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All immersed.

A chemical immersion process that easily removes all paint, grease, oil, underseal, adhesives and sound deadening material offers motorsport preparation companies a simpler and safer method for stripping and cleaning bodyshells. By removing up to 35kg of unnecessary weight from a typical four door shell, the process developed by Surface Processing (SPL), also offers preparation companies a legal weight reduction service without affecting the existing vehicle strength. SPL's process also claims to improve the working environment for engineers; by removing paint, adhesive and underseal, any further preparation work such as welding is done on clean metal, avoiding the release of noxious fumes and lowering the fire risk.

Unlike traditional preparation methods such as media blasting or thermal stripping, SPL's process does not damage or distort the material, or leave the surface in a rapidly oxidizing state. Furthermore SPL's process reaches inaccessible areas leaving them residue free and avoiding trapped media that increases moisture retention and weight. Compared to thermal or paint stripping, SPL's chemical process is considerably faster and protects the user from harmful chemicals such as Methylene Chloride.

"Our process is fully legal and is trusted by leading WRC and Touring Car preparation companies such as Prodrive as a cost-effective and safer method to prepare a standard production shell before fabrication work," says SPL's managing director Adrian McMurray.

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Date:Jan 1, 2010
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