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Alliance to Supply Wood/Plastic Extrusion Systems.

A cooperative alliance has been created to offer complete pre-engineered extrusion systems for wood/plastic composites. The partners are Krupp Werner & Pfleiderer Corp. of Ramsey, N.J., a maker of twin-screw compounders; Extrusion Services Inc. (ESI) of Akron, Ohio, a supplier of downstream equipment for profile, pipe, and tubing; and Extrusion Tooling Inc. of Cummings, Ga., a maker of extrusion dies and calibration tooling.

Extensive R&D was conducted among the three firms at W&P's pilot facility in Ramsey to develop systems to extrude 50% virgin wood flour with resins such as PE and PVC. The alliance enters a market populated with at least 24 producers of wood-composite profiles and tubing.
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Comment:Alliance to Supply Wood/Plastic Extrusion Systems.
Publication:Plastics Technology
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Date:Feb 1, 2000
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