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Alima Cosmetics Meets Highest Global Standard for Purity and Safety.

Alima Brand Makeup to Carry Prestigious "Certified Natural Cosmetics" Seal

PORTLAND, Ore. -- One of the strictest standards organizations in the world has recognized Alima Cosmetics for the purity and safety of its ingredients, giving the company approval to add the prestigious BDIH "Certified Natural Cosmetics Seal" to its line of 240 mineral makeup products. The seal is a well recognized indicator of authentically natural cosmetics in Europe and increases opportunities for international expansion.

Alima is the second American company to earn the "Certified Natural Cosmetics" seal, which it sought as an extension of its values, including a commitment to pure, natural, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly products. The BDIH seal ensures that certified products contain only the purest, safest natural ingredients and are produced and packaged in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

"In the U.S., neither the Food and Drug Administration nor the beauty industry has agreed upon a definition for the term 'natural,' so companies can use it to mean anything - or nothing," said Kate O'Brien, founder of Alima Cosmetics. "For this reason, it made sense for us to seek European certification of Alima products. The BDIH seal is an easy way for consumers to know that the products they're using are safe and meet a strict set of natural ingredient guidelines."

Established in 1996 by the Federation of German Industries and Trading Firms, the BDIH ( certifies pharmaceuticals, health care goods, dietary supplements and personal hygiene products across the European Union. The rigorous BDIH guidelines go beyond the European Union Cosmetics Directive, which has currently banned more than 1000 chemicals considered unsafe for the use in cosmetics. In contrast, the FDA has banned 10.

"The cosmetics industry is on the verge of a major shift as consumers become increasingly aware of the unnecessary chemicals, additives and allergens in traditional makeup and even many 'natural' or 'mineral' cosmetics," said O'Brien. "We sourced special European-grade ingredients that are naturally gorgeous, feel silky and luxurious on the skin and are extremely pure. We didn't have to change a thing about our beautiful products to earn BDIH certification and assure our customers we're living up to the highest standard."

To reflect the BDIH certification, Alima Cosmetics will introduce a brand redesign and new packaging featuring the "Certified Natural Cosmetics" seal in the fall of 2007. BDIH certified products, available at, will be sold in current packaging through the summer.

About Alima Cosmetics

Alima Cosmetics, Inc., began in Portland, Ore. in 2004 and today ships to all 50 states and internationally to more than 25 countries. The Alima Cosmetics product line is created with luxurious mineral pigments that provide subtle reflective properties, sun protection, anti-inflammatory benefits and beautiful, natural color. Alima brand products are available online at, are entirely additive- and allergen-free and safe for even the most sensitive skin.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 24, 2007
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