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All white and wide open.

Southwest style blends subtly into the contemporary framework of this 10-year-old spec-built house. Designer Joseph Terrell of Los Angeles and Santa Fe helped the owners with finishes and furnishings.

On ceilings and walls, he replaced rough-sawn pine paneling with either white-painted gypsum board or whitewashed grade-A pine (see ceiling at upper right). He stripped, sanded, and bleached Mexican tile floors and hearths. For other areas, he chose a gray Berber-weave carpet.

On the first level are an open kitchen and family room, whose fireplace banquettes and media-center sofa get a spike of color from woven and quilted Guatemalan pillows.

For both the family room and midlevel living room, Terrell designed boldly minimal coffee tables in vertical-grain plywood; they were then painted to resemble concrete. In the living room, furnished with durable black leather, an Anasazi pot has a prominent position by the black marble fireplace.

The third level's master bedroom has a balcony office open-in command-post fashion-to rooms below. Against a clean black-and-white scheme, the owners chose vibrant fuchsia for their desk chairs. Over the desk counter hang brackets for telephone, calculator, and file holders; beneath are black file cabinets; computer equipment can be stowed out of sight on rolling carts.
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Title Annotation:Inside the Western Home; contemporary interior decoration
Date:Oct 1, 1990
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