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'Stink bug' that lets off horrid stench could invade UK homes, experts warn; The stink bug, which lets off a horrible stench when disturbed and can cause an allergic reaction, is on its way to spreading across the UK. By, Shiler Mahmoudi Oct 7, 2021 733
Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Tesco among supermarkets urgently recalling products over safety concerns; Blue plastic pieces and incorrect allergen advice are behind the warnings. By, Tara Cobham Oct 5, 2021 426
Our girl would be so proud her death will protect others; In 2016, Natasha Ednan-Laperouse had a fatal allergic reaction to a shopbought sandwich. After a tireless campaign by her parents, Natasha's Law comes into effect this month. ELIZABETH ARCHER Oct 4, 2021 847
Nocardiosis in Immunocompromised Patients on Alternative Pneumocystis Prophylaxis. Puing, Alfredo G.; Epstein, David J.; Banaei, Niaz; Subramanian, Aruna K.; Liu, Anne Y. Oct 1, 2021 1376
Mum's fury as daughter covered in horrific rash but can't get doctor to see her; Rachel Wall spent days in a state of panic as four-year-old Mimi's rash worsened by each passing hour -eventually raising the skin from her scalp to her toes before being diagnosed with a potentially fatal allergy. By, Edward Church Sep 30, 2021 1189
Izaac saves mum suffering severe allergic reaction; 10-year-old's calm response in crisis earns two awards. JAMIE BARLOW Sep 29, 2021 507
Woman who is allergic to the cold eats 'ice cream soup' because the real thing could kill her; Former dancer posts TikTok videos about her bizarre allergy -with many users comparing her to Frozen's Elsa. By, Nia Price Sep 28, 2021 1261
Student has 'allergic reaction' to Covid jab. ANDREW ROBINSON @Andrew_Examiner Sep 27, 2021 443
Warning having had Covid can make you allergic to hair dye; People who previously had no allergies are reporting severe burns and rashes. By, Neil Shaw Sep 23, 2021 300
COLD COMFORT; Rare temperature allergy means student has to eat WARM ice cream. DAMON WILKINSON ; NIA PRICE Sep 21, 2021 724
COVID-19 vaccines: Allergic reactions and booster news. Dr. Eve Glazier and Dr. Elizabeth Ko Sep 13, 2021 543
An Update on Dentinal Hypersensitivity --Aetiology to Management--A Review. Mrinalini; Sodvadiya, Urvashi B.; Hegde, Mithra N.; Bhat, Gowrish S. Sep 13, 2021 2979
Report any adverse reactions after Covid jab, ministry says. Sep 12, 2021 794
Tesco is urgently recalling a popular condiment from all of its stores; Shoppers with allergies or special dietary needs are being urged to return it. By, Mared Gruffydd & Nisha Mal Sep 10, 2021 188
Tesco product recall on salad cream over allergy concerns; The Food Standards Agency has advised people with allergies 'do not eat'. By, Mared Gruffydd & Nick Smith Sep 10, 2021 219
Tesco is urgently recalling a popular condiment from all of its stores; Shoppers with allergies or special dietary needs are being urged to return it. By, Mared Gruffydd & Nisha Mal Sep 10, 2021 188
'Young hero', 10, saves mum and brother as pair suffer allergic reaction to peanuts; Izaac Peacock, then 10, called for an ambulance and helped to provide access for paramedics when the pair became ill at their home in East Leake -and has now received an award. By, Jamie Barlow Sep 9, 2021 853
Singapore Health Ministry offers Sinovac alternative to 7,100 people allergic to mRNA vaccines. Sep 5, 2021 454
'I thought my baby was the devil and believed spies were chasing me on the school run'; Lacey Faulds was diagnosed with severe postpartum psychosis when he little boy Aflie's undiagnosed allergies to dairy, soya and egg meant he "didn't stop crying". By, Hattie Bishop Sep 3, 2021 962
Long-term Outcomes of Children with Cow's Milk Protein Allergy in a Pediatric Allergy Clinic. Ertugrul, Aysegul; Emeksiz, Zeynep Sengul; Ozmen, Serap; Bostanci, Ilknur Sep 1, 2021 4566
Study finds no link between vaccinations and allergies. Shurkin, Joel N. Sep 1, 2021 389
Family GPs in Wales are rationing blood tests because of shortage; Other health concerns like routine allergy and wellness testing are also being classed as 'not a priority'. By, Cathy Owen Aug 26, 2021 522
Hypoallergenic skin-care products. Etingin, Orli R. Aug 24, 2021 324
Severe allergy on holiday left me paralysed; Malcolm spent 10 months in hospital. JAMES DELANEY Aug 18, 2021 309
Expert: Delta manifested by sneezing, allergy symptoms. Aug 10, 2021 494
Ask Dr Miriam. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Aug 9, 2021 176
Ask Dr Miriam; DMUULS 30 DAILY MIRROR MONDAY 09.08.2021 Dr Miriam Stoppard. MiriamStoppard Aug 9, 2021 174
Cerba Research Awarded NIH Contract for Central Lab Services. Jul 28, 2021 281
Are you sensitive to certain food and just don't know it? Interview Jul 20, 2021 875
That pain/cough/wheezing you are having could be allergies. Metro Creative Content Jul 14, 2021 457
Tesco, Morrisons, Aldi, Asda and Marks and Spencer urgently recall these food items over safety fears; Undeclared allergens, salmonella fears and even possible traces of Hepatitis A are some of the worries over these items. By, Sophie Christian & Charlie Lawrence-Jones Jul 13, 2021 842
Stallergenes Greer partners with Alyatec to advance precision medicine in allergen immunotherapy. Jul 12, 2021 186
Stallergenes Greer partners with Alyatec to advance precision medicine in allergen immunotherapy. Jul 12, 2021 187
Allergy experts caution public vs taking antibody testing after COVID-19 vaccination. Jul 11, 2021 298
Morrisons urgently recalls product over allergy fears; A popular snack is being recalled by Morrisons after a vital allergen warning is missed from the packaging. By, Mike Kelly & Rachael Davis Jul 5, 2021 288
Bausch + Lomb launch relieves eye itch from allergies. Jul 5, 2021 604
Anthrenus sp. and an Uncommon Cluster of Dermatitis. Simon, Loic; Boukari, Feriel; Oumarou, Halilou Almou; Hubiche, Thomas; Marty, Pierre; Pomares, Chris Report Jul 1, 2021 1835
What do cats, dogs, horses, and ticks have in common? Allergenicity and component resolved diagnostics. Bruner, Tara Jul 1, 2021 3425
Allergic contact stomatitis associated with traditional medicine in an elderly female patient. Ruchadaporn Kaomongkolgit Jun 30, 2021 1048
Cafe to reopen as owner recovers from allergic reaction to Covid jab. Jun 29, 2021 219
I forgot to put on suncream and ended up looking like a Beluga whale; Allergic reaction caused head to swell. VIVIENNE AITKEN Health Editor Jun 28, 2021 421
Four allergist-approved ways to get rid of dust mites. Jun 26, 2021 648
Home Bargains 'miracle' 89p hayfever wipes criticised as bad for environment; The allergy relief wipes went viral last week as the pollen count soared, but some Home Bargains shoppers argue they'll end up in landfills. By, Rachel Pugh & Simon Meechan Jun 24, 2021 273
Health officials issue contamination advisory at Crystal Lake beach. Submitted by McHenry County Department of Health Jun 17, 2021 308
High pollen count forecast in Wakefield, Pontefract and Castleford as 'pollen bomb' hits the UK - what it means for you; Whilst many people are welcoming the arrival of the sun after an unseasonably rainy May, for those with allergies, the high pollen count that comes with the warmer temperatures is anything but good news. Corinne Macdonald Jun 10, 2021 648
High pollen count forecast in Scarborough as 'pollen bomb' hits the UK; Whilst many people are welcoming the arrival of the sun after an unseasonably rainy May, for those with allergies, the high pollen count that comes with the warmer temperatures is anything but good news. Corinne Macdonald Jun 9, 2021 646
Can you take hay fever tablets when you're pregnant? Allergy advice for pregnancy - and how to treat symptoms; There are numerous different tablets which can be taken to relieve the symptoms of hay fever. Helen Johnson Jun 9, 2021 501
Aldi, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Waitrose issue food recalls over allergy and food poisoning fears; Do not consume these products if you have bought them. By, Lucy Williamson Jun 7, 2021 627
Aldi, Tesco, Asda and more issue food recalls over salmonella and allergy fears; When a product has been recalled, you should be able to return it to the place you purchased it, or the manufacturer, for a full refund. By, Levi Winchester Jun 5, 2021 629
'Contact allergen of the year' found in shin guards, footwear. Splete, Heidi Jun 1, 2021 560
FDA expands use of SLIT pollen allergy treatment to children. Baulkman, Jaleesa Jun 1, 2021 426
Most patients labeled penicillin allergic really aren't. Frellick, Marcia Jun 1, 2021 755
Allergy Practices in Otorhinolaryngology Residency Programs in Turkey: Quo Vadis? Mengi, Erdem; Kara, Cuneyt Orhan; Topuz, Bulent Report Jun 1, 2021 3034
Allergy admissions rise at North West Anglia Trust; Hospital admissions linked to allergies have risen in recent years at Peterborough hospitals. Andy Hubbert May 31, 2021 529
Prevalence of allergic fungal sinusitis among patients with nasal polyposis. Dhanani, Rahim; Ghaloo, Shayan Khalid; Salam, Basit; Pasha, Hamdan Ahmed; Yousuf, Farah Hafiz; Ikram Report May 30, 2021 1397
Is the industry ready for NATASHA'S LAW? Almost five years after the death of Natasha Law comes into force this October,Natasha's Laperouse, all pre-packed food for direct sale must display So is the industry ready? Carina Perkins & Lyndsey Cambridg May 29, 2021 3530
Living with lactose intolerance. May 24, 2021 560
Cooking chocolate withdrawn after failure to list potential allergens. Antigoni Pitta May 19, 2021 158
Sara Lee issues allergy alert on undeclared peanuts in pecan pies. BUSINESS WIRE May 13, 2021 204
Aylesbury hospital admissions for allergies on the rise; Hospital admissions linked to allergies have risen in recent years at the Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust, figures reveal. Thomas Bamford May 12, 2021 507
Dozens of allergy admissions recorded at Bedford Hospital; Though the number is down on the previous year. Tommy Lumby May 12, 2021 481
Is it allergies or COVID-19? Submitted by heartland Regional Medical Center May 12, 2021 478
Newly expanded clinical immunology and allergy unit opens at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals; A major refurbishment of the Clinical Immunology and Allergy Unit has been completed at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. diana stannard May 11, 2021 445
Allergy admissions rise at Doncaster hospitals; Hospital admissions linked to allergies have risen in recent years at the Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals Trust, figures reveal. Stephanie Bateman May 11, 2021 572
Proactive news headlines: Bacanora Lithium, Alien Metals, Allergy Therapeutics, AFC Energy... May 7, 2021 689
Don't let allergies spoil your spring Simple tips to keep seasonal allergy symptoms away. SUBMITTED BY HERBY VOSS, Heartland regional medical center May 7, 2021 496
Doctors extract pumpkin seed shell from 10-month child's trachea after wrong allergy diagnosis. Egypt Today staff May 5, 2021 189
Pumpkin seed shell found in Egyptian child's trachea after 2 months of wrong allergy diagnosis. Egypt Today staff May 5, 2021 189
Expert shares some top tips on fighting allergies. May 5, 2021 457
My Allergy To The Covid Vaccine. May 1, 2021 193
Check all components in cases of suspected shoe allergy. Splete, Heidi May 1, 2021 491
Strategies for Serving Top Nine Allergen-Free Meals. Truitt, Kimberly Whiteside May 1, 2021 1460
Mum who was left looking 'like the Elephant Man' after Covid vaccine reaction urging others to get the jab; Vicky Richardson, 37, from Fareham, Hampshire, woke up to see her face had swollen after receiving the vaccine in March. By, Helen Le Caplain Apr 29, 2021 1089
Public asked not to medicate before vaccination. Apr 20, 2021 706
Hay fever symptoms: allergy signs to look out for from itchy eyes to rash and cough - and treatments explained; Hay fever symptoms can last for weeks or months, unlike a cold, and there is currently no cure. Claire Schofield Apr 19, 2021 582
Girl, 9, died after allergic reaction to hot dog bun on dream Disneyland holiday; Ava-Grace Stevens had spent the day with her family at the theme park in Orlando, Florida when tragedy struck after she had eaten dinner, an inquest heard. By, Sophie Wheeler & Logan MacLeod Apr 14, 2021 1022
Alcon offers a new answer to dreaded spring allergies. Apr 5, 2021 569
Pharmacy raises awareness of allergy worries. Apr 3, 2021 253
COVID-19 vaccination: Recommendations for management of patients with allergy or immune-based diseases. Peter, J. Apr 1, 2021 3562
Treatment of Colds, Sinuses, and Allergies with Acupuncture, Essential Oils, and Simple Homemade Remedies for the Athlete. Brunner, Sabrina Apr 1, 2021 1638
Evaluation of Allergy in Ankylosing Spondylitis. Gultekin, Ahmetcan; Aydin, Teoman Report Apr 1, 2021 328
Allergies are linked to stress, says study. Mar 29, 2021 188
Taiwanese nurse suffers rashes, shortness of breath after AstraZeneca shot. Mar 25, 2021 358
Singapore Health Ministry eases Covid-19 vaccination guidelines for those with multiple allergies, cancer patients not in treatment. Mar 16, 2021 177
Water allergy brings woman out in huge itchy welts if she gets caught in the rain; Haley Diaz was 14 when she first got a rash on her torso, face and arms while showering. By, James Butler & Victoria Jones Mar 14, 2021 1593
Allergies? It could be your new flooring. Laura Daily Special to The Washington Post Mar 13, 2021 837
Dr advises for adopting preventive measures to avoid pollen allergy. Mar 8, 2021 239
Health expert for adopting preventive measures against pollen allergy. Mar 6, 2021 241
Covid-19 vaccines work differently, largely safe for people with allergies. Mar 4, 2021 1151
Kenyans with egg, chicken allergies warned over Covid-19 jab. Mar 4, 2021 339
Allergy Therapeutics makes strong start to financial year unimpeded by lockdown and Brexit. Mar 4, 2021 394
Allergy Therapeutics reveal 'remarkable' growth given 'challenges circumstances' of Brexit and Covid. Mar 4, 2021 180
Cooking doesn't get tougher than sis; SIBLING HEALTH H GOT MASTERCHEF SCOT IN KITCHEN Contestant picked up culinary skills after taking interest in food when family member's lifethreatening allergies meant dishes had to be made from scratch. RICK FULTON Mar 4, 2021 1102
Doctor suffers allergic reaction after Covid vaccination. Mar 3, 2021 171
Covid-19 vaccines and allergy: Let's get it right a Amir Hamzah Abdul Latiff. Mar 2, 2021 1171
2 VMMC personnel have allergic reaction to vaccine. Mar 1, 2021 853
Severe Reaction to Mosquitos: Removing the cat from the allergen is most effective. Kornreich, Bruce Mar 1, 2021 666
7 key changes: The 2021 child and adolescent immunization schedules. Basco, William T. Mar 1, 2021 937
Journal of Allergy and Infectious Disease Review Confirms Nasal Hygiene Options Are Effective Tools as Part of Multilayered Defense Against COVID-19. Feb 25, 2021 301
Journal of Allergy and Infectious Disease Review Confirms Nasal Hygiene Options Are Effective Tools as Part of Multilayered Defense Against COVID-19. Feb 25, 2021 301
Lidl, Aldi, Morrisons, Iceland and Marks & Spencer issue important food recalls; Product recalls have been issued over allergy and food poisoning fears. By, Emma Munbodh & Angie Quinn Feb 21, 2021 514
Benefits of Covid-19 vaccines outweigh adverse reactions. Feb 18, 2021 597
Muhyiddin: Allergy, medical history of individuals will be screened prior to receiving Covid-19 vaccine. Feb 16, 2021 343
Sisters' fight for clearer labels. JAMES VUKMIROVIC Community News Reporter Feb 15, 2021 241
Who should not get the Covid-19 vaccine? Feb 10, 2021 1070
Experts: 2nd dose not advisable if 1st shot caused allergic reaction. Feb 7, 2021 661
Your questions about allergic reactions to COVID-19 vaccines answered. Feb 4, 2021 575
Asda worker hailed as 'angel sent from heaven' after saving suffocating colleague; Despite having never suffered an allergic reaction before Cath McCaig began gasping for air after she bit into a nutty chocolate bar at the store in Alloa, Scotland. By, Kaitlin Easton & William Walker Feb 2, 2021 526
CDC reports on allergic reactions to COVID-19 vaccine. Feb 1, 2021 430
People with allergy to COVID-19 vaccine components not eligible for vaccination, says Dr Bayat. Jan 31, 2021 619
Allergy campaign after girl, 13, nearly killed by bath bomb; The West Midlands youngster suffered a severe allergic reaction within moments. By, Milo Boyd & James Rodger Jan 31, 2021 543
Tesco, Lidl and Sainsbury's issue food recalls on chocolate, cheese & more -full list; Major supermarkets have issued recalls on popular items over concerns they could lead to food poisoning or trigger allergies -if you have any of the following items, return them to your local store for a full refund. By, Emma Munbodh Jan 30, 2021 1340
Allergic Reactions Including Anaphylaxis After Receipt of the First Dose of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine--United States, December 21, 2020-January 10, 2021. Jan 29, 2021 3334
Local Woman Launches Allergen-Friendly Bakery Amid Pandemic. Cailun Gangi Jan 25, 2021 220
Parents pay tribute to 'wonderful' Blyth teen who died after severe allergic reaction; ELLEN RAFFELL, 16, TRAGICALLY DIED AFTER COLLAPSING AT HOME AND NOW HER FAMILY HAVE CREATED A CHARITY IN HER MEMORY. KIERAN MURRAY Reporter Jan 21, 2021 762
Family's heartbreak after girl, 16, dies of severe allergic reaction; Now a charity has been set up to help others. By, Kieran Murray & Robert Rowlands Jan 20, 2021 677
Ask Dr Miriam. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Jan 18, 2021 161
Ask Dr Miriam; DMUULS 26 DAILY MIRROR MONDAY 18.01.2021 Dr Miriam Stoppard. Dr Miriam Stoppard Jan 18, 2021 161
Is your child's cough a cold, sinus infection or allergy? Amita Health Jan 18, 2021 410
California state epidemiologist urges pause on use of one lot of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine following possible allergic reactions. Jan 18, 2021 250
California state epidemiologist urges pause on use of one lot of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine following possible allergic reactions. Jan 18, 2021 254
Parents of girl who died in allergic reaction to Pret sandwich say OBE 'all for her'; The parents of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, 15, who died on a BA flight after eating a Pret sandwich containing hidden sesame, have been honoured with OBEs they have dedicated to her legacy. By, Talia Shadwell Jan 17, 2021 593
Allergic Reactions Including Anaphylaxis After Receipt of the First Dose of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine--United States, December 14-23, 2020. Jan 15, 2021 3729
Allergy Therapeutics sees record cash balance as interim sales rise 7%. Financial report Jan 14, 2021 536
Tesco, Aldi, Lidl and M&S issue urgent recalls due to salmonella or allergy fears; Aldi and Lidl are urging customers to return products from frozen food ranges due to salmonella contamination concerns. By, Emma Munbodh & Nisha Mal Jan 12, 2021 831
I honestly thought I was going to die , I felt so sick. And I looked like the Elephant Man; PATIENT REVEALS HER AGONY AND FEAR AFTER SUFFERING HORRIFIC ALLERGIC REACTION TO COSMETIC TREATMENT Mum on how she ended up i p in A&E after beautician's injection. Lisa Boyle Jan 10, 2021 933
Coronavirus: UK progresses with vaccine rollout, Bayer partners with CureVac, US monitors allergic reactions. Jan 8, 2021 445
US FDA officials say shellfish allergies are no reason to avoid COVID-19 vaccine. Jan 8, 2021 288
Mexican doctor with allergic reaction to Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine still in hospital. Jan 7, 2021 267
Covid-19 vaccine allergic reactions: Experts offer reassurance. Jan 7, 2021 421
1 in 100,000 had severe reactions to Pfizer vaccine: US study. Jan 7, 2021 553
Covid vaccine advice to people with severe allergies changes after Oxford approval; The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) gave precautionary advice after the Pfizer vaccine was approved that anyone who has a history of "significant" allergic reactions to medicines, food or vaccines should not receive the vaccine. By, Abigail O'Leary Dec 30, 2020 684
US researchers investigating Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine allergic reactions. Xinhua Dec 29, 2020 213
Report: Boston doctor suffers allergic reaction from Moderna vaccine. Dec 26, 2020 326
US state of Alabama reports severe allergic reaction by a patient after receiving Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine. Dec 24, 2020 179
US state of Alabama reports severe allergic reaction by a patient after receiving Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine. Dec 24, 2020 175
CDC issues guidelines on Covid vaccination after allergic reactions. Reuters News Service Dec 20, 2020 305
CDC issues guidelines on COVID-19 vaccination after allergic reactions. Dec 20, 2020 320
FDA investigating allergic reactions to Pfizer vaccine, rollout will continue. Dec 18, 2020 1069
Alaskan has allergic reaction after getting Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine. Dec 17, 2020 210
Allergies: don't be alarmed. Dec 17, 2020 291
Urgent product recalls issued by Tesco, Marks and Spencer, Iceland, Nescafe and Lakeland; If you have any of these items, stop using them immediately and check the information. By, Robert Rowlands Dec 17, 2020 1407
In the USA, after vaccination, doctors showed an allergic reaction, they had to be hospitalized. Dec 17, 2020 313
Tesco issues urgent Christmas snack recall after packaging mix up; The mistake means the wrong ingredients are on the label, putting people with allergies at risk if they consume the festive treat without realising it. By, Benjamin Turner & James Andrews Dec 16, 2020 268
Woman allergic to Christmas almost killed by trip to garden centre; Anne has had the allergy which can trigger a fatal asthma attack since she was a child. By, Neil Shaw Dec 14, 2020 1305
OP-ED: Why people with allergies are being warned against the Pfizer vaccine. Dec 13, 2020 905
Vaccine 'D-Day' in U.S. Massive logistical operation begins, with first doses set to arrive Monday Vaccine: FDA says sites ready for any allergic reactions. The Washington Post Dec 13, 2020 2001
HMC's Allergy & Immunology Division first WCOE in GCC. Dec 13, 2020 475
Tesco, Lidl and Iceland issue urgent recalls as shoppers warned to return items; Some of the products have been recalled over allergy fears, while others may have been contaminated -people are being warned to return the affected items back to stores. By, Howard Lloyd & Lottie Gibbons & Danya Bazaraa Dec 12, 2020 1043
Pfizer vaccine allergic reactions probed by FDA before clearance. Dec 12, 2020 780
HMC Adult Allergy and Immunology Division gets global recognition. Dec 12, 2020 489
HMC Adult Allergy and Immunology Division designated as a Center of Excellence. Dec 12, 2020 489
Allergy Therapeutics looks forward to key hay fever trial. Dec 11, 2020 549
People with severe allergies told to avoid Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine after two NHS workers have reaction. Dec 10, 2020 427
Vaccination led to 'allergic reaction'. Dec 10, 2020 398
Vaccination led to 'allergic reaction'. Dec 10, 2020 398
Vaccination led to 'allergic reaction'. Dec 10, 2020 379
Vaccination led to 'allergic reaction'. Dec 10, 2020 398
Two people suffer allergic reactions. Dec 10, 2020 237
What do the UK allergic reaction cases mean for Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine. Reuters News Service Dec 10, 2020 641
Vaccination led to 'allergic reaction'. Dec 10, 2020 398
UK expert on immunisation says vaccine allergic reaction rare after two cases of allergic response to COVID-19 vaccine. Dec 10, 2020 178
UK expert on immunisation says vaccine allergic reaction rare after two cases of allergic response to COVID-19 vaccine. Dec 10, 2020 174
Vaccination led to 'allergic reaction'. Dec 10, 2020 398
UK Reports Allergic Reaction on Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine. Dec 10, 2020 306
Vaccination led to 'allergic reaction'. Dec 10, 2020 398
US will likely issue allergy warning over Pfizer vaccine: official. Dec 10, 2020 434
Who can't have the Pfizer Covid vaccine? Groups of people who shouldn't be vaccinated against coronavirus; Two NHS workers suffered allergic reactions to the jab. Jenna Macfarlane Dec 10, 2020 744
U.K issues warning after allergic reaction. The Washington Post Dec 10, 2020 289
UK probing if allergic reactions linked to Pfizer vaccine. DANICA KIRKA Associated Press Dec 10, 2020 742
ITV's Dr Hilary Jones' advice over rare Covid vaccine allergic reactions; The doctor insisted allergic reactions are very rare. By, Rose Hill & Jess Flaherty Dec 10, 2020 400
Coronavirus: Jab allergy reaction not unexpected. Jean Christou Dec 10, 2020 348
Two people have had allergic reactions to Covid-19 vaccine, UK health chief says; One of the UK's top medical officials has confirmed that two NHS workers with a history of serious allergy suffered an allergic reaction after receiving the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday. Jane Kirby Dec 9, 2020 439
UK health officials advise people with allergic reaction not to take the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Dec 9, 2020 170
UK health officials advise people with allergic reaction not to take the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Dec 9, 2020 174
Can the Pfizer Covid vaccine cause an allergic reaction? Warning issued after 2 people have anaphylactoid reaction to jab; Two people have experienced allergic reactions after being issued a coronavirus vaccine in the UK's rollout. Sarah Wilson Dec 9, 2020 415
UK warns people with serious allergies to avoid Pfizer vaccine after two adverse reactions. Reuters News Service Dec 9, 2020 366
UK issues allergy warning over Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Dec 9, 2020 319
Allergic reactions to Covid-19 vaccine ''not unexpected' says Jason Leitch, after two cases reported in England; First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed there have been no reports of allergic reactions to the Pfizer BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine in Scotland, after two NHS workers in England had reactions on Tuesday. Elsa Maishman Dec 9, 2020 433
People who suffer 'significant' allergic reactions told not to take new Covid-19 vaccine; UK regulators have urged people with a history of significant allergic reactions not to have the new Covid-19 vaccine, after two people who had the jab yesterday had allergic reactions. By, Shivali Best Dec 9, 2020 408
Covid vaccine: What is a significant allergic reaction? Everything you need to know; The official advice to Healthcare professionals is that any person with a history of a significant allergic reaction to vaccines, medicines or foods should avoid the Covid vaccine. By, Shivali Best Dec 9, 2020 384
Warning After Two NHS Workers Suffer Allergic Reaction To Covid-19 Jab. Dec 9, 2020 484
UK warns people with serious allergies to avoid Pfizer vaccine after 2 adverse reactions. Dec 9, 2020 490
Allergy woman's move to Valleys saves her life. ANNA LEWIS AND STEVE BAGNALL Dec 3, 2020 1339
Intravesical Mitomycin-C with Bladder Wall Hyperthermia in Intermediate and High-risk Non-muscle Invasive Bladder Cancers: Prospective Clinical Trial with a Single-treatment Arm. Demirtas, Abdullah; Tombul, Sevket Tolga; Sonmez, Gokhan; Demirlegen, Akin; Demirtas, Turev; Tatlise Report Dec 1, 2020 2651
Moving to the Valleys helped save Loulou's life; A woman who became allergic to diesel, food and perfume has described how she was told to 'move or die' - and upped sticks to the South Wales Valleys - in order to save her life. Loulou Palmer had to wear a mask both indoors and outdoors for nearly six years after a routine hospital test triggered an allergic reaction with devastating health effects. Anna Lewis reports. Dec 1, 2020 988
Mold Cleanup Practices Vary by Sociodemographic and Allergy Factors. Damon, Scott A.; Chew, Ginger L. Report Dec 1, 2020 2611
Epidemiological and immunological study of nasal polyposis among allergic patients in Babylon province: Cross-sectional study. Report Nov 30, 2020 2523
WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT pet allergies? Healthy YOU. With AMY PACKER Nov 29, 2020 165
WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT... pet allergies? time to SMEEIR SUNDAY 29.11.2020 SUNDAY With AMY PACKER LIVE WELL. AMY PACKER Nov 29, 2020 164
WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT pet allergies? LIVE WELL. With AMY PACKER Nov 29, 2020 165
WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT... pet allergies? time to SMUULS SUNDAY 29.11.2020 With AMY PACKER LIVE WELL. Nov 29, 2020 161
Customer went to hospital after reaction to meal; chinese takeaway food sold as 'allergy-free' triggered severe allergic reaction. GEORGE MORGAN Local Democracy Reporter @GMorg01 Nov 25, 2020 566
Recent rains reduces allergy impacts: Dr. Jamal. Nov 23, 2020 188
Recent rains reduces allergy impacts: Dr. Jamal. Nov 18, 2020 190
Student left with 'football-sized head' after painful allergic reaction to hair dye; Psychology student Valentina Nikolova, 20 and from Bulgaria, was left sobbing in pain after she went for a salon and suffered an allergic reaction to a permanent dye. By, Rebecca Drew & Claire Gilbody-Dickerson Nov 17, 2020 747
Dad diagnosed with tongue cancer after doctors mistook it for dog hair allergy; Kevin Parnham's doctor prescribed him antihistamines for his "allergy" until a biopsy confirmed it was a tumour, prompting a gruelling round of chemo and radiotherapy. By, Jack Evans Nov 16, 2020 569
Lidl, Aldi, Sainsbury's and Guinness issue recalls on pasta, beer and ready meals; Some of Britain's biggest supermarkets have issued recalls on popular products over salmonella and allergy fears, with cheese, ice cream, sweetener tablets and non-alcoholic beer on the list -here's what you need to know. By, Emma Munbodh Nov 14, 2020 1661
Coronavirus: Face masks could cause severe skin reactions, experts warn; A new study has warned that some face masks contain allergens that could cause severe skin reactions in some people. By, Shivali Best Nov 13, 2020 309
'Lessons learned' after allergic reaction. JO HENWOOD Nov 12, 2020 376
Aldi, Lidl, Iceland, Waitrose and Sainsbury's are urgently recalling these products; The Food Standards Agency is urgent customers who have bought the products not to eat them and instead return them. By, Will Rider & Sophie McCoid & John James Nov 10, 2020 1558
Dust mite allergy; 2 MINUTES ON... DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Nov 9, 2020 234
Dust mite allergy; DMUULS 24 DAILY MIRROR MONDAY 09.11.2020 Dr Miriam Stoppard MINUTES ON... Dr Miriam Stoppard Nov 9, 2020 234
Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Tesco, Iceland, Lidl, and Aldi urgently recall Uncle Ben's rice, Twix, and more; Customers will be able to get a full refund for the listed products. By, James Aldridge Nov 9, 2020 1667
Shorts. Klotter, Jule Nov 1, 2020 2917
Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities - A Unified Hypothesis. McMakin, Carolyn Nov 1, 2020 3952
THE EFFECT OF HYMENOPTERA VENOM IMMUNOTHERAPY ON NEUTROPHILS, INTERLEUKIN 8 (IL-8) AND INTERLEUKIN 17 (IL-17). Palgan, Krzysztof; Zbikowska-Gotz, Magdalena; Zacniewski, Robert; Bartuzi, Zbigniew Report Nov 1, 2020 3095
Eyebrow tint almost killed woman and left her looking 'like Space Raider alien'; Nicola Tunstill, from Newcastle upon Tyne, suffered an extreme allergic reaction to paraphenylenediamine, a common chemical which is typically found in hair dye. By, Katie Treharne Oct 28, 2020 992
Allergy Therapeutics says patient screening for exploratory field study of short-course grass allergy immunotherapy has begun. Clinical report Oct 27, 2020 243
Small Cap Wrap - Vast Resources ;Allergy Therapeutics ; Advanced Oncotherapy and others .... Oct 27, 2020 3332
Lidl, Waitrose and more issue food recalls over allergy and contamination fears; German discounter Lidl has issued a warning to thousands of shoppers over fears two of its own-brand products, while Waitrose has also issued a recall. By, James Andrews Oct 18, 2020 811
Church's drive-thru event offers allergy free, sensory friendly treats. Submitted by My Recess Oct 16, 2020 199
Doctors speak at toddler's inquest; Medics give views on whether Jonnie had an allergic reaction. ROB SMITH Oct 15, 2020 286
To Assess the Knowledge of Dentists Regarding Dentinal Hypersensitivity in a Tertiary Dental Care Hospital in Bangalore City--A Cross Sectional Survey. Bhat, Padma K.; Nayana, M.; Jayachandra, M.Y.; Mohan, Nikitha; Johnson, Nigy Survey Oct 12, 2020 3528
Aldi, Waitrose, Sainsbury's & more issue food recalls over salmonella and allergy fears; German discounter Aldi has issued a warning to thousands of shoppers over fears two of its own-brand chicken packs could contain traces of salmonella -here's what to watch for. By, Emma Munbodh Oct 10, 2020 1397
Drive-Thru Trunk-and-Treat Oct. 24 offers sensory friendly, allergy free treats. Submitted by My Recess Oct 9, 2020 200
B&G Foods issues allergy alert for some Back to Nature cracker boxes. Oct 9, 2020 170
Enhanced IMMUNITY Against ALLERGIES and COLDS. Downey, Michael Oct 1, 2020 1974
Airborne hazards in the factory--more than COVID-19. Oct 1, 2020 1217
Anisakis spp. Larvae in Deboned, in-Oil Fillets Made of Anchovies (Engraulis encrasicolus) and Sardines (Sardina pilchardus) Sold in EU Retailers. Smaldone, Giorgio; Ambrosio, Rosa Luisa; Marrone, Raffaele; Ceruso, Marina; Anastasio, Aniello Oct 1, 2020 6041
Dirofilaria immitis Could Be a Risk Factor for the Development of Allergic Diseases in Humans. Montoya-Alonso, Jose Alberto; Morchon, Rodrigo; Matos, Jorge Isidoro; Falcon-Cordon, Yaiza; Costa-Ro Oct 1, 2020 4070
Weaning babies on Weetabix 'may prevent allergies'; Giving babies Weetabix from four months of age may prevent them developing allergies to wheat, research suggests. Jane Kirby Sep 29, 2020 393
Weaning babies on Weetabix "may prevent wheat allergies", study suggests; Researchers said high doses of gluten early on could offer protection against coeliac disease. By, Jane Kirby, PA & Lorna Hughes Report Sep 29, 2020 487
Weetabix may be a barrier for baby allergies. Sep 29, 2020 173
Meet the woman who has become allergic to all food and has not eaten a meal for over a year; Lauren Wittering's allergy means she has to wear a mask whenever she goes out the house. By, Charlotte Penketh-King & Daniel Smith Sep 27, 2020 1004
Drive-Thru Trunk-and-Treat Oct. 24 offers sensory friendly, allergy free treats. Submitted by My Recess Sep 25, 2020 200
Allergy Therapeutics sees growth across Europe as new trials approach. Sep 24, 2020 353
Zhob in grip of dust allergy, infectious diseases. Sep 24, 2020 286
Home remedies for allergies. Sep 23, 2020 382
Siolta Therapeutics Raises USD 30m Series B for the Prevention and Treatment of Allergic Diseases. Sep 22, 2020 392
'Jellyfish sting victim left just minutes from death' Woman tells of dangerous allergic reaction after beach incident. ALISTAIR MUNRO Sep 21, 2020 704
The rise of allergen-free factories; Emma Weinbren Brands are increasingly facilities. What are the cost s a nd benefits? investing in their own free-from manufacturing; manufacturing free-from; Three brands that have opened their own allergenfree premises. Sep 12, 2020 1831
5 myths about allergies you can sneeze at. Sep 8, 2020 280
Girl, 15, dies after drinking allergy medicine in dangerous new TikTok challenge; Chloe Phillips, 15, from Oklahoma, US, passed away last month and now a relative has issued a warning to parents to avoid another tragedy. By, Chiara Fiorillo Sep 5, 2020 394
Proactive news headlines:AaDeltic Energy, CMC Markets,AaAllergy Therapeutics,AaGfinity,AaBraveheart Investment ... Sep 4, 2020 2348
Bacteriophage-Induced Lipopolysaccharide Mutations in Escherichia coli Lead to Hypersensitivity to Food Grade Surfactant Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate. Zhong, Zeyan; Emond-Rheault, JeanGuillaume; Bhandare, Sudhakar; Levesque, Roger; Goodridge, Lawrence Report Sep 1, 2020 7464
Bullous Lupus: An Atypical Case of Refractory Disease in a Patient with Sulfa Allergy. Guerrero, Maria Salgado; Miranda, Oscar Mena; Arevalo, Ana B.; Barjaktarovic, Nevena; Mendez, Barbar Aug 31, 2020 3015
What Are The Most Common Allergies In Skin Care Products. Aug 28, 2020 898
Products on sale at Spar, Lidl, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury's recalled over safety fears; The Food Standards Agency is asking people to return these items -some of them may contain salmonella or substances that could harm people with allergies. By, Sonia Sharma Aug 28, 2020 1304
Women suffercomplications from stem cell injections. Aug 27, 2020 697
Spar issues urgent food recall over undeclared ingredients in paella; Supermarket Spar is recalling one of its paellas over allergy fears, while a muesli sold by Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Amazon has been pulled from the shelves over salmonella risks. By, James Andrews Aug 25, 2020 335
Why you should be worried about itching. Aug 24, 2020 892
Restaurant boss refuses to apologise after calling customer with allergy 'selfish'; Natasha Tunmore claimed staff at the Zammuto Steak and Grill House in Doncaster were flippant regarding her coeliac disease, owner Giuseppe Zammuto left a sarcastic comment to her one star Tripadvisor rant. By, Jessica Cripps & Jamie Hawkins Aug 24, 2020 1634
Cures for plantitos/plantitas. Aug 22, 2020 403
Mum thanks medics after 999 dash to hospital for teen son Robin. EXPRESS REPORTER Aug 14, 2020 632
Allergy Therapeutics to top expectations despite coronavirus challenges. Aug 11, 2020 666
LIGHTENING THE LOAD OF ALLERGENS; Catherine Eddie highlights some of the ways to help those suffering from symptoms of allergy and hayfever, making summer a misery. Catherine Eddie Aug 8, 2020 801
Evaluation of the Possible Role of miRNAs in Chemical Allergen Potency/miRNA'larin Kimyasal Alerjen Potansiyellerinin Olasi Rollerinin Degerlendirilmesi. Anlar, Hatice Gul; Galbiati, Valentina; Corsini, Emanuela; Basaran, Nursen Aug 1, 2020 3090
Azathioprine Hypersensitivity Syndrome during Treatment of Severe Interstitial Lung Disease with Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibody-Associated Vasculitis. Nakano, Eri; Asakawa, Tomohiko; Asou, Mea; Nohara, Eri; Seki, Tomoyuki; Araki, Makoto Disease/Disorder overview Jul 31, 2020 4015
Acute Renal Failure in a Patient with Rivaroxaban-Induced Hypersensitivity Syndrome: A Case Report with a Review of the Literature and of Pharmacovigilance Registries. Marcelino, Gisela; Hemett, Ould Maouloud; Descombes, Eric Jul 31, 2020 4056
Enriched-Baicalein Attenuates Allergy in Cells and Mice. Yun, Mi-Young; Jung, Ju-Im; Park, Sung-Min; Choi, Hwa-Jung Jul 31, 2020 5666
Mum accused of child neglect after daughter's nasty allergic reaction to Nutella; Jasmine Nur, 26, from Auckland, New Zealand, has spoken out about daughter Zobiyah's allergies -which also include tomatoes, citrus foods and fruits -which left her with painful eczema and was made worse by steroid creams. By, Liana Jacob Jul 25, 2020 829
I would love to thank her properly. I'm in no doubt that I would have died if it wasn't for her; STRANGER HELPS MUM AS SEVERE ALLERGIC REACTION LEAVES HER UNABLE TO BREATHE OR TALK. katie dickinson Reporter Jul 20, 2020 547
Small Cap Wrap - Allergy Therapeutics and more... Jul 16, 2020 1560
Proactive news headlines: AFC Energy, Aminex, Allergy Therapeutics, BATM Advanced Communications ... Jul 16, 2020 2215
Omega Diagnostics swings to loss after dropping allergy division to focus on COVID-19 tests. Jul 15, 2020 256
Alcon Gets US Approval For Extra Strength Eye Allergy Itch Drop. Jul 15, 2020 154
Waitrose, Co-Op and Tesco are urgently recalling these products over health concerns; Customers are being warned the products pose possible health risks. By, Jillian MacMath Jul 12, 2020 912
Allergy Therapeutics allowed to hit the reset button on birch pollen phase III trial. Jul 10, 2020 324
Breakfast News - Elixirr International, Oracle Power, Allergy Therapeutics and more... Jul 10, 2020 2981
Proactive news headlines: Eurasia Mining, Tharisa, Ceres Power, Allergy Therapeutics ... Jul 10, 2020 1965
Component testing emerging as critical indicator for anaphylactic risk. Wright, Lakiea Jul 1, 2020 3105
HEROS to Help COVID Children. Jul 1, 2020 777
Can dogs and cats get hay fever? Pollen allergy signs and symptoms to look out for in pets - and how to treat them; Hay fever season is now in full swing, but it's not just humans that can suffer with this condition - pets become irritated by high pollen counts. Helen Johnson Disease/Disorder overview Jul 1, 2020 714
Autoimmune Mechanisms of Interferon Hypersensitivity and Neurodegenerative Diseases: Down Syndrome. Jagadeesh, Ashraya; Maroun, Leonard E.; Van Es, Lisa M.; Millis, Richard M. Jun 30, 2020 6721
Assessment of Confirmed Clinical Hypersensitivity to Rituximab in Patients Affected with B-Cell Neoplasia. Novelli, S.; Soto, L.; Caballero, A.; Moreno, M.E.; Lara, M.J.; Bayo, D.; Quintas, A.; Jimeno, P.; Z Jun 30, 2020 2626
Winter melon products, mainly from Malaysia, recalled by Singapore for excessive allergen. Jun 30, 2020 401
Allergy Therapeutics says 2020 net profit will be well ahead of expectations. Jun 25, 2020 266
Allergy Therapeutics gets big forecast upgrade from finncap after trading update. Jun 25, 2020 214
Proactive news headlines: Tavistock Investments, LoopUp, Allergy Therapeutics. Jun 25, 2020 678
Allergy Therapeutics Anticipates Profit Ahead Of Expectations. Jun 24, 2020 154
FIELD OF DREAMS FOR HAYFEVER SUFFERERS; N Wales team aims to crack pollen's DNA code so allergen warnings can be tailored to individuals. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Jun 20, 2020 538
Purina launches the 'UK's first' catfood to reduce allergens. Jun 20, 2020 203
'I'll bee keeping going despite my deadly allergy'. Jun 15, 2020 277
New cat food claims to reduce allergens in pet; The first cat food which claims to help cats stop producing allergens has been created - which the manufacturers claim could prevent thousands of cats from being unnecessarily put up for adoption. Jane Bradley Jun 15, 2020 711
Coronavirus face masks 'can prevent serious bouts of hay fever', doctor says; Dr Glenis Scadding, an allergy expert, has revealed that wearing a coronavirus face mask can help to prevent serious bouts of hay fever. By, Shivali Best Jun 12, 2020 366
Life sciences firm Omega Diagnostics hails Covid test developments while flagging [pounds sterling]8.7m impairment charge; Alva-based life sciences company Omega Diagnostics has flagged an impairment charge of [pounds sterling]8.7 million on the back of stopping the development of its allergy products as it focuses on Covid-19 testing. Emma Newlands Jun 9, 2020 614
Avoiding allergies and surviving viruses. Jun 6, 2020 314
Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's recall crisps, cakes and biscuits; A number of big food-retailers have urgently recalled a number of food products. By, Daniel Smith Jun 6, 2020 466
Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's recall crisps, cakes and biscuits; A number of big food-retailers have urgently recalled a number of food products. By, Daniel Smith Jun 6, 2020 466
Bisto gravy among food recalled by supermarkets including Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's; The Food Standards Agency has published alerts warning customers of food which is unsafe or contains undeclared allergens. By, Hannah Graham Jun 6, 2020 918
Vaccine for dust-mite allergy to be available for home use. Jun 3, 2020 262
Consider toys, other play items as culprits in kids with contact allergies. Splete, Heidi Jun 1, 2020 397
Pollen Exposure and COVID-19. Schor, Jacob Jun 1, 2020 1652
Sainsbury's, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Lidl issue urgent recall on various foods over safety fears; The Food Standards Agency are worried there might be bits of metal in Callipo ice lollies. By, Katie Timms & Charlie Lawrence-Jones Jun 1, 2020 1553
Efficacy of Cosmetic Formulation Containing Perilla frutescens Leaves Extract for Irritation and Aging Skin. Mungmai, Lapatrada; Preedalikit, Weeraya; Aunsri, Nattapol; Amornlerdpison, Doungporn Report Jun 1, 2020 4675
Answers to itchy eye concerns. Cooper, Michael Jun 1, 2020 584
Management of Indoor Airborne Aspergillus flavus by Traditional Air Purifiers Commonly used in India. Nayak, Shubhransu; Dhua, Urmila; Samanta, Soma; Chhotaray, Apurba Jun 1, 2020 6135
Hay fever sufferers praise 99p wipes that 'help remove and trap pollen'; They are also said to work wonders for those who feel ill from dust and pet allergens. By, Courtney Pochin & Raina Wilson May 31, 2020 378
Combined IMIG and Immune Ig Attenuate Allergic Responses in Beagle Dogs. Gorczynski, R.M.; Maqbool, T.; Hoffmann, G. May 31, 2020 5286
Kris Aquino gets allergic reaction after taking wrong meds, warns fans. May 27, 2020 470
Allergy Therapeutics: Profitable with strong product pipeline. May 27, 2020 568
Kris Aquino suffers from bad allergic reaction after drinking wrong pain reliever. May 27, 2020 339
Kirsty's to expand ready meal offering with allergen-free site. May 16, 2020 199
Pollen allergy reaches at its peak in Abbottabad by Poplar tree. May 16, 2020 407

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