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All-in-one espresso cart system improves distributor potential.

Anyone who runs an espresso cart knows: speed and convenience are parak,mount to a high-return day. And North Star's unique System Module is designed to maximize a cart owner's ability to serve quality drinks fast.

"It's state-of-the-art," said Claire Bunney, executive, vice president, North Star. "Cart owners who've shopped around really are discovering the benefits."

Included in all North Star Smart Cart models, the System Module has an easy-to-reach, easy-to-service design that slides out from the cart. All crucial features are at arm' s length: the pull-out twin-compartment sinks; the two NSF stainless steel, freshwater tanks; the four cup dispensers; the 10-gallon wastewater tank with wheels for easy disposal; the water filter; water heater; 220/110 volt electrical system; and locking cash drawer.

Designed into a cart with a durable, anodized aluminum frame (making Smart Carts up to 50% lighter than heavy wood styles), the System Module rounds out many other quality features found only in North Star carts. According to Bunney, North Star is on the cutting edge, and their focus is to stay that way.

"Behind our tasteful cart appearance are design innovations that really work," said Bunney. "Our reputation has really developed because of it."

As a result of increasing demand for their equipment, North Star is actively seeking several select national distributors. An informative video has been developed that explains more about North Star, the boom in specialty coffee, and the benefits in distributing North Star equipment.

According to Bunney, the potential is truly unlimited. "We're located at the heart of specialty coffee country, and business is booming. At the same time, requests for quality coffee cart equipment nationally-to service the burgeoning U.S. desire for espresso drinks--are coming from all parts of the country." After 10 years in the food purveying equipment business, she's never seen such growth potential. "It's really the end of the nickel cup of dull coffee. Customers taste the flavor and variety of gourmet coffee beverages, and they're sold immediately."

Bunney stresses her firm wants to hear from committed prospective dealers and distributors. "Being a design company, manufacturer, distributor and innovator, we at North Star are geared for the long haul. We offer much more in our business dealings-such as referrals and ongoing product and marketing support-than simply quality equipment. We need good distributors and dealers who want to associate with our national reputation--and who are willing to grow as fast as we are."

For more information, contact North Star at: 2210 Hewitt Avenue, Everett WA 98201. Tel: (206)252-9600; Fax: (206)252-7598.
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Title Annotation:North Star's System Module coffee cart
Publication:Tea & Coffee Trade Journal
Date:Mar 1, 1993
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