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All washed up.

She was feeling a little faint over froggy.

We were dissecting frogs in science It was totally gross, and I felt queasy and fainted! A classmate poured water all over me. I woke up, and everyone was saying, "She's dead! She's dead!"

I wore these long fake nails to school. I was talking to my BFF in the hall when I swung my hand back and nailed my crush. He had a black eye and cuts on his face.

I was walking out of the grocery store, counting my change. I wasn't watching where I was going and walked into a pay phone. All the cute bag boys saw it happen,

I got this bright idea to wash my hair with Vaseline for shine. Even after five shampoos, it would not come out. At school the next day, everyone asked why my hair was greasy. It didn't come out for a whole week.

My BF and I were at the movies. I shoved chocolate coins in my back pocket for later. I forgot about them, and they melted. I had to wash my pants in the bathroom and walk around with a brown stain on my butt. My BF kept asking, "Are you sure that's chocolate?"

My mom picked all my friends up in her van to go bowling for my birthday. The boys were all laughing in the backseat. They found bags of pads I had bought and were throwing them around the van.

It was snowing, and I was late for the bus so I ran. When I reached the bus, I slipped and slid into the stairs. My trumpet flew up and nearly hit the driver.

I was leaving my aunt's baby shower and my mom asked me to go back in for her coat. I went back up to the house and rang the doorbell. A guy opened the door, and I walked inside. I took about three steps before I realized it was the wrong house.

My boyfriend and I have pet names for each other. He calls me "Sweetie," and I call him "Hottie." I called his house and said, "Hi, Hottie. It's Sweetie." Silence. My boyfriend's father had answered the phone. Now, his dad calls him "Hottie."

I had no idea where anything was at my new school. I was looking for the computer lab and, instead, walked right into the boys' locker room. Just my luck-basketball practice had just ended.

I was running a race with my uncle, and it was really cold outside. I went to get hot chocolate while my uncle stretched. I came back and reached up to tickle him in the armpit. He turned around wasn't my uncle.

My friends and I were playing Monkey in the Middle during gym. The ball was thrown at me, but I missed. I chased after it, but I tripped over the ball and ran into a brick wall. I was rushed to the hospital for a broken nose.

Tripped out!

Twelve-year-old songstress Alysha Antonio makes a big impression on the set.

I was getting my hair and makeup done for a WB special on Pokemon: The Movie 2000. Afterward, I walked out of the trailer and down the stairs. I completely tripped on the stairs and fell--right in front of the members of Dream Street and Nobody's Angel.
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Title Annotation:teenage girls relate embarrassing experiences
Publication:Girls' Life
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Date:Dec 1, 2000
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