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All human life can n be seen on Flickr; Alan Weston gets a view of people in all their huge variety.

Byline: Alan Weston

AS WELL as being stunning images, the quirky and the unusual have always been the hallmarks of our weekly selection of pictures from our Flickr page.

This week is no exception - with one main difference. The images captured are all great examples of both portrait and sometimes surreal street shots.

From a young woman mastering binoculars in Southport, to a shot of a thoughtful diner, to a crew sculling across the mirror calm of Salthouse Dock, the pictures are all a tribute to the skill and imagination of our Flickr contributors.

The striking picture of a man apparently doing a headstand while having his head stuck in a bucket should perhaps carry that traditional public health warning - do not try this at home!

It is in fact a shot, taken by Flickr regular Ian Hughes, of a street performer in Liverpool city centre.

* SEE One commentator said, "This image can damage your health by laughing too much". While others drew attention to a man in the background giving the thumbs up, who some thought upstaged the main focus of our attention.

unique views city visiting post.videos-Another familiar performer in Liverpool city centre's main shopping street is a busker, with his seeing eye dog, as taken by Phil Hoare, while Flickr photographer Graham Lloyd captured flickr-this black and white image of an archery club practising in Mossley Hill. He posted: "Not something I''ve ever seen before and I was surprised at the power they generate."

thousands more The shot of a surprised looking man captured by Hitcho10 was titled, appropriately, "Like a deer caught in head lights." Among the comments posted was "fantastic piece of portraiture," and "love the look on his face ...priceless."

of the The charming shot of a youngster peering through a pair liver uk/pictures/ of binoculars was taken in Southport by Ian Pennington. One commentator said, "Great image, sweet, but powerful as well", while another said "It's a perfect example of the wonder of childhood."

group/ Another wondered what she found so interesting.


A young lady mastering binoculars in Southport Picture: Ian Pennington (p3nno) This busker and his seeing eye dog keep the weekend crowds entertained in Church Street, Liverpool, while raising money for charity Picture: Phil Hoare An archery club practising as he took his camera for a drive around Mossley Hill Picture Graham Lloyd Sculling across the mirror-calm of Salthouse Dock Above, candid shot of a thoughtful diner by Ian_Newton Right, this portrait is titled Like A Deer In The Headlights by Hitcho10 This character is one of the familiar sights of Liverpool city centre by ihughes22
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 11, 2011
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