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Alliance for a stronger FDA applauds budget request for FDA.

The Alliance for a Stronger FDA released a statement on May 7, praising President Obama's FY 2010 budget request for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Excluding user fees, the proposed budget calls for $295 million in additional budget authority appropriations.

Recent outbreaks of food borne illnesses and food recalls have raised concern over food safety and further eroded public confidence in FDA's ability to protect and advance public health. The alliance seeks to strengthen FDA through increased funding that would allow the agency to update technology and replenish staff to former levels. This proposed increase in FDA funding is seen as a step toward bringing resources more in line with the increasing responsibilities of the agency.

In the FY 08 FDA budget, the food portion received $510 million and in FY 09 food received $649 million. The President's FY 10 budget request for food related spending is $783 million.
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Title Annotation:AFFI's Washington Watch
Publication:Frozen Food Digest
Date:Jul 1, 2009
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