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All Students with Special Needs Saved from Florida School Bus Fire, Driver And Good Samaritan Recognized.

On the way home from school in Port Charlotte, Florida, on Aug. 23, a fire that started in a school bus engine quickly spread to the rest of the bus. Students were trapped in the bus that was filling with smoke and flames.

"I saw the gray smoke and thought it was just overheating, but then I heard a pop and the smoke turned black," said one witness to the Charlotte Sun.

Thankfully, the witness wanted to help along with the bus driver who moved swiftly into action. They got all 14 students with special needs off the bus.

Once seeing the smoke, the witness raced to help pull the kids off the bus through the emergency door before making his way inside a final time to carry out a student in a wheelchair.

"About 30 seconds to a minute after we got the kid out, the entire engine just burst into flames," the witness said.

The driver, Vincent Adamo, admitted the close call. "If we didn't do what we did, a couple of kids wouldn't be here today," he said.

As a way to thank the driver, the witness and others who helped, the community recognized them for their bravery.

The town commissioner handed out certificates of appreciation.

"The fact that they took him out of his wheelchair. They unstrapped him up and they carried him off that bus, I'm so grateful. So thankful," one mother said to WINK-TV news.

Adamo told the news station he was so relieved everyone made it out safely. "No injuries. They lost a couple of backpacks but, that can all be replaced. All the kids got off in time. No smoke inhalation, no burns. Everybody got out safe," he said.

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Title Annotation:Positive News
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Date:Nov 1, 2018
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