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All about that brand: HP, 180LA and a host of social influencers craft Meghan Trainor's delightful new music video.

Idea Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass" video, posted to YouTube in June, is nearing 300 million views. So, what did the singer do for an encore to her No. 1 hit? She got a brand, an ad agency and social influencers involved, HP and 180LA had been talking to labels, hoping to help craft a music video as a way to promote the Pavilion x360 tablet-laptop. The 20-year-old Epic Records newcomer seemed perfect. "Not only does her music work well with a fun, high-energy campaign, but she's also a young, socially active creator herself who we knew would inspire our influencers and their fans," said 180LA creative director Adam Groves. Young creators are at the core of HP's "Next Gen" campaign, and make up much of the cast and crew of the new three-minute "Lips Are Movin" video. "So many young people have the talent and skills to do amazing stuff," said Groves. "We're just using the brand and the technology to give them a bigger platform to push the limits of what they're already doing."

Talent HP and 180LA recruited a host of young influencers to work on the video as actors, choreographers, dancers, set designers, hair and makeup artists, stylists and photographers. They include American set designer Bri Emery, American actors Marcus Johns, Cody Johns and Robby Ayala, French dancers Les Twins, Spanish stylist Sara Escudero, American hair stylist Kristin Ess and Japanese nail artist Mei Kawajiri. "The energy around the set was crazy," said 180LA creative director Zac Ryder. "It was really cool to see [Trainor] interact with guys like Marcus and Cody Johns. She was just as starstruck as they were." The x360 was the creative tool at the heart of the production--all the influencers used it in some way. "A dancer from Houston was able to record herself choreographing her routine, then get suggestions from her fans and ultimately invite a few of them to L.A. to star in the video with her," said Ryder. "Our set designer used it to pull reference, create sketches and share them with the production team. Ultimately, her ideas came to life as the sets on the actual video."

Copywriting The script had to communicate the influencers' involvement. So, director Philip Andelman suggested showcasing the crazy behind-the-scenes world of a music-video shoot. "Philip was really excited to work with all of these young creators," said Ryder. "He understood how to pull all of the influencers' ideas together and craft the video in a way that showcased one of the hottest young stars in the world."

Art Direction/Filming Visually, it's a lot like the "All About That Bass" video, just with more colors than pink. "Her team asked us to evolve the look of 'All About That Bass' without straying too far from it," said Groves. "She's still a new artist, and they're trying hard to build a consistent look around her." HP is subtly woven in--the x360 opens the video with a digital clapperboard, and is seen briefly throughout. "We knew the only way this would be successful is if it wasn't an ad," said Groves. "To make sure the product story came through, we had our influencers post content that they created on set which featured the HP x360."

Media A TV spot offers "a fun, highly stylized look at the music video set in the moments leading up to the first shot," said Ryder. "Viewers move through the set and see a few of our influencers using the x360 like they did throughout the production, We constructed the story so that the spot ends where the music video begins."

Caption: Her Lips Are Movin.'

Caption: The 'energy around the set was crazy.'

Caption: Surrounded by young influences


Client HP

Agency 180LA

Director Philip Andelman, Partizan Entertainment

Editor Kenneth Mowe, Sunset Edit (See the spot and full credits at and on our iPad edition.)
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Date:Dec 1, 2014
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