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Allegheny Brewery "rolls out the barrel." (Pennsylvania Sommer Lager)

Allegheny Brewery tapped a barrel of a new summer beer to celebrate its Midsummer Eve party, held June 18-19 at the Pittsburgh brewery restaurant.

The new brand is called Pennsylvania Sommer Lager, and brewery president Tom Pastorius reports that it is intended as "a light, refreshing alternative for the hot summer months." Pastorius reports that the Sommer Lager is made from two-row barley malt and 100-percent imported hops from the Hallertau region of Germany.

"Our goal in creating Sommer lager was for Pennsylvania brewing Company/Allegheny brewery to prove that a light-bodied, lower alcohol beer can still be high quality," Pastorius says. "Top-notch ingredients and no short-cuts are used, as opposed to mass-produced 'watered-down' American light beers."

Pastorius said that the Midsummer Eve party celebrated the "longest days of the year with one of its longest parties." The revelers were serenaded by a Dixieland Jazz band, and could partake of a "Midnight Smorgasbord buffet."

With the addition of the new Sommer Lager, Allegheny brewery now produces 11 kinds of authentic German beer, Pastorius reported, including Penn Pilsner, Penn Light Lager, Penn Dark and Kaiser Pils. Additional specialty beers are "on tap," he said, and will be released later in the summer and fall.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jun 28, 1993
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