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All because the lady loves ...Mr Grey; 50 Shades star tops Milk Tray ad vote.


JAMIE Dornan is the Irish celebrity most people want to take on the iconic Milk Tray Man role, a survey has revealed.

Almost a quarter of people voted for the 33-year-old from Co Down, who is most famous for his risque part in 50 Shades of Grey.

But just one point behind is fellow actor Colin Farrell, 39, with 23% saying the former hellraiser from Dublin would be a perfect fit.

Rugby hero Rob Kearney, from Dundalk, Co Louth, came in a respectable third with 20% of the vote.

And it seems 63-year-old music man Louis Walsh, from Mayo, still has the X Factor for some at least as he claimed 2% of the votes.

The hunt is on for a new man to play the 80s icon in a reboot of the Cadbury's ads and the chocolate giant questioned more than 600 people earlier this month about who they would like in the role.

The Milk Tray Man was famous for overcoming all sorts of obstacles to deliver a box of chocolates to a lucky lady.

There were 23 ads made in the series and at the height of its popularity, Waddington's even released a Man In Black board game. More than half of women surveyed said he represents mystery and intrigue, while a quarter found it to be grand romantic gestures.

Respondents also voted for the perfect Milk Tray Woman, with actress and author Amy Huberman the firm favourite with 36% of the votes.

Model Roz Purcell, TV presenter Kathryn Thomas and actress Saoirse Ronan came in joint runner-up position with 13% each.

Despite half of women admitting they fantasise about a mystery man, they're not keen on the Milk Tray Man's signature black polo neck.

One of the original 80s Milk Tray Men, James Coombes, returned to our screens in a new ad this week. In it he called for people to apply to take on the role in a new campaign to mark Cadbury's 100th birthday.

Hortense Foult Rothenburger, of Cadbury owner Mondelez, said: "Since it first launched in 1915, Cadbury Milk Tray has always been the way to treat the woman you love.

"However, this sentiment has changed over time and with that so must our hero, who now needs to be thoughtful as well as adventurous."

Nominations are open until November 30. To apply visit www.

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ICONIC ROLE Cadbury's campaign

THEN & NOW Coombes

LEADING MAN Jamie Dornan

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 16, 2015
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