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All it took was an extra 60 square feet; more light and space, better traffic pattern.

All it took was an extra 60 square feet

Light, extra space, and a more efficienttraffic pattern were the reasons for remodeling the kitchen of this 1906 shinglestyle house in Berkeley. Architect Jack Hoyt's special challenge was to achieve those goals without sacrificing the house's original craftsmanship.

Originally, the family room hogged muchof the daylight. It extended across the front, or east end, of the house, without direct access to the kitchen behind it.

Hoyt removed the wall between the tworooms and added 60 square feet to the front corner next to where the family room fireplace had been. This created a single L-shaped room where children can work or play within sight of the chef, and morning sunlight can spread throughout both rooms.

By moving the door between the familyroom and dining room 5 feet toward the kitchen, Hoyt brightened the darkest end of the dining room. Built-in cabinets along the family room's inner wall provide room for books and television.

Photo: Breakfast area pops out 24 inches;it's detailed to match existing exterior, once staining is finished

Photo: Remodeled kitchen borrows light from breakfast area in new windowed bay

Photo: Glass cabinet doors match windows, help new kitchen blend with existing house

Photo: By removing fireplace wall and filling outa corner of the house, the architect formed a single open space with outdoor access
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Title Annotation:house remodeling
Date:Aug 1, 1987
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