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Allergy-Free Foods Ltd. (News & Installations).

The fact that ten million people in the UK suffer from food allergies, with the trend set to increase, has done little to prompt food manufacturers and supermarkets to cater for this market. With help from a government grant, a working mother from North Waltham, Essex has shown how this gap in the market can be responsibly filled.

Lesley Rattue first became aware of the number of children with food allergies when formulating recipes for her baby son, who had developed the condition in multiple form. The funding, in the form of a [pounds sterling]45,000 Smart Award, is another success of The Virtual Company concept, a Business Link Wessex initiative to nurture business ideas.

Lesley's new company trades under the name Allergy-Free Foods Ltd. The funding has enabled her to complete a feasibility study into allergen-free ingredients, the pricing and the manufacturing of the meals that she hopes will form the basis of her product range.

Due to what is known as the '25% Rule', food manufacturers are obliged only to state the main 75% of ingredients on their labelling. Lesley believes that for the thousands of children who suffer food allergies this is not acceptable. The product range of Allergy-Free Foods will show all the contents of the product, together with the known allergens it does not contain. It is also vital that each constituent element of the meal can be traced back to its supply source.

Full-scale manufacturing is likely to take place through a well-known organic food company with a similar commitment.
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Date:Nov 1, 2001
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