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All Ye Fake Prophets: This Nonsense Must Stop.

Hon. Emmanuel Kyerematen Agyarko was known to all as an affable man and a great politician. He contested for the seat of Parliament in his mother's home constituency in 2008, but lost. He came down south to his constituency of residence and contested the seat in 2012 and won. A feat he repeated in 2016.

His death in November of 2018 was a shock to all. Hon. Agyarko had a lot more to give to politics and this nation, so his death could not be fathomed. Ghana, especially the youth, lost a gem, just as it was about to drop into their palms.

While people had not finished asking God for an explanation as to why He chose to pick from among us, this precious citizen at this time, the so-called prophets have started booming their nonsense again.

Enter Prophet Nigel Gaise, and he was shown on a video clip after Hon. Agyarko had passed on, saying a parliamentarian was going to die this year. He felt justified and full of praise for himself when he was doing his fake prophecy. He never mentioned names, because he claimed people would descend on him and rival prophets would cross swords with him. So as soon as Hon. Agyarko exited the world, he produced that belated prophecy, for he was the chosen one of God to announce the visit of the Angel of Death to humans.

God had again spoken to him about the death of a 'sinful and unrighteous' human, because when God pronounces death upon someone, it is more of a punishment. All will die someday, and that was how God ordained it to be, and it is only through death that the Elect will see Him face to face. But when God comes out and says that a fellow is going to die, it only means one thing: that person had violated God's laws to the extent he or she had contracted the eternal sin, sin that cannot be forgiven here on earth and in the life hereafter (St. Matthew 12:32). In simple terms, any person given the death sentence by God is bound for the ultimate death; death in eternal damnation, for that person is doomed. The Sacred Scriptures has a number of such situations.

Merciful as He is, God does not desire the damnation of sinners, but their conversion (Ezekiel 33:11), and so those sinners who immediately seek the Face of God, and repent, are saved (Jonah 3 and 2 Kings 20: 1-6). This is why it is so important that when the Word of God comes to someone in a prophecy about another, it is very mandatory for the messenger to go seek the one to whom God spoke about, and deliver the prophecy directly, and in all totality, so that he would have the opportunity to turn towards God and be saved. King David, when confronted by Nathan who was sent by God, knew the kind of death he would face (2 Samuel 12:1-15), and so he quickly repented and cried out for mercy (Psalm 51), and God declared that he would not die (2 Samuel 13b).

However, these days, you will encounter some fake prophets claiming God spoke to them about the death of some persons, mostly celebrities and important persons in society, and instead of going to the fellows, they audio/video record the prophecies and brag about their closeness to God when that person dies. And most astonishing is that they seem to rejoice over the death of such persons, instead of interceding for the condemned, as Abraham (Genesis 18: 16-33) and Moses (Exodus 32: 9-14) did.

If God prophesises that someone would die, and that means the eternal death, why would prophets, pastors and the like, like Nigel Gaisebe always excited and overjoyed when pronouncing the death of that fellow? Why don't they be like the prophets of old, who interceded for man?

The question Ghanaians are asking is why is it that these pastors and prophets do not prophesise the death of their church members? Why is it that people in their churches who adopt the same lifestyle and 'sinful' manners of these celebrities and important people, do not die? Why do these pastors and prophets feel they have achieved some feat and need to be highly acknowledged, when it comes to pronouncing death sentences? Why do they not prophesise success in the land and how to achieve it? Why do they always come out with riddles when they are prophesying who will die next, without coming straight with the names of the ones God has 'desired' would die? Why do they speak on tape and prophesy in parables, instead of going straight to those to whom the prophecies are meant for, and deliver the message of God, as should be the case?

There is only one reason that can be suggested here. We are not dealing with prophets and pastors of the Most High Lord God of Hosts. We must certainly be dealing with the dark world, where Satan and his minnows get delighted when a soul is lost. Every death to them should mean a soul is damned and entering hell fire.

It is pretty sad, but the fact remains that most of these now-a-days so-called men and women of God are operating on demonic waves, they are satanic.

Ghanaians and the world were shocked to the marrow when it came to light that such fake men and women of God operate training colleges to teach people how to fake illnesses like physical disabilities, madness, blindness, and any visible kind of ailment.

One of such colleges was in Offinso, the Ashanti Region, where 'graduates' invade healing crusades and pretend they were afflicted by the diseases from birth. A few strange words and appropriate gestures by the fake man of God, and these people will openly scream 'Alleluia' and come out straight and 'cured.'

Such fake healings can never be of God, and if they are not of God, then they are of Satan, which makes it more dangerous. Those who act as sick people are now falling ill, and those fake pastors cannot cure them. They are paid GHS100 for faking a disease, and end up in more serious ailments. Satan is at work here.

On a daily basis, vulnerable people are brought to satanic worship centers believing they are in the midst of the Holy Spirit. They see people cured, others receiving graces as'powerful' persons performing wonders in the Name of God, but not knowing that they are assigning their souls to the evil one. They leave for their various destinations bearing testimonies and praising God when God had no part in this evil, since He is not evil. Attributing what is evil to God, who is holy, means only one thing, sinning against the Holy Spirit.

God, however, is still in the healing and deliverance business, and some of these crusades are genuine. How can one know which is of God and which is of Satan? They must pray to the Holy Spirit to be able to test which is of God (1 John 4: 1-3).

During the 2016 electioneering campaign, we heard the likes of Prophet Owusu-Bempah standing tall and prophesying that candidate Nana Addo and the New Patriotic party (NPP) would win the elections. And so it came to pass. However, in recent times, this same man of God has started prophesying that H.E. Nana Addo was going to lose the 2020 elections.

The God we serve sees into the future and would tell us in simple language what will happen to us when we take a certain step (1 Samuel 8:6-9).

So all good Christians would have expected God to tell Owusu-Bempah what would have happened to Ghana after we elected the NPP back into government. Within two years down the road, this man of God is telling us that God has given up on Ghana, all because the government has embarked on a hard road to economic progress and recovery. Playing it safe, I guess!

What happened to the forty difficult years the Jewish people endured from bondage to the Promised Land? What happened to the Way of the Cross of Jesus' Pain and Suffering to His Crown of Victory of the Resurrection? Why did God not see the suffering Ghanaians would have to go through within two years of an NPP regime, but rather encouraged us to vote for the party, because, as Owusu-Bempah claimed, its victory at the polls would resolve all problems we faced under the National Democratic Congress (NDC)? What kind of God do we serve, who will choose a path for us, only to turn round and tell us it was all a mistake?

Of course, the True Living Triune God we serve is the same today as He was yesterday, and will be the same tomorrow. He never changes, and will never change.

As it is, when some so-called men and women God strongly feel a political party will win the elections, strongly based on statistics around, they want us to believe that it is the Holy Spirit revealing something to them. So they come out strongly and speak out with confidence, claiming it as prophesy.

It is always like a situation of God not making up His mind when we hear this one or the other man or woman of God claiming this or the other candidate would win the elections. In truth, all of them have no prophesy from God, but are out there making good returns on the investment of gambling, and so if by chance the political party, they stuck their necks out for, wins the elections, they would reap big time and be paraded around as presidential men and women of God, giving directives on economic recoveries when, in fact, they know next to nothing about economics, administration, and governance.

The truth is that, yes, God ordained the NPP to win the elections, and God ordained that this country need to go through that painful route to transformation. This is what the likes of Prophet Owusu-Bempah do not know.

We have got to the era where all Christians must redeem the Good Image of Christ. We need to individually pray to the Holy Spirit to grant us the grace of discernment; the gift where we can identity right from wrong, and give us the grace of wisdom to make the right choices.

All Christians must also pray to God to send down His fiery angels to weed His vineyard off those fake and demonic labourers who are leading souls astray. There must be a spiritual crusade to expose fakes like Nigel Gaise who are only interested in the destruction of the soul, and the likes of Owusu-Bempah who only speaks his personal opinion and not of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 7:25). He has clearly stated which way he would go, when he said that the NPP will lose 2020. When this happens, Owusu-Bempah will become a presidential pastor and prophet again.

Such persons of God need to be exposed to bring sanity into Christianity, and it is only Christians who can, and must do, that. Let us reveal the True Christ in Christianity.
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Publication:Ghanaian Chronicle (Accra, Ghana)
Date:Dec 13, 2018
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