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All Round To Mrs Brown's/Match []; THE DIARY.

Byline: IAN HYLAND on the weekend's telly, with Ashleigh Rainbird

All Round To Mrs Brown's/Match Of The Day: Top 10, BBC1 ***

When the resting Match Of The Day was replaced by repeats of Mrs Brown's Boys some viewers claimed they couldn't think of anything worse.

Well, TV's a funny old game. One week later, BBC1 proved them wrong with a shocker of a Saturday night double bill.

Mrs Brown and the gang hosting a chat show from her fake living room, followed by Gary Lineker asking Alan Shearer and Ian Wright to play glorified Top Trumps from the comfort of - we were told - Lineker's actual kitchen. If ever there was an example of the way things are going to be for the foreseeable future, this was it.

So if you didn't catch Ant & Dec earlier in the evening proving it is possible to entertain millions from an empty studio, I suggest you download it and keep it safe for the next few months. I'll always be a big fan of Mrs Brown's Boys, the sitcom - although even I accept you only need to watch each episode once.

All Round To Mrs Brown's though? When it's good, it's hilarious. When it's bad, it's a really strong argument for permanent social distancing. And on Saturday it had hit bad even before they wheeled out the ancient Viagra/ Can he get it over the counter? gag.

As for Lineker's kitchen podcast, let's just say I still believe that BBC1 simply re-running classic Match Of The Day episodes would be a better use of everyone's time.

Unless they can get Gary Neville's Soccerbox in from Sky Sports on a free before the window shuts.

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Title Annotation:Features
Author:IAN HYLAND on the weekend's telly, with Ashleigh Rainbird
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 23, 2020
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