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Allergic Rhinitis emerges as health challenge in country: Experts.

KARACHI -- Allergic Rhinitis or hay fever has emerged to be a growing health challenge for many of the Pakistanis mainly due to rapid changes in climatic conditions.

The experts while talking to reporter on Thursday said an estimated 24.62% Pakistanis are affected by Allergic Rhinitis with Sindh having highest prevalence of around 28%.

'Allergic Rhinitis the most common allergy in the country is also turning severe with the passage of time,' said a senior ENT surgeon, Dr Azamullah Khan.

Mentioning that Rhinitis is triggered by allergens that can be found both outdoors and indoors, he said it is characterized by nasal symptoms including rhinorrhoea (runny nose), sneezing, and nasal blockage and/or itching, the condition was said to be often associated with ocular symptoms.

To a query, Dr Swaleh Hayat said allergic rhinitis or hay fever is often cited to be seasonal allergies caused by outdoor allergens, e.g mould or trees, grass and weed pollens.

'However, it is also established to be triggered by animal dander, indoor mould, or house dust mites categorized as indoor allergens,' the specialist said.

The doctors were of unanimous opinion that allergic rhinitis represents a global health problem and does significantly effect quality of life of the sufferers, including both adults as well as children.

With particular reference to children it was warned that it reduces their learning ability in children with 88% of them also registered to have sleep disorders. The presence of AR often precedes the development of asthma, he added.

The doctors said the condition can also lead to asthma with series of medical interventions ranging from non sedating antihistamines to intranasal corticosteroid.

Allergic rhinitis that has emerged to be a serious issue must not be ignored as holds its impact on the social life, work productivity as well as on psychological well being of the those affected, they opined.

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Publication:The Frontier Star (Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan)
Date:Jan 11, 2019
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