentagon chief tells Duterte. Jul 30, 2021 525
Duterte keeps VFA after getting 'clarity' on US commitment to defense treaty. Jul 30, 2021 576
'Sleeping dragon no more': Duterte trusts China to defend what is good, just for all. Jul 6, 2021 620
Restoration of the Russia-North Korea Alignment in the Early 2000s: Russia's Alliance Strategies and Achievements. Kim, Dayea Report Jul 1, 2021 9037
Greater Security Cooperation: US Allies in Europe and East Asia. Kim, Tongfi; Simon, Luis Report Jun 22, 2021 4877
Integrated Planning and Campaigning for Complex Problems. Ehlers, Robert S., Jr.; Blannin, Patrick Report Jun 22, 2021 5098
How to Fight Authoritarianism: To manage the rise of china and other illiberal forces, the U.S. and Europe need a new kind of alliance. Clark, Wesley K. Apr 1, 2021 5324
Charting A Different Course. Schadlow, Nadia Mar 22, 2021 3429
Keeping the Compact Clause Irrelevant. Hills, Roderick M. Jan 1, 2021 3584
China and Africa--Allies, Friends, or Both? Plotka, Bartosz Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2020 793
Indian and Australian Maritime Security Doctrines in the Indian Ocean Region in the 21st Century. Christian Bueger's Matrix of Maritime Security Approach. Lukaszuk, Tomasz Report Dec 1, 2020 10268
Allies prepare for abrupt U.S. U-turn as Biden shifts priorities. Nov 8, 2020 1263
More Afraid of Your Friends Than the Enemy: Coalition Dynamics in the Korean War, 1950-1951. Damian, Fideleon O. Oct 1, 2020 5891
Hanggang sa muli: An unforgettable four years. Sung Kim Editorial Sep 30, 2020 760
Del Rosario presses alliance with like-minded states vs China. Jul 29, 2020 502
Pakistan and Turkey: a strategic partnership in chaotic times. Butt, Imtiaz Rafi May 6, 2020 1287
Lessons from the Australian Defence Force. Grace, Laura A. Jan 1, 2020 2088
Prospects for the far flank: Balaji Chandramohan comments on India's strategic orientation after the recent general elections. Chandramohan, Balaji Sep 1, 2019 2220
When Collaboration Works: High Politics and Realism's Renaissance in Arms Collaboration Studies. DeVore, Marc R.; Stai, Nora Kristine Report Jun 22, 2019 10957
Supporting Atlas: Franco-British Co-operation to Service Europe's Military Airlifter. Giry, Benoit; Smith, Andy Jun 22, 2019 9187
ON TARGET: NATO's not so stellar history. Taylor, Scott May 1, 2019 866
Still vital: NATO at 70: Roberto Rabel notes the anniversary of the treaty that has underpinned Western security for seven decades. Rabel, Roberto Mar 1, 2019 923
Saudi Arabia seeks allies in the Gulf of Aden. Dec 1, 2018 316
Political Causes of Terrorism after 9/11 in Federally Administered Tribal Areasand Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Sep 30, 2018 5521
Securing the Nation One Partnership at a Time. Lengyel, Gen Joseph L. Essay Sep 22, 2018 2291
'A fragile alliance: the Congo crisis and Soviet-Ghanaian relations 1960-61. Mazov, Sergey Sep 22, 2018 7443
Americans Lukewarm Toward Leaders of U.S. Allies. Saad, Lydia Survey Aug 21, 2018 972
Israel and NATO: History and Progress. Naaman, Uri Mar 22, 2018 1207
US Landpower and an Indo-American Alliance. Tata, Samir Mar 22, 2018 6397
Russia and Turkey - Dalliance or Alliance. Pearson, W. Robert Feb 27, 2018 1483
Recipes for Conflict: How rigid alliances can lead to unwanted wars. Carpenter, Ted Galen Jan 1, 2018 2814
Palestinians get the sharp end of the stick... again. Brief article Nov 1, 2017 324
Increasing Partner-Nation Capacity Through Global Health Engagement. Providence, Bertram C.; Licina, Derek; Leiendecker, Andrew Oct 1, 2017 3039
MILITARY EXPENDITURES, ALLIANCE MEMBERSHIP, AND FISCAL RESTRAINT. Rowlands, Dane; Kabongi, Decky Kipuka Report Oct 1, 2017 10325
Joint logistics capabilities for credible deterrence: the U.S. European command logistics directorate is working with its NATO partners to improve five areas that set the theater for the joint force. Bertulis, Todd S.; Gaumer, Matthew A. Jul 1, 2017 2011
What Are America's Alliances Good For? Brands, Hal; Feaver, Peter D. Jun 22, 2017 8630
Leader lashes Trump brazenness. Brief article Jun 9, 2017 244
Shangri-La dialogue. Speech Jun 3, 2017 3800
Tajiks blackball Iran for membership in SCO. Apr 28, 2017 423
The Saudi-Led Arab Coalition. Apr 10, 2017 208
Economic Coercion and Power Redistribution during Wartime. Zielinski, Rosella Cappella Essay Mar 22, 2017 10918
Facing new defence challenges: Balaji Chandramohan suggests that the 2016 Defence white paper represents a paradigm shift in New Zealand's strategic outlook and its defence operational reach. Chandramohan, Balaji Nov 1, 2016 2246
Uzbekistan Juggles Ties With Russia, China, Other Great Powers. Sep 13, 2016 1516
Putin Has The GME In His Sights And It's Not Just about Oil. Sep 5, 2016 397
Obama Warns Putin Over Syria. Aug 8, 2016 1169
America, you are a leader--lead. De Swielande, Tanguy Struye; Vandamme, Dorothee Jun 22, 2016 6788
Australia's strategic outlook: a paradigm shift: Balaji Chandramohan reviews the recently issued Australian defence white paper. Chandramohan, Balaji Essay May 1, 2016 2336
Helen Clark: some Washington encounters: Ken Ross discusses the Labour prime minister's dealings with 'long faced officials', the Reagan Retreads and Christopher Hill. Ross, Ken Essay May 1, 2016 3190
ARAB EUROPEAN RELATIONS - Apr 18 - Hollande Inks Deals In Egypt Visit Dogged By Rights Criticism. Apr 23, 2016 489
TURKEY - Apr 20 - Turkey Wants Coalition Help At Syrian Border. Apr 23, 2016 347
ARAB AFFAIRS - Apr 7 - Turkey, Israel Hold Fresh Talks On Reconciliation. Apr 9, 2016 418
SAUDI ARABIA - Apr 8 - Saudi King Arrives In Egypt To Official Fanfare, High Hopes. Apr 9, 2016 602
On target: it's time to admit we failed in Afghanistan. Taylor, Scott Apr 1, 2016 763
The Rojava revolution and British solidarity. Savran, Yagmur Mar 22, 2016 2054
ISIS' Syrian Dabiq Link Will Be Cut Off; Mosul's 'Caliphate' & The IRGC Say It Won't. Mar 14, 2016 886
What Is ISIS. Mar 14, 2016 593
Sustaining the alliance: combined army logistics in the Republic of Korea: army units from the United States and the Republic of Korea executed a combined logistics exercise to improve interoperability, mission command, and mission execution. Becker, Aaron J.; Reeves, Richard I. Mar 1, 2016 2075
LIBYA - Feb 15 - New National Unity Govt Awaits Libya Parliament Vote. Feb 20, 2016 357
Coalition building to counter ISIS: Part 1. Emery, James Feb 1, 2016 5531
Coalition building to counter ISIS: Part 2. Emery, James Feb 1, 2016 4035
Towards Turkey's Triangular Gas Deal With Israel & Cyprus. Dec 28, 2015 954
Making a case for a defence U-turn: Hugh Steadman responds to the defence minister's invitation to New Zealanders to have a say on defence by proposing a radical shift in approach. Steadman, Hugh Nov 1, 2015 3437
World assessing Russia & Iran alliance in Syria. Oct 30, 2015 941
Arming our allies: the case for offensive capabilities. Grygiel, Jakub Report Sep 22, 2015 5874
New Zealand 40th anniversary. Barrington, Brook Jul 1, 2015 543
New Zealand-ASEAN: a 40-year dialogue: David Capie provides an overview of New Zealand's relationship with South-east Asia over the last four decades and notes challenges ahead. Capie, David Jul 1, 2015 3143
ASEAN focus, southern star: Halim bin Saad provides a Malaysian perspective on New Zealand's role in South-east Asia. Saad, Tan Sri Halim bin Essay Jul 1, 2015 4431
Beyond 40 years: reframing ASEAN in New Zealand's strategic outlook: Thitinan Pongsudhirak discusses the new challenges and opportunities in the relationship between New Zealand and South-east Asia. Pongsudhirak, Thitinan Essay Jul 1, 2015 3088
Indonesia-New Zealand relations: platform for a stronger ASEAN: Rahimah Abdulrahim, Ibrahim Almuttaqi and Steven Yohanes Polhaupesy assess the prospects for closer ties between New Zealand and ASEAN's largest member. Abdulrahim, Rahimah; Almuttaqi, A. Ibrahim; Polhaupesy, Steven Yohanes Essay Jul 1, 2015 3018
Iran's IRGC Extends Its Reach To The Taliban Despite Tehran Ties With Kabul & Islamabad. Jun 22, 2015 776
Iran-Saudi Tensions Heighten As IRGC/QF Recruits More AfPak Shi'ites To Join Syria's War. Jun 22, 2015 511
Saudis Begins Playing A Major Role In The Turkey-Qatar Axis For The Syrian War. Jun 1, 2015 875
ARAB AFFAIRS - May 19 - Syria President Praises Iran Support As 'Key Pillar'. Brief article May 23, 2015 239
ARAB EUROPEAN RELATIONS - May 21 - Paris To Host International Anti-ISIS Meeting In June. Brief article May 23, 2015 142
GCC-US Summit Talks Will Examine The Options In Dealing With The 'Arab-Persian' Issues. May 11, 2015 1690
ARAB AFFAIRS - May 3 - Arab Coalition Deploys 'Limited' Force On Ground In Aden. Brief article May 9, 2015 310
The US-Led Coalition Effort & Congress Moves To Partition Iraq. May 4, 2015 438
Aviation and health: a key Nexus for the US Air Force's regional security-building efforts. Chambers, James A.; Garretson, Peter A.; Rolleston, Mort M.; Alder, Jeffrey R.; Podbielski, Peter J. May 1, 2015 5731
Iran Is The Arabs' 'Worse Enemy Than Israel'. Apr 13, 2015 343
ARAB AFFAIRS - Apr 8 - Erdogan, Rowhani Agree Cooperation Key To Ending Bloodshed. Apr 11, 2015 490
ARAB AFFAIRS - Mar 30 - Saudi Arabia, Egypt Show Discord Over Syria. Apr 4, 2015 716
MOROCCO - Mar 18 - Morocco, UAE Sign Raft Of Bilateral Deals. Brief article Mar 21, 2015 204
ARAB AFFAIRS - Mar 11 - Iran Parliament Speaker In Qatar Tries To Allay Arab Concern. Mar 14, 2015 352
ARAB AFFAIRS - Mar 3 - Arab States To Mull Creation Of Joint Force Against 'Islamic State'. Brief article Mar 7, 2015 262
Australia's dangerous ally: Malcolm Fraser outlines the dangers and disadvantages of Australia's alignment with the United States and calls for a new approach to national security that would have important implications for New Zealand if adopted. Fraser, Malcolm Essay Mar 1, 2015 4255
ARAB AFFAIRS - Feb 25 - Saudi Ready To Cooperate With Israel Over Iran. Brief article Feb 28, 2015 233
IRAQ - Feb 23 - Minister Slams US Over Mosul Assault Slip. Feb 28, 2015 809
IRAN - Feb 17 - Tehran Bans Weekly For Criticizing Tehran's Nuclear Concessions. Feb 21, 2015 764
SAUDI ARABIA - Feb 19 - Riyadh Talks Seek Stronger Iraqi Army. Feb 21, 2015 411
ARAB US RELATIONS - Feb 8 - Sec. Kerry: US-led Coalition 'On The Road' to defeating Islamic State. Feb 14, 2015 594
IRAQ - Jan 13 - Abadi Criticizes 'Slowness' Of Coalition Support. Brief article Jan 17, 2015 157
Genesis of the Hmong-American alliance, 1949-1962: aspirations, expectations and commitments during an era of uncertainty. Benson, Frederic C. Report Jan 1, 2015 13821
Genesis of the Hmong-American alliance, 1949-1962: aspirations, expectations and commitments during an era of uncertainty. Benson, Frederic C. Report Jan 1, 2015 14897
ARAB EUROPEAN RELATIONS - Dec 08 -Britain To Boost Military Presence In The Gulf With Base In Bahrain. Dec 13, 2014 307
ARAB EUROPEAN RELATIONS - Nov 27 - Putin Lends Unwavering Support For Assad's War. Nov 29, 2014 634
ARAB US RELATIONS - Oct 27 - US Calls For Online War Against 'Islamic State'. Nov 1, 2014 357
Canada enters the fray: the dubious allure of just war. Editorial Nov 1, 2014 738
ARAB US RELATIONS - Oct 20 - Kerry In Indonesia Seeks Asian Support Against ISIS. Oct 25, 2014 381
ARAB AFFAIRS - Oct 8 - Egypt Renews Support To Libya In Fight Against Terrorism. Oct 11, 2014 305
ARAB US RELATIONS - Oct 09 - Biden Adds Saudi Arabia To His Apology List Over ISIS. Correction notice Oct 11, 2014 210
TURKEY - Sep 28 - Turkey 'Can't Stay Out' Of Anti-IS Fight: Erdogan. Oct 4, 2014 431
ARAB US RELATIONS - Sep 22 - Dempsey: Arab Nations Need To Help In Iraq. Sep 27, 2014 703
The Polish-Czechoslovak confederation project in British policy, 1939-1943: a federalist alternative to postwar settlement in East Central Europe? Vasilenko, Victoria Essay Sep 22, 2014 10643
IRAN - Sept 15 - Ayatullah 'Ali Khamenei Rejects US Request To Cooperate Against IS. Brief article Sep 20, 2014 263
TURKEY - Sep 16 - Military Weighs "Buffer Zone" Against Iraq, Syria Threats. Brief article Sep 20, 2014 258
ARAB AFFAIRS - Sep 08 - Arab League Vows To Take All Measures To Confront ISIS. Sep 13, 2014 829
LEBANON - Sept 10 - Beirut Urges 'Common Front' Against IS 'Monsters'. Sep 13, 2014 196
ARAB US RELATIONS - Sep 3 - Obama Calls For United Front Against ISIS. Sep 6, 2014 720
Dunsterforce, part III: Dunsterforce or Dunsterfarce? Gordon, Bob Sep 1, 2014 1541
ARAB AFFAIRS - Aug 25 - Syria Declares Its Readiness In Backing Efforts To Fight Jihadists. Aug 30, 2014 732
ARAB US RELATIONS - Aug 27 - US Denies Sharing Intelligence With Assad. Aug 30, 2014 713
The U.S. military presence in Okinawa and the Futenma base controversy. Chanlett-Avery, Emma; Rinehart, Ian E. Report Aug 1, 2014 8958
Explaining US strategic partnerships in the Asia-Pacific region: origins, developments and prospects. Parameswaran, Prashanth Essay Aug 1, 2014 10277
Israel: background and U.S. relations. Zanotti, Jim Report Jul 1, 2014 11528
Israel: background and U.S. relations. Zanotti, Jim Report Jul 1, 2014 18609
The Wentworth and Holles families: dreaming of the living and the dead. Levin, Carole Jun 22, 2014 7387
MOROCCO - Jun 1 - Maghreb Union 'Not Option Or Political Luxury' In Eyes Of the King. Jun 7, 2014 234
Talk of military alliance with China just hot air. Brief article May 30, 2014 208
Could the Ukraine Crisis Reboot NATO? Abrahamson, James L. May 21, 2014 293
Questioning our natural alliance: Hugh Steadman calls for more careful assessment of New Zealand's interests when supporting the Western alliance in response to contentious international events. Steadman, Hugh Essay May 1, 2014 3746
U.S. Alliances in Northeast Asia. Sempa, Francis P. Mar 19, 2014 313
Alliances in disarray. Bresler, Robert J. Mar 1, 2014 1028
Lessons From Three Global Wars. Sempa, Francis P. Feb 19, 2014 357
Good new, but an alliance with Iran is premature. Sadjadpour, Karim Dec 20, 2013 359
Our dangerous foreign-policy freeloaders. Carpenter, Ted Galen Jul 1, 2013 2535
Turkey Is Edging Closer To Confrontation With Iran's Axis & Increased GCC Funding. May 20, 2013 1246
CHIEFS OF STAFF OF VISEGRAD GROUP MEET. Brief article Apr 19, 2013 175
China and New Zealand at forty: what next? Michael Powles reflects on the evolving Sino-New Zealand relationship and suggests that skill will be needed in taking advantage of the opportunity it offers. Powles, Michael Nov 1, 2012 2056
A strengthening China-New Zealand link: John Key reflects on the 40 years of diplomatic relations between China and New Zealand and considers possibilities for the future. Key, John Nov 1, 2012 2292
A cautious start: Paul Bellamy reflects on the early years of New Zealand-North Korea relations. Bellamy, Paul Nov 1, 2012 3340
States of mind: Micronesia and the Pacific: John Goodman reflects on the experience of the four states of Micronesia in dealing with the problems of modernity. Goodman, John Nov 1, 2012 3571
Institute notes: National Office and branch activities. Conference notes Nov 1, 2012 478
International implementation and compliance. Katzman, Kenneth Oct 1, 2012 3686
U.S.-China military contacts: issues for Congress. Kan, Shirley A. Oct 1, 2012 628
Overview of and options for policy. Kan, Shirley A. Oct 1, 2012 3008
Turkey & Iran now competitors. Sep 14, 2012 712
Poland leads Europe: Beata Stoczynska reflects on Poland's achievements as president of the European Union Council. Stoczynska, Beata Essay May 1, 2012 2707
A still-strong alliance. Kupchan, Charles A. Essay Apr 1, 2012 4965
Multinational command relationships: part II of III. Katsos, George E. Report Apr 1, 2012 2888
Daybreak: Gilad Chai. Tracy, Marc Brief article Oct 18, 2011 138
Carnegie Europe (NATO). Panetta, Leon E. Speech Oct 5, 2011 3343
The end of the affair? What does the defeat of Muammar AlGathafi (pictured below) mean to Africa? A lot, including the disunity of the African Union itself. Wambu, Onyekachi Column Oct 1, 2011 646
The politics of the formation of alliance governments in multi-ethnic states: a case study of the Nigerian first alliance government, 1954-57. Ojo, Emmanuel Oladipo Case study Sep 22, 2011 16309
Suzanne Mubarak, Christianity and a Lebanon Flip-Flop Furor! Sep 4, 2011 488
Turkey cools off on Israel; Aisha Gaddafi's private photos revealed. Brief article Sep 3, 2011 333
Concerns over a two-tier NATO alliance. Curtis, Vincent J. Sep 1, 2011 993
Yankees go home. Buchanan, Patrick J. Aug 1, 2011 756
Erdogan rides again. Gorvett, Jon Jul 1, 2011 1053
Gates Predicts NATO Demise In Final Speech. Brief article Jun 10, 2011 259
Hezbollah: analysis of violence. Cohler, Sarah Report Mar 21, 2011 9534
The proposed U.S.-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA): provisions and implications. Cooper, William H.; Manyin, Mark E.; Jurenas, Remy; Platzer, Michaela D. Report Mar 1, 2011 30984
Daybreak: Hezbollah Plays With Fire. Tracy, Marc Brief article Jan 14, 2011 181
Tehran & Damascus Fear Hariri Trial As Axis Forces Lose GME Support. Brief article Jan 3, 2011 272
America alone: what ever happened to the "Coalition of the Willing?". Carpenter, Ted Galen Jan 1, 2011 1763
Time to renew ties: today, not many people remember that the Czech Republic once played a huge role in the development of the nascent economies of Africa in the 1960s. Now the government of the Czech Republic wants to renew the old ties. Kofi Nkrumah reports from Prague. Nkrumah, Kofi Jan 1, 2011 952
The U.S.-Japan alliance. Chanlett-Avery, Emma Report Jan 1, 2011 8105
U.S.-Mexican security cooperation: the Merida initiative and beyond. Seelke, Clare Ribando; Finklea, Kristin M. Report Jan 1, 2011 20977
The United States and Europe: current issues. Mix, Derek E. Report Dec 1, 2010 5854
A life in stained glass: Cameron Duodu looks back on his long years with New African and picks the article he did after 9/11 as a reminder of the lessons the world should learn on the 9th anniversary of that tragedy in September 2001. Duodu, Cameron Nov 1, 2010 1227
Turkey Pressed To Enforce Sanctions On Iran; Saudi-Led Sunni Front On The Offensive. Nov 1, 2010 908
Another Israel. Oct 18, 2010 2264
The Partnership of Parliaments. Schops, Alfons Sep 22, 2010 862
The next power triangle: why America's future partners in the Middle East should be Turkey and Iran--yes, Iran. Kinzer, Stephen Jul 1, 2010 3533
The end of the road: Israeli aggression against peace activists aboard a Turkish vessel in international waters has marked the end of the friendship between Ankara and Tel Aviv. Gorvett, Jon Jul 1, 2010 1234
The Next Lebanon War. Smith, Lee Jun 23, 2010 1785
Syriana. Jun 22, 2010 2070
Wartime alliances versus coalition warfare: how institutional structure matters in the multilateral prosecution of wars. Weitsman, Patricia A. Report Jun 22, 2010 9651
Turkey Turns Eastward. Tracy, Marc Jun 11, 2010 656
JORDAN - Mar 31 - Jordan nixes nuclear ties with Israel. Brief article Apr 10, 2010 112
Israel Hopes Egypt Completes Gaza Wall By End-2010. Apr 5, 2010 1518
Iran draws a line in the sand: the face-off between Iran and Israel grows increasingly rancorous; as the tension rises, the possibility grows that the region is hovering on the brink of a new conflict that could bring an all-out missile war. Blanche, Ed Apr 1, 2010 2134
The United States and Turkey. Sempa, Francis P. Brief article Mar 29, 2010 289
GCC Businesses Are More Open; The Saudi Market Improves; Iran Is Being Contained. Mar 29, 2010 1451
Prospects for normalization between Armenia and Turkey: a view from Yerevan. Minasyan, Sergey Report Mar 22, 2010 3039
Security assistance, surrogate armies, and the pursuit of US interests in Sub-Saharan Africa. Cochran, Shawn T. Report Mar 22, 2010 17577
Oman's foreign policy in the twenty-first century. Lefebvre, Jeffrey A. Report Mar 22, 2010 8567
Turkey: redrawing the Middle East map or building sandcastles? Kardas, Saban Report Mar 22, 2010 11858
U.S. FOREIGN POLICY TOWARD ETHIOPIA AND SOMALIA 1974-1980. Mantzikos, Ioannis Mar 1, 2010 5838
Chinese expansion and Western influence in 21st century Africa. Alexander Robinson, David Report Feb 1, 2010 4078
Turkish foreign policy in 2009: a year of pro-activity. Ulutas, Ufuk Report Jan 1, 2010 3039
Planet Pakistan: in Pakistan, people see Al Qaeda as an imagined threat, and shadowy U.S. agents as the secret power behind major events. How can the United States forge a better partnership with this country that has become the epicenter of global terrorism? Hathaway, Robert M. Jan 1, 2010 3150
A theoretical evaluation of different faces of power: US-Turkey relations towards Iraq/Gucun farkli duzeylerde teorik bir degerlendirmesi: Irak konusunda ABD-Turkiye iliskileri. Sozen, Ahmet Report Jan 1, 2010 8982
Iran's Iraqi Allies Wavering. Dec 7, 2009 543
Israel Warns It Will Target Lebanese State. Dec 7, 2009 566
A strategic alliance crumbles: Turkey's government draws closer to its Muslim neighbours to restore its influence in the region as Ankara sheds its unique alliance with Israel. Blanche, Ed Dec 1, 2009 1871
Towards New Saudi-US Defence Pact. Nov 30, 2009 402
Japan-U.S. relations: issues for Congress. Chanlett-Avery, Emma; Cooper, William H.; Manyin, Mark E.; Konishi, Weston S. Report Nov 1, 2009 16235
Saudi-Syrian Entente Is Being Tested In AfPak, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey & Yemen. Oct 19, 2009 2005
The New Hemispheric Agenda and the role of regional and international organizations. Quainton, Anthony C.E. Oct 12, 2009 3139
Exploring cooperation. Oct 1, 2009 323
Mission in Brazil planned. Oct 1, 2009 164
Agreements with Russia. Oct 1, 2009 132
ECLAC cooperation accord. Oct 1, 2009 87
HOW TO SAVE THE U.S.-JAPAN ALLIANCE. Sylvester, John Sep 28, 2009 365
'The boldest outreach': the Eastern Partnership initiative of the European Union. Nash, Michael L. Sep 22, 2009 2696
The new security drama in East Asia: the responses of U.S. allies and security partners to China's rise. Medeiros, Evan S. Report Sep 22, 2009 6801
India-Pakistan rivalry in Afghanistan. Ganguly, Sumit; Howenstein, Nicholas Report Sep 22, 2009 5590
The danger of tribal militias in Afghanistan: learning from the British empire. Marten, Kimberly Report Sep 22, 2009 8103
Craddock: NATO must find better ways. Lopez, Todd Sep 1, 2009 237
China's policies towards Myanmar: a successful model for dealing with the Myanmar issue? Chenyang, Li; Fook, Lye Liang Report Sep 1, 2009 11982
The dawn of a new "frank and dynamic" relationship. Aug 1, 2009 710
The greatest gift: New Zealand's alliance with the United States. McGibbon, Ian Report Jul 21, 2009 6413
The alliance of civilizations: a Spanish view. Cajal, Maximo Report Jul 1, 2009 4465
Non-U.S. diplomats sound off on Cuba: views from Ottawa, Brussels & London. Luxner, Larry Jul 1, 2009 1398
The Montenegrin policy of expansion towards Albania before the Balkan War and the 1912 summer campaign/Balkan savasi oncesi karadag'in arnavutluga dogru genisleme politikasi ve 1912 yaz seferi. Ozen, Cinar; Demirag, Yelda; Tetik, Ahmet Report Jun 22, 2009 7833
Geopolitics of Central and Eastern Europe since 1989. Joch, Roman Jun 22, 2009 686
Early prospects for the Obama administration's strategic agenda with China. Sylvester, John May 26, 2009 380
The only way to prevent genocide. Lefes, William S. Report Apr 28, 2009 761
Towards a Turkish-Armenian rapprochement? Gorgulu, Aybars Report Apr 1, 2009 4000
Turkish-Israeli relations after Davos: a view from Turkey. Bacik, Gokhan Report Apr 1, 2009 3904
Altercating interests and orientations between Israel and Turkey: a view from Israel. Bengio, Ofra Report Apr 1, 2009 5177
The United States and the Asia-Pacific region: national interests and strategic imperatives. Przystup, James J. Apr 1, 2009 4223
Editor's note. Dagi, Ihsan Editorial Apr 1, 2009 865
Alliance Reborn: an Atlantic Compact for the twenty-first century. Moon, Bart Report Mar 31, 2009 643
The Syria-Iran alliance. Badran, Tony Mar 22, 2009 2027
The Syria-Soviet alliance. Sharnoff, Michael Mar 22, 2009 1698
Korea, US pledge more robust alliance on Clinton's visit to Korea. Brief article Mar 1, 2009 189
Eradicating the "Little Satan". Williams, J. Edgar Feb 17, 2009 455
Clash of cognitions: the United States, China, and strategic thinking. Kerbel, Josh Viewpoint essay Feb 3, 2009 3442
Unconditional Russian support for the Republic of Macedonia. Milososki, Antonio Feb 1, 2009 433
Russian-Macedonian relations. Feb 1, 2009 385
Obama's Turkey policy: bringing credibility to "strategic partnership". Taspinar, Omer Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2009 2971
Understanding the new Turkey: an Egyptian perspective. Labbad, Mustafa El- Report Jan 1, 2009 3185
Obama's "Eisenhower Moment": American strategic choices and the transatlantic defense relationship. Campbell, Edwina S. Editorial Jan 1, 2009 1719
France's new NATO policy: leveraging a realignment of the alliance? Muller-Brandeck-Bocquet, Gisela Report Jan 1, 2009 6226
Asymmetric interdependence: do America and Europe need each other? Neuss, Beate Report Jan 1, 2009 6281
Russia and a new democratic realism. Fukuyama, Francis Dec 22, 2008 889
NATO's uncertain future: is demography destiny? Simon, Jeffrey Report Oct 30, 2008 6739
The absence of Europe: implications for international security? Kramer, Steven Philip Report Oct 15, 2008 4788
Fanning the flames in Georgia: an American defense of Georgia could risk nuclear war, yet the Bush administration seems determined to turn this brush fire into a Cuban Missile Crisis-like stare-down. Scaliger, Charles Viewpoint essay Oct 13, 2008 1872
Must our fate be tied to NATO: the NATO Charter, forged during the long-dead Cold War, still binds all NATO members to wage war if any member is attacked. Is this treaty in our nation's best interests? Benoit, Gary Oct 13, 2008 1246
Rice In India For Nuke & Strategic Alliance Pact; Islamabad Wants The Same. Oct 6, 2008 295
The transformation of air forces on the Korean Peninsula. Wood, Stephen G.; Johnson, Christopher A. Sep 22, 2008 2940
Georgia: breakdown of vision the west had for a New Europe. Hunter, Robert E. Cover story Sep 22, 2008 4424
Russia and the EU: the difficult path to a new partnership. Dettke, Dieter Cover story Sep 22, 2008 4179
Lebanon Now Is The Scene For Bigger Game Than Syria's, Iran's, Israel's & Others'. Sep 22, 2008 839
Energy Security in South Asia: can interdependence breed stability? Joseph McMillan Report Sep 1, 2008 5120
American--Turkish cooperation. Speech Sep 1, 2008 1824
United States scheduled to host the 2008 NATO Standardization Conference. Brief article Jul 1, 2008 192
China and the United States in the Indian Ocean: an emerging strategic triangle? Holmes, James R.; Yoshihara, Toshi Essay Jun 22, 2008 9262
Fifth Air Force: ready for the future. James, Larry D. Essay Jun 22, 2008 3128
Consequences of trade liberalization in integration groups created by the Russian Federation. Czerewacz, Katarzyna Report Jun 22, 2008 8066
Macedonia and United States have signed declaration on strategic planning and cooperation. Brief article Jun 1, 2008 208
International Institute for Strategic Studies (Singapore). Speech May 31, 2008 2939
Ankara's Regional Role. May 12, 2008 1313
Alliant GWACs on hold after court decision. Brief article Apr 4, 2008 264
Securing the "anchor of regional stability"? The transformation of the US-Japan alliance and East Asian security. Bisley, Nick Report Apr 1, 2008 10330
Pakistan-U.S. relations and key country issues. Kronstadt, K. Alan Jan 1, 2008 22855
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