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All's Fairlife ...

Got better milk?

Fairlife Fat Free Ultra-Filtered Milk has 50 percent more protein and 30 percent more calcium than ordinary fat-free milk.

The secret? As Fairlife's website explains, "the water, minerals, lactose, protein and fat in milk have five different sizes, which allows us to catch them in filters, concentrating the best nutrients and filtering away the rest."

Translation: Fairlife takes milk apart, then puts it back together ... but with a difference.

Out goes 65 percent of the lactose (milk sugar). (To make the milk lactose-free, the company adds the enzyme lactase, which breaks the lactose down into two other sugars: glucose and galactose.) In go more protein and calcium.

So while a cup of Fairlife Fat Free has the same 80 calories as a cup of ordinary fat-free milk, it delivers 13 grams of protein (vs. 8 grams) and 40 percent of a day's calcium (vs. 30 percent).

And Fairlife Fat Free is closer in taste to regular low-fat 1% milk.

Bonus: because Fairlife is pasteurized at a higher temperature than most other milks, it has a longer (unopened) shelf life.

And because Fairlife has a partnership with Coca-Cola, you can find it almost anywhere.

The average retail price for Fairlife is $3.99 for 52 fl. oz. With soft-drink sales plummeting, poor Coke could use a money maker. 548-3324

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Title Annotation:RIGHT STUFF; Fairlife Fat Free Ultra-Filtered Milk
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Date:Mar 1, 2016
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