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All-weather stabilizer and dust suppressant.

Shield AWR is new long-term, all-weather stabilizer and dust suppressant for haul roads, which has been developed by Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST), an Australian fine particle management specialist. Shield AWR is the most recent product to emerge from RST's ongoing research and development programs, and it can be applied as a topical solution for dust suppression or a blended solution for dust suppression and stabilization. The product delivers a non-slippery surface that requires minimal ongoing maintenance through its unique blend of nano-particles and leading edge dispersing technology, which allows for better material penetration, blending and contraction, delivering minimal to zero surface fines loss.

Application of Shield AWR increases the structural integrity and longevity of gravels and reduces material permeability, protecting subgrade material. Once applied, it optimizes the compaction and workability of gravels using less water, with reduced continual watering cycles required for dust suppression. The product improves the road running surface in all climatic conditions, maintains structural integrity in high and low moisture environments, and prevents frost heave affecting material in cold climates. It can also be applied to existing pavements to rejuvenate them and make them dust-free.

The solution does not require any special application equipment and is supplied as a free-flowing, non-hazardous, eco-friendly liquid that is diluted into water carts and applied to roads, airstrips, hardstand areas and walkways. RST's operations and technical director, David Handel, said Shield AWR was developed after on-site consultation with several clients identified the need for a dual-action stabilizer and dust suppressant to delivering operational optimisation and increase site safety. "Our team of industry experts goes out into the field with clients to get a thorough understanding of the challenges they face and the common theme of feedback is that our clients need smart, simple and cost effective solutions," Handel said. "Shield AWR was recently trialed in Queensland and New South Wales to stabilize roads and suppress dust lift-off, with both projects successfully achieving positive feedback from clients.

"A trial in North Queensland was conducted on the unsealed areas of an event staging area which needed to remain sealed for at least three weeks, with application completed within a three-day window under wet weather conditions," Handel said. "After application dust emissions were reduced to minimal levels and the client was very satisfied with the outcome, especially considering the challenging conditions. We understand that every client's operational can tailor any of the products in RST's broad range of solutions and can create services and packages to meet each client's individual needs." RST has more than 26 years of experience specializing in total dust management, soil stabilization and erosion control, water and agricultural solutions for mining.

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Date:May 1, 2016
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