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All Judges are not like John Deed.

Byline: Rex Makin

THOUGH Judge John Deed is supposed to be a High Court Judge he does not behave like a conventional one.

The foibles of Judges are well known and we have a variety of them sitting in both the High Court and County Court. Some County Court Judges, otherwise Circuit Judges, think they are High Court Judges and some of the High Court Judges think they are Lord Justices.

In one episode, apart from his usual eccentricities, Judge Deed was sitting as a juror as Judges are now compelled to sit, and from the jury box behaved as if he was an Advocate cross examining a witness.

The series is now dead. I hope Judge Deed is not resurrected for a future series.

Most of our local Judges behave with decorum and propriety but there are one or two who sometimes make me gasp.

You will recall one wrote a blackguarded letter to the ECHO concerning me, without revealing his proper identity. Readers will recall that I published it some time later.

Incidentally, last week it was reported that detectives investigating the early release of Merseyside gangsters have been in Liverpool. They were released 10 months into an 18-year sentence for smuggling pounds 18m of heroin after a deal was done. The Home Secretary received a private letter from the trial Judge as far as the sentence was concerned.

FRANK McKenna seems to be very lucky in his patrons. The Northwest Regional Development Agency, a public quango which seems to have large amounts of money to distribute, has recently sponsored his private business Down Town Liverpool, to the extent of pounds 33,000.

Whether it paid for the condoms and vibrators which were in the goodie bags at one event, is not known but certainly Frank's private business seems to be doing extremely well with public sponsorship.

Deggsie, I understand now living in south Manchester, is understood to be one of Frank's close associates.

JOE Riley recounted that the "Cabinet" members of the city council, having decided to tell David Henshaw they could no longer work with him, never got round to doing it. What a pity.

Lucky David did not suffer the fate of Yosser "Gizza job" Hughes.

His appointment to a government position soon after he announced his long overdue retirement was remarkable. I wonder how he was approached or appointed and on what terms for a review of the CSA. Surely he must have known of the position before the city council agreed to his pay out.

At the CSA it is to be hoped that "Fathers for Justice" will not be as timorous as the councillors appear to have been.

TO Hong Kong for ping pong. This is a freebie to be undertaken by a 68-year-old Liverpool city councillor. May I suggest the match be played to the haunting music of "Bring on the Clowns" from Stephen Sondheim's memorable musical, "A Little Night Music", or in German, "Eine Kleine Nacht Musik."
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 17, 2006
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