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All-Tune Organ Repair.

All-Tune Organ Repair

Owners: Jim Welch and Chuck Burns Address: 4932 Haywood St., North Little Rock, 945-3225 Start-up date: January 1992

Jim Welch and Chuck Burns are computer technicians.

Why are they starting an organ repair service, All-Tune Organ Repair?

When a church organ needed repair and no one could be found to do the job, Welch and Burns volunteered.

They discovered it was an easy transition from computer technology to organ repair.

Even though their official opening date is not until January 1992, Welch and Burns are available for limited service.

Meanwhile, they plan to attend training courses in order to be certified by the Musical Instrument Technicians Association. Within two years, the two men expect to be qualified to do warranty work on brand-name equipment.

Welch and Burns will provide on-site service for central Arkansas.
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Title Annotation:New Businesses
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Date:Jul 8, 1991
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