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All seasons aims to bring adventure year round.

Park City -- In 2001, Bruce "Goose" Juhl started ALL SEASONS ADVENTURES to fill a niche for higher-end guide service to help visitors and locals explore Utah's great outdoors.

Nearly 15 years later, the business has gained a loyal following and a solid foothold in the Beehive State's recreation industry, says Spencer Byrne, a partner and operating manager.

"We're kind of your all-inclusive outdoor adventure company able to take care of all of your needs when you come to town," Byrne said.

Winter is All Seasons' busiest time, with excursions like snowshoeing, dog sledding, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, fat bike tours and sleigh rides available to help customers experience the "greatest snow on earth" firsthand. Byrne said snowshoeing is the most popular activity, and guides offer several levels of intensity and aptitude to tailor the excursion to a particular guest or group.

"We are not necessarily your extreme guys. We're happy to take out families, we're happy to take out beginners; we can also take you on an advanced, aerobic tour," he said. "Our ability to adjust on the fly and cater to guests is important."

Because All Seasons' business model revolves around that customizable guest experience and an emphasis on the latter half of "customer service," Byrne said, choosing the right guides is vital. A large pool of prospective guides and a high retention rate help ensure the guides have the expertise for the job.

"We take great care of our employees--we have a lot of veteran guides that come back year after year, which allows us to offer a great product," he said. "We have a lot of new guides come and want to become guides. It allows us to pick and choose and make sure we're sending our guests out with the best."

All Seasons also treats its working animals like family, Byrne said--their sled dogs are also pets, and thus won't be abandoned or discarded after their working years are over, and one of their mushers runs a rescue for sled dogs.

While winter is far and away their most popular season, Byrne said, summer activities are quickly gaining popularity as guests realize the weather and landscape make for great recreation even without snow. At All Seasons, this means outings like hiking, mountain biking, river rafting, and ATV and horseback riding.

"Winter is busy and always becoming busier, but we're seeing more and more numbers in town, it's busier and busier in the summer," he said. "There's just a wide range of opportunities for guests and the weather is absolutely perfect."

The region in general has seen more tourism during the summer, he said. Tourist-friendly city regulations help businesses heavily dependent on those out-of-towners, like All Seasons, keep up. "Park City has seen a lot of growth. The type of customer coming to town, the town itself caters to a higher-end clientele, so that niche we've been trying to fill has really been the majority of the guests coming to town," said Byrne.

Aside from the growing numbers and expanded list of offerings, Byrne said the greatest measure of the company's success is how many of their customers come back during their trip or on subsequent vacations to Utah.

"Many guests will come with us at least twice during their stay. We're very happy with that," he said.

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