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All about Animation.

Byline: Samina Wahid

When's Pakistan's first ever multimillion dollar movie Waar was released in 2013 it quickly became the country's highest grossing film of all times. Besides the crisp cinematography sound and editing Waar stood out because it relied heavily on computer generated visual effects (VFX). As a result the movie comprised mesmerizing shots that could otherwise have been too risky or expensive to achieve.

Pakistan started dabbling with animation when Ding Dong Bubble's animated TVC came to the fore a commercial that received mass appreciation. Soon enough every other brand started using 2D animation to acquire high perception among its consumers.

It was the PandG brand Safeguard that broke new ground in animation and gave Pakistan its very own animated superhero aptly named Commander Safeguard. Soon enough others followed the trend. Lifebuoy came up with Germ Busters while Reckitt Benkiser introduced Dettol Warriors. It wasn't long before animated characters became part of the mainstream media discourse Baankay Miyaan and the Burka Avengers are notable examples in this regard. Clearly animation artists in Pakistan have come a long way. They are a talented dedicated bunch who can easily give their competitors in the international market a run for the money. Still the industry has yet to be properly developed. Why

For starters animation particularly 3D animation was an ignored industry in Pakistan and that's mainly because no one ever considered the possibility of making a career out of it. 3D learning is not just about books or theoretical knowledge. You need to practically apply it too by practicing with software. For that you need a computer and a highspeed internet connection" says Tariq Mehmood who owns a 3D production company. Of course not everyone in Pakistan owns a computer. Internet penetration is low as it is and sometimes the connection is dodgy at best. Then there are power outages to contend with also" he explains.

Under such circumstances many people shy away from learning animation because the hassle as well as the cost associated with it sometimes is just not worth it. Moreover Pakistan lacks proper institutes that teach 3D animation.

The thing with animation is that you constantly have to update yourself keep in touch with the latest trends and a lot of institutes that claim to teach animation are working with obsolete software and outdated techniques" laments Mehmood. Meanwhile those who have trained as 3D artists in Pakistan have moved to other countries to pursue their careers in animation. Some of these include Mukeem Khan who has worked on Final Fantasy and Mir Zafar Ali who has won three Oscars for his work in Golden Compass Life of Pi and Frozen. Despite this discouraging trend many private production houses Sharp Image H2O Creativesip Ice Animation and Creative Village among others are doing commendable work that is slowly but surely establishing the 3D industry in Pakistan.

The animation industry in Paktan may still very much be in its mbryonic stages when comared to international markets ut the value and worth that this rowing craft has attained canot be overlooked. Not even at he tip of the iceberg this billion ollar industry holds the promise of stretching and growing even rther than what we have acomplished so far.

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Date:Feb 28, 2015
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