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All Prettied Up.

All Prettied Up

Elizabeth Blue

Naked Snake Publications

6 Rain Tree Lane Pawleys Island, SC 29585

ISSN 15457192 $5.00 30 pp.

All Prettied up is a gritty chapbook, written by rising author Elizabeth Blue, that ventures into the darkly bizarre. The three blood-soaked offerings, along with imaginative, haunting artwork, will leave you in a fashionable coat of goose bumps and shivers.

"Cemetery Dogs" serves up a nice, taut storyline of a man expected to pay penance for having a stranger's dogs frightened, and one shot. Just why does Terrence continue growing hair on his body, and finding himself in unfavorable surroundings at night? Vivid descriptions and a solid plot, make for a disturbing, yet captivating read.

In a more reptilian-like version of Cujo, "The River Snake" will have you squirming, screaming, and battling it out along with the main character Carson. After years of her remembering a story told by her grandfather, of a river snake that fed off little girls, her imagination comes back to bite her in the leg, or so to speak. When something slithers up her walkway, she finds reality is the stuff stories are made of.

The final story "Homer and Opaleen," is a no-holds-barred revenge story of sorts with a shocking twist. After forty years of marriage, a husband loathes his wife more and more. Even her cooking, the only thing that gave her a redeeming quality, wasn't worth the grief or aggravation. Somewhere between a carving knife, a pumpkin, and a collection of books, Opaleen is freed of her wifely duties.

All Prettied Up is an interesting collection of stories, each one unique and a thrill to get lost in. I would have liked a few more stories, but the chapbook is a comfortable length to peruse in one sitting. Of the three, I most enjoyed "Homer and Opaleen" for its creative ending. Elizabeth Blue has a refined talent of relating a story, which I hope continues for a long, long time.

Nancy Jackson, Reviewer
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Author:Jackson, Nancy
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
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Date:May 1, 2005
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