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Alliance for Audited Media.

Alliance for Audited Media

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What is the Alliance for Audited Media?

The Alliance for Audited Media is a nonprofit, member-based organization that empowers North America's leading media companies, advertising technology providers, ad agencies and advertisers to transact with greater trust and confidence. Our unique membership defines and differentiates us from other organizations and advocacy groups because each membership division has a stake in the organization:

Publishers present a verified look at their media brands and distribution channels.

Ad tech firms demonstrate a commitment to transparency and adherence to industry guidelines for measurement and quality standards.

Advertising agencies plan media decisions with credible, comparable AAM data.

Advertisers gain confidence that their marketing budgets are invested in the right channels and outlets.

Together, these AAM constituencies play a critical role in the media ecosystem, collaborating in new ways to bring transparency to a changing industry.

How We Serve the Newspaper Industry

Provide advertisers with your up-to-date cross-media data using AAM's sophisticated database, the Media Intelligence Center. From opt-in newspaper quarterly circulation data to audited monthly web metrics, AAM's comprehensive reports and analysis tools allow newspapers to show potential buyers more frequent, trusted information about their audience and reach in their distinct markets.

The Media Intelligence Center is the source for media buyers to access reliable cross-media newspaper data for nearly 2,000 AAM and Certified Audit of Circulations (CAC) members. And with AAM's most recent frequent reporting initiative, the Media Intelligence Center's more than 5,000 active users are provided with real time, comprehensive metrics across a newspaper's print and digital products.

Novus Media Attests to the Benefits of AAM's Frequent Reporting Program

Media buyers are supporting more frequent circulation reporting. Melony Rios, vice president client services at Novus Media and a member of AAM's newspaper buyers' committee, believes continuous cross-media reporting is critical to provide a larger, clearer view of the audiences buyers can reach via their brand. As publishers introduce new print and digital products to the market, clients need increasing transparency into the strength of those platforms. And it is especially important to have the most current digital metrics available monthly.

"The quarterly reports from the Newspaper Analyzer in the Media Intelligence Center provide transparency into current and seasonal circulation. We can now use AAM data to see circulation trends quarterly and year over year to give us a better understanding of what is happening with the newspapers' printed circulation and digital media. We need quicker access because today's marketers require faster, more intelligent and informed buying decisions. Waiting for a six-month statement or a yearly audit is not conducive to today's buying environment."

Over the past few years, newspapers' publishing plans have evolved to reach readers across platforms. Newspapers still produce printed content, but they also touch audiences through digital editions, pay-walled websites, Sunday inserts, affiliated products and more. Meanwhile, buyers are initiating integrated strategies to reach consumers using these platforms. And they want faster, better, validated data to help shape those strategies.

AAM created the Consolidated Media Report in the late 2000s as a way for newspapers to communicate their cross-media audience stories with the authority and transparency of an AAM audit. Now with AAM's frequent reporting initiative, newspapers can report their total media footprint directly into the Media Intelligence Center for buyers to access on a quarterly or monthly basis.

Newspapers and buyers have worked together to design a plan to fundamentally change how newspapers report their cross-media data to the marketplace via AAM. In return, the newspaper industry has been provided with a comprehensive database of the up-to-date, comparable circulation and audience metrics it needs to successfully transact with trust.


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