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Alliance closing the gap between North America & Europe.

Alliance Communications has a full plate of future projects. "Right now, we have a number of projects in development all over the place," enthused Stephen DeNure, who is vp of development.

Only seven years young, Alliance Communications was formed through a merger of RSL Entertainment and ICC (Canada's two leading production companies at the time). Based in Toronto, Alliance now has offices in Montreal, Los Angeles, Paris, Vancouver and Dublin.

"In Canada, we have a mini series and a half-hour series with Global; two one-hour series in development and another half-hour comedy for the CBC. In the U.S., we have one hour dramas in development with Fox, ABC and CBS; a miniseries in development with NBC; and a movie in development with ABC and CBS. In Europe, we are developing a movie with France's TFI."

In the ratings area, "ENG and Counterstrike do very well in Canada. Those two, plus Black Stallion sell well internationally."

"Canadian competition is more emphasized between the larger production and distribution companies, that attempt to work more globally, especially with co-productions. Canadian production companies have really been some of the world leaders in putting together co-productions that work both for another North American audience and a European audience," stated DeNure. He continued: "This has been one of our real strengths. Not too many people have figured out how to do it in a professional manner."

On the television production side, "We're as busy as we were last year and expect to be just as busy next year," added DeNure.

"We are hoping to find ways of getting high quality drama at lower prices. "I would say that the Lawrencia Bembenek story (the four-hour miniseries Woman on Trial) is quite a unique project of ours, with both Global and NBC as co-producers."

"We are challenged by the opportunity to bring this extraordinary, real-life story of one woman, pitted against the American judicial system, to international audiences," said Robert Lantos, who is Alliance's chairman. "This project is consistent with our strategy to produce high quality and internationally appealing drama, in partnership with leading broadcasters."
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Title Annotation:Alliance Communications
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Date:Apr 1, 1992
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