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Alliance Rubber Embraces USA-Made.

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. -- Latex rubber tapped from rubber trees growing near the equator in Southeast Asia are a component of the rubber bands made by Alliance Rubber. The United States is the source of all of the other components of products made by the nation's largest rubber band manufacturer. About 95% of its products are made in the United States, the company said.

The family-owned business is dedicated to strengthening American manufacturing and rebuilding opportunities for all Americans by producing rubber products in Arkansas. The company believes that the quality of its products gives it an edge against its overseas competitors. American-made rubber bands tend to have a higher rubber content and less filler than imports, the company said.

Additionally, its domestic manufacturing presence allows Alliance Rubber to provide superior customer service.

Consumers appreciate the quality of the company's rubber bands, straps, wraps and other items useful in keeping classrooms, dorm rooms, homes and offices well organized.

"Alliance believes consumers purchase products that clearly label themselves 'Made in the U.S.A.' versus those that do not because they still believe in our country's history of innovation and reputation for providing quality," a company spokesperson states. "The increasing presence of private label packaging often denies the benefit of growing brand recognition based on such attributes."

Products made by Alliance are sold in more than 50 countries in an array of sizes and styles. Its product lineup includes Brites, Advantage, Cable & Gear Wrapz & Strapz, Big Bands, Can Bands, Super-Size Bands, ProTape and Mail/Ship Products.

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Date:Dec 18, 2017
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