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All Chinese journalists to be taught not to write in favor of Japan.

BEIJING, Oct. 20 Kyodo

China's Communist Party has begun ordering all Chinese journalists not to be supportive of Japan when writing about territorial and historical issues between the two countries, participants of an ongoing mandatory training program said Saturday.

About 250,000 journalists who work for Chinese media organizations need to attend the nationwide training program to learn about such topics as the Marxist view on journalism, laws and regulations and norms in news gathering and editing.

The unified program started in mid-October and will run through the end of this year.

In addition to Japan, instructors of the program taught them that the United States is "trying to undermine our country" and criticized the Philippines and Vietnam, which have territorial disputes with China, the participants said.

They were also told to reject the ideas of democracy and human rights, saying that these values claimed by "the West as universal are targeting China's Communist Party."

But a group of instructors organized by the party praised Russian President Vladimir Putin, as the Chinese leadership has been trying to promote images of its close relations with him, according to the participants.

After taking the training program, Chinese journalists are required to pass an exam, expected to take place between January and February, to obtain press cards.

It is believed to be the first time the Chinese ruling party, which tightly controls the country's media industry, has carried out this kind of training program before the renewal of press accreditation.

On Japan, the instructors denounced Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's "right-leaning" policies and urged reporting staff with newspapers, news agencies, broadcasters and online media not to write concessionary comments regarding China's claims over a set of tiny islands in the East China Sea, the participants said.

But at the same time they warned the participating journalists not to side with too-belligerent positions against Japan.

The Japan-controlled Senkaku Islands, known as Diaoyu in Chinese, are at the center of a bitter dispute between the two countries.
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Publication:Asian Political News
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Date:Oct 21, 2013
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