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All BNCOC graduates now get 40 promotion points.

Soldiers who successfully completed the Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course (BNCOC) are now awarded 40 promotion points, effective August 1, 2002.

Soldiers will no longer receive four promotion points for each week of BNCOC. This change reduces administrative mistakes and levels the playing field for BNCOC graduates with similar military occupational specialties (MOSs).

Under the previous system, when soldiers completed both phases of BNCOC---common-core and MOS-specific--they submitted two forms of the Department of the Army 1059 to their Personnel Support Branch for points. Then the PSB clerk decided how many points a soldier got. For example, if phase one was five weeks and three days and phase two was two weeks and two days, one clerk might give 32 points for eight weeks, while another might give 28 points for seven weeks. Implementing a 40-point standard means there is no room for interpretation.

Some soldiers may have the perception that they are going to lose points because their particular BNCOC is longer than 10 weeks, but that is not tree. The point system applies to every soldier in the MOS, and the cut-off score reflects that. Soldiers will still be competing against others in their MOS, and everyone in that MOS will have 40 points.

The soldiers most affected are those who are in MOSs that have merged, such as some in the medical field, and others that are planned to merge under the implementation of ADS XXI initiatives. The latter implementation was designed to consolidate MOSs with similar functions. Last year several medical skills were combined under the 91W umbrella. After the merger, some soldiers had promotion points based on a 12-week BNCOC class while others had points based on an eight-week course. Other potential mergers include Personnel Administrative Specialists (75B) and Personnel Services Specialists (75H) who would be redesignated 42A.

Merging light-wheel vehicle mechanics (63S) and wheel-vehicle repairers (63W) has been proposed. While the wheel-vehicle repairers would lose 43 points if the merger goes through, each of the soldiers--who would be competing with one another for promotion-would receive the same number of promotion points for BNCOC completion. This would eliminate inequities based solely on their BNCOC length. With BNCOC being treated as an equal element, similar MOSs are merged, and no one is at a disadvantage.

In July 2002 all personnel support battalions began converting the BNCOC points and adjusting promotion points. Soldiers will not have to do anything.
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