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NC500 - Applecross to decide whether to pull out of driving route promotion; Residents of the Applecross peninsula in the north west Highlands are set to have their say on whether to pull out of promotion for the North Coast 500 driving route. Jun 15, 2021 647
Man smashes record after walking 500 miles - but has to walk 16 more after ferry cancelled; A man who set a new record for walking the 500-mile length of Scotland had to walk another 16 - after his ferry was cancelled. Jun 13, 2021 570
Cowpats are the new hot talk on the cryptocurrency scene; There is a hard-to-shift stink around cryptocurrency given the vast amounts of electricity needed by the supercomputers that "mine" the digital currency and audit transactions every nanosecond of every day, the world over. Jun 11, 2021 305
Prof Hilary Critchley: Periods are an amazing natural physiological event - let's talk about them; When I started medical school in 1975, periods were taboo and understudied. It is deeply concerning that this remains the case four decades later - we must break the continuing shame and embarrassment. Jun 8, 2021 596
Let's be bold unlocking Scotlands land - and build forward better - Rob Gibson; The ambition of Scots was pinpointed by Mike Russell, retiring MSP for Argyll and Bute and long serving Cabinet Secretary, in his final speech to the Scottish Parliament. Jun 8, 2021 996
The Scottish town that was the 'whisky capital of the world'; There were once almost 30 distilleries in the small town on the west coast which became known as 'the whisky capital of the world'. Jun 7, 2021 669
The new principal of a Scottish university working from home - in Australia; It is around 6pm for Todd Walker, but he comes onto a video call and says "good morning". Jun 5, 2021 650
North Coast 500: Tourists urged to head off the beaten track; Motorists heading to the North Coast 500 this summer are being urged to slow down, head off the beaten track and spend longer exploring the area around the popular driving route. Jun 5, 2021 618
Ancient tsunami would 'wipe out' Scottish coastal town if it struck today; A North East town would be completely wiped out if a tsunami that occured more than 8,000 years ago happened again today. Jun 4, 2021 608
Scotland's cleanest - and dirtiest - beaches revealed; Scotland's cleanest beach for bathing has been identified - as well as the waters that you might think twice about diving into. Jun 3, 2021 602
16th Century 'treasure' text in Gaelic, Scots and Latin bought for the nation; A prized 16th Century manuscript written in Scots, Latin and Gaelic has been bought for the nation. Jun 3, 2021 620
Staycations: More low-cost motorhome stops to open up in Highlands amid surge in demand; A network of low-cost stopping places for motorhomes will be set up in the Highlands to cope with the rising demand for staycations. Jun 3, 2021 576
Highland Pictish Trail to uncover history of enigmatic people of the north; A new tourist trail will help piece together the enigmas of Pictish life in the far north this summer. Jun 2, 2021 346
Fury over dirty camping in Scotland: 'She said she was away for a poo on the beach'; They came, they holidayed, they left a poo on the beach. Jun 1, 2021 623
Sir Walter Scott: Errors to be written out of poems in [pounds sterling]1m project; A [pounds sterling]1 million project will erase mistakes from the poems of Sir Walter Scott made during the printing process given the author's hard-to-read handwriting and the speed at which the work was published at the height of his popularity. Jun 1, 2021 582
Scotland's forgotten girl bands making noise once more; They got up, made some noise, did things their way - and then in many cases just faded away. May 30, 2021 720
Fancy spending summer on an uninhabited Scottish island? Powerboat included; It sits among a scattering of islands in the mouth of Loch Broom and on a summer's night there may be nowhere more perfect to be. May 29, 2021 597
The modern Scots words set to enter the dictionary revealed; Editors have shared the modern everyday words that are set to be included in the updated Scots language dictionary. May 27, 2021 618
Photographs of residents of small Scottish island set for national collection; A candid and deeply personal set of images taken of islanders on Eigg are set to make their way into the national collection. May 15, 2021 744
Galloway Hoard: A "hugely important moment" hailed as Viking treasures unlocked for nation; The country's finest collection of Viking treasure will finally go on show later this month in what has been hailed as a "hugely important moment" for National Museum of Scotland. May 14, 2021 659
Scotland's 250,000 fossils that hold the key to life on earth brought together for first time; Scotland's museum collection of 250,000 fossils which tell the story of how life on earth was developed have been documented in one place for the first time. May 14, 2021 573
Rediscover Scotland: Hidden gems of Angus revealed as lockdown retreats inspire travel campaign; From sandy beaches to rolling hills, great cycling routes, deep history and good gin, there is no doubt Angus has plenty to offer. May 13, 2021 713
Tomb of the Eagles: Future of celebrate ancient burial site on Orkney in doubt after closure; It was where bones of around 300 different people were placed around 5,000 years ago, with the remains of several sea eagles later left at the site. May 12, 2021 623
Bob Marley: Reggae king's only Scottish gig remembered on 40th anniversary of his death; Bob Marley only played one gig in Scotland and, for those who were there, it was a night never to be forgotten as the Jamaican poured absolute heart, soul and spiritual energy into the performance. May 11, 2021 524
Scottish Election 2021 results: What next for Alex Salmond after failure of Alba at the ballot box? Alex Salmond claims he is not tired, but a face mask only covers so much and eyebags never lie. May 9, 2021 1043
Scotland's illegal whisky making mapped as archaeologists search for illicit stills in the hills; The scale of illegal whisky making up until the 19th Century has been revealed as archaeologist take to the hills in search of illicit stills embedded deep in the landscape. May 9, 2021 538
Scottish Election 2021 results: SNP fails to gain Aberdeenshire West in majority blow; Conservatives candidate Alexander Burnett has described being targeted by social media abuse as "disgraceful" after holding on to the marginal seat of Aberdeenshire West in a significant blow to the hopes of an outright SNP majority. May 8, 2021 394
Scottish Election 2021: SNP hold Aberdeen Donside after former MSP steps down following sex harassment claim; SNP held firm in Aberdeen Donside with Jackie Dunbar winning the seat after her predecessor Mark McDonald stepped down amid an allegation of sexual harassment. May 7, 2021 581
Scottish Election 2021 results: SNP hold Banffshire and Buchan Coast, but majority slashed to just 772 amid Tory vote surge; SNP held onto its stronghold of Banffshire and Buchan Coast, but a surge in Tory votes in the North East fishing communities slashed its majority to just 772 votes. May 7, 2021 609
Scottish Election 2021 results: Alex Salmond cuts lonely figure with clipboard in hand; Alex Salmond cut a bit of a lonely figure at the Aberdeen count - and it seemed it was more than social distancing at play. May 7, 2021 357
Scottish Election 2021 results: Alex Salmond may not lead Alba after election following poor show at ballot box; Alex Salmond has said he is undecided whether he will stand for Alba Party leadership following the election amid a poor return at the polls for the party. May 7, 2021 550
275th anniversary of Jacobite declaration that vowed to fight on after Culloden is marked; The 275th anniversary of the Jacobite declaration that vowed to fight on after Culloden has been marked with a tribute to a charasmatic solider and poet of the 1745 rising. May 6, 2021 603
Beltane: When May fires burned for three days on a Scottish island for luck; The fires burned for the first three days on Shetland in hope that crops would grow well that year. May 1, 2021 630
Covid-19 surge in Scottish town leads to 'perfect storm' infection warning for May Day weekend; A surge of Covid-19 cases in the Moray area has led health chiefs to warn of a "perfect storm" for further spread in infections given the May Day weekend and the easing of lockdown. Apr 29, 2021 604
Hidden letter of Bonnie Prince Charlie reveals 'idiot' jibe against rising's top commander; A letter written by Bonnie Prince Charlie in which he describes his top military commander and strategist as an "idiot" has emerged. Apr 28, 2021 641
Scots geologist on the map after part of Antarctic named after him; A Scots geologist has followed in the footsteps of Captain James Cook in having a section of the Antarctic named after him. Apr 28, 2021 465
No stopping order on A82 to combat tailbacks caused by tourist photographs on scenic road through Glencoe; It's a road of many a hastily stopped car as the stunning scenery swings into view. Apr 27, 2021 617
Ancient settlement 'older than Skara Brae' emerges on Orkney; Remains of an ancient settlement in Orkney which is thought to pre-date Skara Brae by hundreds of years have emerged. Apr 26, 2021 623
Carbisdale Castle in Highlands, former war time bolthole for royal, goes up for sale for [pounds sterling]1.5 million; A Highland castle that served as a bolthole for a king during World War Two and was then one of Scotland's grandest youth hostels has gone on the market. Apr 26, 2021 665
Scotland's showpeople and a way of life painfully on hold; The Showpeople shouldn't be here at this time of year. Apr 24, 2021 1226
Gregory's Girl: the sweet teenage love story set in Scottish new town turns 40; Gregory's Girl, the enchanting teenage romance that sits deep in the national memory, turns 40 today. Apr 23, 2021 1063
Potter's fingerprint left behind on 5,000-year-old piece of clay in 'poignant' Orkney discovery; A potter's fingerprint left behind on a vessel made some 5,000 years ago has been found in Orkney with a "poignant connection" to the ancient past made. Apr 23, 2021 618
Molly Forbes: Pensioner who took on Donald Trump over Aberdeenshire golf course dies aged 96; A woman who battled Donald Trump as her home became surrounded by his Aberdeenshire golf course has died aged 96. Apr 21, 2021 643
Runrig legend Donnie Munro creates new mural in the heart of Portree; Runrig legend Donnie Munro turned street artist to paint a bold new mural in the heart of Portree. Apr 20, 2021 607
60ft sculpture by leading light in public art 'saved' from demolition; A large-scale piece of public art by one of Scotland's foremost artists in the field appears to have been saved from demolition. Apr 20, 2021 610
The mystery of the 150 Jacobite prisoners freed on a Caribbean island; The prisoners included Alexander Brownlee, 20, a watchmaker from Edinburgh and Joseph Brown, 16, a tailor from Banff. Apr 18, 2021 1103
Secrets of Culloden Battlefield revealed in most detailed map of moor in history; A new map of Culloden Battlefield has unlocked new insight on the landscape where soldiers clashed 275 years ago. Apr 17, 2021 651
Bonnie Prince Charlie: My flawed ancestor who 'tried his absolute hardest' for Scotland; A direct descendant of Prince Charles Edward Stuart claimed his forefather "tried his absolute hardest" to help Scotland after Culloden and slipped into desperate alcoholism given his failure to convince European powers to support Highlanders in the wake of the doomed rising. Apr 16, 2021 1088
'Is nothing sacred?' - Calls for legal protection of Culloden on 275th anniversary of battle; By Raoul Curtis-Machin, Operations Manager at Culloden Battlefield. Apr 16, 2021 643
Culloden 275: 'Protect our battlefields in the same way as castles and stone circles'; They were where history twisted and turned and men lost their lives as the nation both fought for itself and defended against others. Apr 16, 2021 595
Bridge to Lord of the Isles powerbase moves closer with [pounds sterling]10,000 surprise donation; It was where powerful figures of an ancient ruling dynasty - from clan chiefs to bishops, abbots and lords - met to hold their medieval parliaments. Apr 12, 2021 641
Nation asked to give up its stash of Paisley Pattern; The search is on for the nation's stash of Paisley Pattern in a celebration of the design that helped create fortune in the Scottish town that gave it its name. Apr 11, 2021 636
'Everybody around here admired the Duke' tributes to Prince Philip on Deeside; In the woods behind Balmoral, the Duke of Edinburgh could sometimes be found lighting a barbeque in a pleasing act of ordinariness in the gorgeous fresh air of Deeside. Apr 10, 2021 1066
Gordonstoun will 'sorely miss' the fun Duke who loved and supported the school; Gordonstoun School has remembered the Duke of Edinburgh as an "immensely strong character with a unique sense of fun" who would be sorely missed. Apr 10, 2021 617
Adventurer shares his Scottish staycation secrets to inspire us post-lockdown; Adventurer Ramsay MacMahon has long-favoured the Scottish staycation for the ultimate holiday experience and here he shares some of his favourite trips as post-lockdown travel beckons. Apr 8, 2021 1118
National Unicorn Day: Scotland's national animal toasted at mighty Stirling Castle; The shy, magical beast that became Scotland's national animal in the late 1300s will be celebrated today with National Unicorn Day. Apr 8, 2021 610
8 Scottish islands you might not have heard of; From an island that had its own Queen to one that has become a centre of climate change protest, each of Scotland's islands has a unique story to tell. Apr 8, 2021 1147
Scotland's largest heritage project underway at 'Culzean of the East'; Work has begun on creating the 'Culzean of the east' as National Trust for Scotland's embarks on its biggest project of 2021. Apr 6, 2021 627
Tunnel plan for Benbecula to Skye like a 'magic carpet' for islands; A tunnel connecting the island of Benbecula to Skye and the mainland would help serve as a "magic carpet" across the islands, it has been claimed. Apr 5, 2021 568
The Highland bothy that tells the story of an abandoned place and its people; Amid the ruins of this Highland settlement by the sea, where a line of cottages crumbles and slowly disappears from view, there is one bothy that stands firm. Apr 4, 2021 1088
Rediscover Scotland : Our Summer campaign to make our country great again after lockdown; It's been a long time coming - but soon we will be able to sample all that is great about Scotland again. Apr 2, 2021 969
Bothies lock their doors and charge for stays amid surge in visitors, stag parties and publicity; For those in the know, bothies have provided shetler and often a warm glow of company in some of Scotland's wildest spots. Apr 1, 2021 631
The Scot on the shadowy trail of Ernest Hemingway in London; A Scots academic is to crack open the shadowy world that circled writer Ernest Hemingway as he bedded down in London during World War Two. Mar 30, 2021 599
Heritage bosses fury as famous Pineapple-shaped building 'at risk' from 88 new houses; Tranquility at The Pineapple 'at risk' from 88 new houses. Mar 29, 2021 632
Community 'achieves the impossible' and buys land from Duke of Buccleuch; A community has "achieved the impossible" and bought over a large piece of land from one of Scotland's biggest landowners. Mar 29, 2021 598
Plea for walkers to stay away from Scotland's bothies at Easter; Walkers have been urged to stay away from Scotland's network of bothies as Easter weekend approaches. Mar 28, 2021 342
The pioneering female birdwatchers who became a rare species in the field; As early 20th Century women with a passion for ornithology - who disappeared for long spells equipped with their specimen jars and shotguns - Evelyn Baxter and Dr Leonora Rintoul were a rare species in the field. Mar 26, 2021 625
Campaign launched to save castle with Jacobite links; A campaign has been launched to stop a castle with Jacobite links being sold off and turned into offices, a hotel or housing. Mar 26, 2021 626
Smoking in Scotland 15 years after ban; FIFTEEN years ago today, the nation packed away their cigarettes and lighters in public places as Scotland's smoking ban came in. Mar 26, 2021 1004
Massive ancient ceremonial site 'on par with Salisbury Plain' discovered in Scotland; A massive ceremonial site where people gathered almost 6,000 years ago is believed to have been discovery in the south west of Scotland. Mar 26, 2021 635
Antonine Wall metal detectorists sought by police; Metal detectorists are being sought by police after land was damaged close to the Antonine Wall. Mar 26, 2021 426
Scots university agrees to return looted Benin bronze to Nigeria; A Scots university is to return a Benin bronze sculpture looted by British soldiers in the 19th Century to Nigeria. Mar 25, 2021 662
"My great-great grandmother was a slave on a Scot's sugar plantation"; A woman has spoken of her "'anger, sadness and emptiness" after discovering that her great-great grandmother was a slave on a sugar plantation owned by a Scot. Mar 25, 2021 619
500-year-old handwritten fragment of poem by Scots literary great is discovered; A 500-year-old handwritten fragment of a poem by one of Scotland's greatest literary figures has been discovered. Mar 24, 2021 591
Archaeologists re-writing the history of the Picts are honoured; A team of archaeologists who are shedding new light on the life, culture and society of the Picts have been honoured. Mar 23, 2021 615
Scots explorer David Livingstone 'decolonised' to reflect Africans who helped build his legacy; The story of revered Scots explorer David Livingstone is being 'decolonised' to reflect the Africans who helped shape his powerful legacy. Mar 20, 2021 579
Skye, The Scottish island that embraced the rave; It's an island laced with myths, tradition and divine scenery - as well as its very own clubbing scene. Mar 20, 2021 1182
George Galloway suspends election campaign as police investigate death threat claims; Former MP George Galloway has suspended his election campaign as police investigate alleged death threats against him. Mar 20, 2021 300
Revealed: Details of massive Pictish-era feast in Orkney; They came, they partied - they eat more than 18,000 pieces of shellfish. Mar 17, 2021 632
How to get your own Scottish island for the same price as a London garage; A Scottish island has gone on the market - for the price of a London car parking space. Mar 16, 2021 578
Tales of the Scots who faced the wrath of the Kirk come to life as one million records go online; The stories of Scots who faced the wrath of the church in Scotland - from those drunk on the Sabbath to unmarried mums and those accused of witchcraft - are being brought to life after hundreds of years. Mar 16, 2021 560
Check in at the Grand Central Hotel: From politicians to rock gods and pure Hollywood gold; When the great and the good checked into Glasgow, for decades they usually checked in to the Grand Central Hotel. Mar 15, 2021 779
Historian claims blanket pardon for Scotland's witches a "dishonest gesture"; A historian has described a call to pardon thousands of people convicted of witchcraft in Scotland as a "dishonest gesture" that was trying to re-write the past. Mar 14, 2021 629
The hard lessons of the Spanish Flu in Scotland and the terrors of a virus aided by silence; IT remains the worst ever health crisis to hit Scotland. At the very least, 22,000 Scots were killed by a virus that left people to turn dark blue and delirious in their final hours - yet no one spoke about it for decades. Mar 13, 2021 2247
Meet Katie, the real-life mermaid of the Outer Hebrides; She dips and dives in the crystal blue waters that surround the islands, bobs with seals and fearlessly crashes through the swell as a storm sets in. Mar 10, 2021 679
Medieval skull removed from Edinburgh auction given concerns over sale of human remains; A Medieval skull was removed from an Edinburgh auction after antiquarians raised concerns about the sale of human remains. Mar 9, 2021 555
Breakthrough on 10,500-year-old hazelnut shell illuminates ancient life in Scotland; A tiny piece of hazelnut found in the south of Scotland may have been collected by hunter gatherers some 10,500 years ago. Mar 8, 2021 597
No Gaelic translation for Catholic sex education in Western Isles; Sex education resources which have been written by the Catholic Church and commended by council leaders in the Western Isles won't be translated into Gaelic for pupils, it has emerged. Mar 7, 2021 431
Buddhists up in arms as military-grade shooting range sets up near monastery; The deep peace of Buddhists living at a world-famous monastery in the south west of Scotland has been shattered by gunfire from a military-grade shooting range which has set up nearby. Mar 5, 2021 671
From the humble to the haughty - a history of the Highlands in clothes; It features handwoven socks sold to stave off famine to a silk ballgown decorated with beetle wings and a thick waistcoat said to have been worn by Bonnie Prince Charlie. Mar 4, 2021 714
When 'Jack the Ripper' visited Skye and other odd tales from lost island newspaper; From tales of sea monsters on Skye to when islanders accused a visitor of being Jack the Ripper, there are few column inches more colourfully filled than those of The Clarion. Column Feb 20, 2021 677
Skye woman 'murdered' for being a witch 20 years after persecution outlawed; A powerful clan figure was accused of binding and burning a woman to death after accusing her of being a witch - some 20 years after the persecution was outlawed in Scotland. Feb 19, 2021 624
Mystery of prehistoric skeleton found by farmer close to Skara Brae on Orkney; A well-preserved skeleton which could be more than 4,000 years old has been found by a farmer close to Skara Brae on Orkney. Feb 19, 2021 637
Schoolboy memories of monkey and guinea pig experiments off Scottish island recalled; Schoolboy memories of biological experiments conducted on monkeys and guinea pigs on a floating laboratory moored off the Isle of Lewis almost 70 years ago have been recalled. Feb 17, 2021 1043
New book revisits secret plague experiments on guinea pigs and monkeys off a Scottish island; Top secret biological experiments conducted in a floating laboratory moored off the Isle of Lewis - and the "myths and whispers" that followed - have inspired a new novel. Feb 16, 2021 645
Africanus Horton: The Edinburgh-trained medic who could take over David Hume Tower; Africanus Horton was the first African to graduate from Edinburgh University. A medical doctor who later became a banker, a political writer and a powerful early advocate of African nationalism, Horton also has a crater on planet Mercury named after him. Feb 15, 2021 624
Edinburgh University launches review of buildings linked to racism and slavery; Edinburgh University is to examine links between its buildings and slavery with some properties potentially to be renamed. Feb 15, 2021 606
When electricity came to the last homes in the Scottish Highlands; It changed lives - and the landscape of the north too. Feb 14, 2021 694
Nightclubbing: The eerie photos of an abandoned Scottish superclub; The club used to heave with 2,000 people a night - and then the music stopped. Feb 12, 2021 729
Six rules of love from Scotland through time; Love is a mysterious game, no doubt, so why not take inspiration from how it has been played through time in Scotland? From sex customs, to women's legal rights and getting married for a year and a day. Feb 12, 2021 965

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