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BI to arrest and deport aliens joining anti-SONA rallies. Jul 17, 2019 267
A discoloured rainbow. Serumaga, Kalundi Column May 1, 2019 1392
140,000 foreigners reported to BI for annual report of aliens. Mar 24, 2019 290
Five Unanswered Questions from Trump v. Hawaii. Blackman, Josh Mar 22, 2019 6417
Identifying Limits to Immigration Detention Transfers and Venue. Pon, Adrienne Mar 1, 2019 20143
Strangers, Aliens, Foreigners: The Politics of Othering from Migrants to Corporations. Book review Feb 1, 2019 146
Trump eyeing executive order to end citizenship for children born in U.S. to noncitizens. Oct 30, 2018 903
FBAR Filing for Non-U.S. Citizens. Lin, Wilda Column Oct 1, 2018 955
Dams on Indus, citizenship to aliens detrimental to Sindh's interests: STP. Sep 30, 2018 584
"I am humanity": Posthumanism and Embodiment in Rick Yancey's The 5th Wave Series. Schmeink, Lars Critical essay Sep 22, 2018 10734
Noncitizens In US Deserve Pathway To Citizenship, Not Ability To Vote. Aug 2, 2018 769
CONSTITUTIONAL LAW - Case-By-Case Test Applies to Determine Whether Mandatory Detention Violates Due Process Rights - Sopo v. United States AG. Dimauro, Michael Case note Jun 22, 2018 8573
ADMINISTRATIVE LAW - Freedom of Information Act: Ban on Releasing Names of Foreigners Trained by United States Military - Cameranesi v. United States Dep't of Defense. Hannoush, Andro Case note Jun 22, 2018 11279
PERSONAL JURISDICTION AND ALIENS. Dodge, William S.; Dodson, Scott May 1, 2018 23136
Who am I? A Case Study of a Foreigner's Identity in China as Presented via WeChat Moments. Ju, Bei; Sandel, Todd L. Case study Apr 1, 2018 7767
Conviction nixed over bad deportation advice. Chaney, Matt Mar 14, 2018 582
Chevron Meets the Categorical Approach. Grammel, Shannon M. Mar 1, 2018 26114
Searching a trillion stars for ET: how helped shrink the possibility that really advanced aliens are broadcasting far and wide. Gray, Robert H. Aug 17, 2017 1572
Departing aliens and the sailing permit. Fava, Karl L. Jul 1, 2017 2444
IMMIGRATION LAW--Leap of Faith: How an Alien's Timely Reentry into the United States Thwarted His Prosecution. Passafaro, Thomas E. Case note Jun 22, 2017 11029
Coming to America? Time to seek international tax advice! Hadjilogiou, Steven; Patel, Pratiksha R.; Bruno, Michael J. Feb 1, 2017 5478
More than 50,000 foreigners account for aliens in the PH-BI. Jan 31, 2017 479
Resident foreigners in South Korea and Japan: a comparative policy analysis. Hwang, Jung-Mee Essay Oct 1, 2016 9541
Foreign trusts and U.S. tax implications. Rokahr, Alice; Cockburn, Maggie Sep 22, 2016 6041
Boumediene vs. Verdugo-Urquidez: the battle for control over extraterritoriality at the southwestern border. Rotstein, Netta Jul 1, 2016 15356
All about aliens. Letter to the editor Jun 25, 2016 277
Crackdown against aliens. May 27, 2016 163
Why you treat me so bad? On why foreigners can get away with murder in Ghana. Ojanie, Akua Essay May 1, 2016 854
Immigration agents hunt wanted aliens. Apr 18, 2016 173
Tax planning for high-net-worth individuals immigrating to the United States. Garcia, Rolando Apr 1, 2016 2106
The aliens have landed... again. Feb 12, 2016 355
The aliens have landed... again; Games. Feb 12, 2016 359
Terrorists are humanity's aliens. Jan 8, 2016 1484
OF HOPIS AND HEPTAPODS: THE RETURN OF SAPIR--WHORF. Engle, John Critical essay Jan 1, 2016 2090
Wanted: Competent Foreigners To Work For Ukrainian Government. Oct 27, 2015 1481
Police want just 1% of expats. Aug 28, 2015 391
Ocular filariasis in US residents, returning travelers, and expatriates. Diaz, James H. Report Jul 1, 2015 3301
Do something, President Zuma. Ankomah, Baffour Column May 1, 2015 1231
Post-Windsor prospects for morals legislation: the case of polygamous immigrants. Amgott, Jonathan E. Mar 22, 2015 18983
What DNA can and cannot say: perspectives of immigrant families about the use of genetic testing in immigration. Barata, Llilda P.; Starks, Helene; Kelley, Maureen; Kuszler, Patricia; Burke, Wylie Mar 22, 2015 17927
WOOKIEPEDIA; Bid to beam web encyclopedia into space in search for aliens. Feb 9, 2015 175
Noncitizens voting? It's only fair. Dec 28, 2014 857
Time-travelling aliens Time-travelling aliens land in Khadim's comic land in Khadim's comic. Nov 1, 2014 420
Sheriffs balk at detention policy; Omama wants noncitizens held longer. Medina, Jennifer Jul 6, 2014 479
Antiretroviral treatment outcomes among foreign-born and aboriginal peoples living with HIV/AIDS in northern Alberta. Lefebvre, Megan E.; Hughes, Christine A.; Yasui, Yutaka; Saunders, L. Duncan; Houston, Stan Report Jul 1, 2014 5211
Color-blind racism in France: bias against ethnic minority immigrants. Ware, Leland Jun 22, 2014 7189
Color-blind racism in France: bias against ethnic minority immigrants. Ware, Leland Jun 22, 2014 14530
Charity at home: Gallup poll says N.H. among most charitable states in the U.S. Callahan, Kathleen May 30, 2014 347
Scientist claims humans will find aliens by 2040. May 22, 2014 111
Noncitizens under age 35:2010-2012. Mar 24, 2014 149
'God of all aliens' spiritual healer claims to be Wenger's wife in 15th century! Mar 23, 2014 192
Two myths about the Alien Tort Statute. Bellia, Anthony J., Jr.; Clark, Bradford R. Mar 1, 2014 18440
The three lives of the Alien Tort Statute: the evolving role of the judiciary in U.S. foreign relations. Lee, Thomas H. Mar 1, 2014 13916
Suing Americans for human rights torts overseas: the supreme court leaves the door open. Cassel, Doug Mar 1, 2014 20042
Humanity will detect aliens by 2040, researcher says. Feb 12, 2014 208
Humans will find aliens by 2040, claims scientist. Feb 11, 2014 112
Withholding rules for U.S. citizens and resident aliens working for a U.S. employer in a foreign country. Gorman, Mary C. Jan 1, 2014 849
Kenyan police arrest 35 aliens in northern region. Dec 20, 2013 227
Remembering the victims of tragedy on the Arandora Star; In June 1940, Benito Mussolini declared war on Britain and France. Overnight, all Italians living in the UK were declared 'enemy aliens'. What followed a month later was a tragedy which saw 700 men killed. Journalist and author Natalie Dye, whose family were victims of the tragedy, believes her new novel is the first to be based on the incident. Rachael Misstear reports. Dec 3, 2013 827
Armageddon films FAQ; all that's left to know about zombies, contagions, aliens, and the end of the world as we know it. Book review Dec 1, 2013 173
Model immigrants and undesirable aliens; the cost of immigration reform in the 1990s. Book review Dec 1, 2013 112
Area 51 revealed! Aircraft, not aliens. Suderman, Peter Brief article Dec 1, 2013 203
44 pc people convinced of that aliens' existence. Nov 18, 2013 140
Overstaying aliens rounded up, face deportation. Nov 6, 2013 125
13,852 aliens succeed in getting NADRA cards. Oct 23, 2013 298
Foreign citizen denied refund of erroneously withheld taxes. Beavers, James A. Oct 1, 2013 1012
Commissioner chairs moot for implementing court orders about aliens. Sep 17, 2013 133
I intend to only do movies that I get a kick out of; Guillermo del Toro may be heading towards his half-century, but making a film about robots and aliens has given him a second childhood. SHEREEN LOW meets the Mexican director with big ideas. Jul 14, 2013 961
I intend to only do movies that I get a kick out of; THE BIG INTERVIEW Guillermo del Toro may be heading towards his half-century, but making a film about robots and aliens has given him a second childhood. SHEREEN LOW meets the Mexican director with big ideas. Jul 14, 2013 961
Ex-Knicks basketball player claims 'half-human' aliens abducted him in steel spaceship! Jul 13, 2013 171
When is a merits review tribunal functus officio? Tyle, Portia Case note Jul 1, 2013 3431
Defining "attributable to" under sec. 897(g). fine, Ilene W. Jul 1, 2013 1318
Interplay of withholding obligations on partnership's disposition of U.S. real property. Breen, Jennifer E.; Bak, Jacqueline Jul 1, 2013 1012
Xenophobia South Africa's lingering timebomb: as the national hero who embodies peace and reconciliation in South Africa remained critically ill, the ugly head of xenophobic attacks against foreigners in South Africa once again reared its head. Our Johannesburg correspondent Pusch Commey reports on recent attacks. Commey, Pusch Jul 1, 2013 1913
In case of alleged conspiracy of pirates, D.C. Circuit reviews whether piracy charges include criminal acts committed on land and not on the open seas. Jul 1, 2013 3093
An immigration Gideon for lawful permanent residents. Johnson, Kevin R. Jun 1, 2013 8703
Obama told me aliens are real, says Jaden Smith. Apr 19, 2013 132
HOST WITH The MOST; Werewolves? Vampires? So last year. It's all about aliens now. Stephenie 'Twilight' Meyer's new flick The Host is out this week. Mar 24, 2013 1007
Federal estate tax returns filed for nonresident aliens, 2009-2011. Belvedere, Melissa J. Mar 22, 2013 4194
Health care and the illegal immigrant. Glen, Patrick Mar 22, 2013 17318
"The people" of Heller and their politics: whether illegal aliens should have the right to bear arms after United States v. Portillo-Munoz. Salnikova, Olesya A. Mar 22, 2013 16317
How the Charter has failed non-citizens in Canada: reviewing thirty years of Supreme Court of Canada jurisprudence. Dauvergne, Catherine Mar 1, 2013 12270
How the Charter has failed non-citizens in Canada: reviewing thirty years of Supreme Court of Canada jurisprudence. Dauvergne, Catherine Mar 1, 2013 17981
No aliens found in SETI's search. Feb 8, 2013 335
The American jury: can noncitizens still be excluded? Motomura, Amy R. Jun 1, 2012 23109
A view through the looking glass: how crimes appear from the immigration court perspective. Marks, Dana Leigh; Slavin, Denise Noonan Nov 1, 2011 12937
Realizing Padilla's promise: ensuring noncitizen defendants are advised of the immigration consequences of a criminal conviction. Vazquez, Yolanda Nov 1, 2011 13472
Interior immigration enforcement: programs targeting criminal aliens. Rosenblum, Marc R.; Kandel, William A. Oct 3, 2011 23953
Representing noncitizens in criminal proceedings: resolving unanswered questions in Padilla v. Kentucky. Murphy, Kara B. Sep 22, 2011 14126
National Archives claim Mork 'n' Mindy aliens hit East Dulwich in 2003. Aug 11, 2011 149
Cowboys & aliens (action). Aug 5, 2011 139
Obama suspends entry of aliens subjects to UN travel bans. Jul 25, 2011 183
'Retro' aliens in 'Men In Black 3'. Jul 23, 2011 177
'Humans may encounter aliens within next 20 years'. Jun 28, 2011 174
Gov. protects criminal aliens. Jun 10, 2011 493
Cowboys. Castagna, Felicity Short story May 1, 2011 3519
Crater mystery can only mean one thing... aliens! Apr 9, 2011 273
Rethinking the Cuban Adjustment Act and the U.S. national interest. Hughes, Joyce A.; Alum, Alexander L. Mar 22, 2011 15942
The foreigner in Yoknapatawpha: rethinking race in Faulkner's "global South". Kim, Heidi Kathleen Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 13227
Jodie's battle against hoodies and aliens; Local actress stars in new terror movie. Mar 8, 2011 391
Bahrain Security Forces accused of deliberately recruiting foreign nationals. Brief article Feb 17, 2011 191
THE EX FILES; I wish aliens would abduct my former wife, says Cleese. Jan 21, 2011 307
Jason's war on the aliens; Theatre. Dec 3, 2010 667
Indefinite detention of immigrant information: federal and state overreaching in the interpretation of 8 C.F.R. (section) 236.6. Martinez, Grant Dec 1, 2010 4462
Five tax traps for resident noncitizens (and their attorneys!). Bowman, Scott Andrew Dec 1, 2010 5046
Almost half of Britons believe in aliens. Nov 30, 2010 238
GALS and cross-cultural custody: for custody disputes involving international and immigrant families, determining what's best for the child can be especially difficult. Nov 1, 2010 794
Temporary protected status: current immigration policy and issues. Wasem, Ruth Ellen; Ester, Karma Report Sep 1, 2010 3698
Foreign recipients of U.S. income, 2007. Luttrell, Scott Report Jul 28, 2010 10225
Are aliens on Twitter as well? Jul 25, 2010 326
Stephen Hawking's take on how aliens might really look. Jul 9, 2010 256
Fair shake or an offer they can't refuse? The protection of cooperating alien witnesses under United States law. Avery, Ryan Jun 22, 2010 13232
State efforts to deter unauthorized Aliens: legal analysis of Arizona's S.B. 1070. Garcia, Michael John; Eig, Larry M.; Kim, Yule Report May 3, 2010 15275
UNWELCOME TO EARTH.. Hawking: Don't contact aliens..they might invade. Apr 26, 2010 337
UNWELCOME TO EARTH.. Hawking: Don't contact aliens. Apr 26, 2010 355
Hawking in aliens warning. Apr 26, 2010 110
Formalizing local citizenship. Spiro, Peter J. Apr 1, 2010 6044
Crime and immigration. (Report of Committee G of the Institute). Speranza, Gino C. Mar 22, 2010 3145
The treatment of aliens in the criminal courts. (Report of a Sub-Committee of Committee G of the Institute). Abbott, Grace Mar 22, 2010 6458
SETI opens up its data to 'citizen scientists' to help find aliens. Feb 12, 2010 245
Humans are aliens, says Brit scientist. Feb 3, 2010 166
Alien legalization and adjustment of status: a primer. Wasem, Ruth Ellen Report Feb 1, 2010 2349
PETA honours James Cameron for portrayal of aliens in Avatar. Jan 22, 2010 205
Space racer; TORCHWOOD star Kai Owen thought he was going mad when he heard jingling noises coming from the wheels of his first car. But, then again, when you hang out with Doctor Who and spend your time fighting aliens you are allowed to go potty once in a while. Dec 9, 2009 345
Bulgarian scientists say aliens 'already exist on earth'. Nov 26, 2009 271
A fruitful discussion on aliens. Nov 25, 2009 389
Technology designed to blast aliens in games now part of new computer cluster. Nov 25, 2009 360
Oman to grant residency after home completion. Brief article Nov 17, 2009 182
US-VISIT examines latest attempt to keep exit records. Nov 1, 2009 441
U.S.-source FDAP income compliance designated as Tier 1 issue. Faulk, Daniel Nov 1, 2009 1309
Ljuboten citizens killed by "aliens". Oct 29, 2009 158
Look for pollution trails to find aliens! Oct 22, 2009 457
Immigration form I-864 (affidavit of support) and efforts to collect damages as support obligations against divorced spouses - what practitioners need to know. Hoffman, Geoffrey A. Oct 1, 2009 4722
An impossible choice: denial of parents' derivative asylum claims based on their citizen daughter's risk of female genital mutilation. Cahan, Miriam R. Sep 22, 2009 11309
Foreigners and Lebanese expatriates soak up Lebanese culture and Arabic classes on campus. Aug 19, 2009 826
Monster squad; aliens in the atticHHH. Aug 16, 2009 369
Abbots ascendant: William Chester Jordan's study of one of medieval Europe's great monastic rivalries suggests that social mobility may have been more common in the Middle Ages than historians previously thought. Jordan, William Chester Essay Aug 1, 2009 3433
'An "alien" by the barest of threads' - the legality of the deportation of long-term residents from Australia. Foster, Michelle Aug 1, 2009 37150
Peter Jackson turns to aliens for next film 'District 9'. Jul 26, 2009 146
Constitutional rights for nonresident aliens. Walen, Alec D. Jun 22, 2009 3656
Scientists to search for aliens by looking at left or right handedness. Apr 24, 2009 428
Criminal aliens accused of settling scores in South Sudan. Mar 10, 2009 324
Militant leader Omar Bakri orders followers to convert 'aliens' to Islam. Jan 5, 2009 154
Hate preacher Bakri orders followers to convert 'aliens' to Islam! Jan 5, 2009 154
Rethinking the increased focus on penal measures in immigration law as reflected in the expansion of the "aggravated felony" concept. Podgorny, Diana R. Jan 1, 2009 12533
Agency and constitutional law - civil liability of United States officials for acts committed against non-resident aliens - Rasul V. Myers, 512 F.3d 644 (D.C. Cir. 2008). Trilla, Tom Dec 22, 2008 3828
Now, Robbie Williams using tattoos to contact aliens! Dec 3, 2008 144
"Taliban, Al Qaeda no aliens to Pak soil". Dec 3, 2008 198
Immigration law's organizing principles. Cox, Adam B. Dec 1, 2008 23145
Get your notebooks out -aliens are here. Nov 28, 2008 286
Now, Robbie Williams using tattoos to contact aliens! Nov 25, 2008 144
"Taliban, Al Qaeda no aliens to Pak soil". Nov 25, 2008 198
Tiebout goes global: international migration as a tool for voting with your feet. Somin, Ilya Sep 22, 2008 7682
NGO workers kidnapped; aliens among nine killed. Jul 30, 2008 207
Billy Connolly was ready for aliens; Lifestyle. Jul 20, 2008 89
Prime Minister rescues north county from aliens; Adventure story features Cheviot Hills. Jun 4, 2008 488
Foreigners own 4% of Swedish holiday homes. Brief article Jun 4, 2008 102
U.S. Supreme Court rules 5 to 4 that Immigration and Naturalization Act must be construed to allow alien opportunity to withdraw motion for voluntary departure, provided alien makes request before expiration of departure period. Jun 1, 2008 1453
U.S. Supreme Court holds, 5 to 4, that alien Guantanamo petitioners are entitled to seek habeas corpus; that Detainee Treatment Act of 2005 (DTA), Section 1005(e) review procedures are inadequate substitute for habeas corpus; and that these petitioners need not exhaust review procedures in Court of Appeals before proceeding with their habeas actions in District Court. Jun 1, 2008 2503
It's official - aliens ARE out there (probably). May 19, 2008 381
In case filed by Uzbekistan citizen for just compensation under Fifth Amendment's Taking Clause arising out of destruction of her cafeteria next to U.S. Embassy in Uzbekistan, Federal Circuit holds that, where foreign Plaintiff lacks sufficient connection to U.S. she has no right to compensation. May 1, 2008 726
AUSTRIA TO RECEIVE WARNING. Brief article Apr 4, 2008 101
Assessing the constitutionality of the Alien Terrorist Removal Court. Niles, John Dorsett Apr 1, 2008 13505
Une gamme de l'alterite : figures de l'etranger dans la France meridionale des annees 1920. Teulieres, Laure Mar 22, 2008 7562
Ireland being hit by 'aliens'. Mar 6, 2008 103
Riverview residence. Waldon, George Brief article Mar 3, 2008 94
Foreign resistance weakens at co-ops. Hughes, C.J. Jan 2, 2008 1040
Defining strangers: human rights, immigrants and the foundations for a just society. Crock, Mary Dec 1, 2007 10611
Key Largo lawyer rescues Cuban migrants. Pudlow, Jan Dec 1, 2007 1216
Are there aliens here among us? Academic thinks life began on Mars. Aug 27, 2007 595
Some things we know about aliens. Csicsery-Ronay, Istvan, Jr. Critical essay Jul 1, 2007 10577
Exploring hopes for aliens. Apr 23, 2007 144
Taxing international transactions: a world of difference. Sorensen, Susan M. Apr 1, 2007 756
Immigrants sue government over suspended benefits. Villa, Alba Lucero Mar 1, 2007 771
The role of news media in shaping and transforming the public perception of Mexican immigration and the laws involved. Soderlund, Monica Jan 1, 2007 4495
Pupils bring aliens to life! Nov 30, 2006 252
Federal estate tax returns filed for nonresident aliens, 2003, 2004, and 2005: data release. Raub, Brian G. Jun 22, 2006 6909
Seventh circuit upholds regulation on interest paid to related foreign persons. O'Driscoll, David Apr 1, 2006 792
Canadian arrested for laundering US$1 billion. Brief Article Mar 1, 2006 127
Top 30: countries of origin of non-U.S. citizens earning doctorates at U.S. colleges and universities, 2004. Brief article Jan 12, 2006 153
Prosecuting sham marriage under 18 U.S.C. [section] 1546: is validity of marriage material? Thomas, Brian Jan 1, 2006 11807
East Meets West: Teaching the Elite on Both Sides of the Pacific. Richards, Elisabeth; Sze, Susan Report Jan 1, 2006 246
The Vienna Convention on Consular Relations: persuasive force or binding law? Weiland, Sandra J. Sep 22, 2005 5644
Hurricane Katrina-related immigration issues and legislation. Wasem, Ruth Ellen Sep 1, 2005 5773
Immigration policy on expedited removal of aliens. Siskin, Alison; Wasem, Ruth Ellen Sep 1, 2005 9417
Selected ICE issues. Seghetti, Lisa M.; Lake, Jennifer; Nunez-Neto, Blas; Siskin, Alison; Storrs, K. Larry; Brooks, Natha Sep 1, 2005 1399
Extraterritorial rights and constitutional methodology after Rasul v. Bush. Neuman, Gerald L. Jun 1, 2005 4737
Death of an expatriate. Dailey, Paul Apr 1, 2005 757
Lessons from Avena: the inadequacy of clemency and judicial proceedings for violations of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. Carter, Linda E. Mar 22, 2005 9935
Interning the "non-alien" other: the illusory protections of citizenship. Saito, Natsu Taylor Mar 22, 2005 23490
Diamond in the rough: mining article 36(1)(b) of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations for an individual right to due process. Whitesell, Brittany P. Nov 1, 2004 14195
Inalienable rights: can human-rights law help to end U.S. mistreatment of noncitizens? Parker, Alison Oct 1, 2004 2468
Immigrant has right to counsel, says Washington court. Sileo, Carmel Jul 1, 2004 369
SAUDI ARABIA - Apr 3 - Alien Workers' Flow Continues. Brief Article Apr 12, 2004 226
Russia: attacks on foreigners on the rise; "We will kill all foreigners, Russia is for Russians", shout skinheads who appear to have licence to roam, maim and kill. Nassor Ali reports on the harrowing experience of Africans and Asians in Russia. Ali, Nassor Apr 1, 2004 2267
Security with transparency: judicial review in "special interest" immigration proceedings. Hussain, Rashad Apr 1, 2004 3349
Demore v. Kim: upholding the unnecessary detainment of legal permanent residents. Doucleff, Jennifer Korte Mar 22, 2004 12633
Quiet constructions in the war on terror: subjecting asylum seekers to unnecessary detention. Welch, Michael Mar 22, 2004 7723
Uritsky v. Ridge. Brief Article Feb 1, 2004 84
Noncitizen voting rights: extending the franchise in the United States. Hayduk, Ronald Dec 22, 2003 2763
Drug policy as policy with foreigners: the Austrian case in times of European integration. Eisenbach-Stangl, Irmgard Sep 22, 2003 9387
The duality of federalist nation-building: two strains of Chinese immigration cases revisited. Kuo, Ming-sung Sep 22, 2003 28888
Alaka v. Elwood. Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 89
Doan v. I.N.S. Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 98
Al Odah v. U.S. Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 94
Rosales-Garcia v. Holland. Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 171
Al Odah v. U.S. Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 91
"... the evidence indicates a pattern of abuse ..." (Comment). Aoki, Keith; Epps, Garrett Brief Article Jul 21, 2003 149
Indefinite detention: tipping the scale toward the liberty interest of freedom. Pages, Myrna Case Note Jun 22, 2003 13465
More women on Swedish company boards - report. Brief Article Jun 10, 2003 104
Terrorism and the Constitution: Sacrificing Civil Liberties in the Name of National Security & Enemy Aliens: Double Standards and Constitutional Freedoms in the War on Terrorism. Chesney, Robert M. May 1, 2003 23847
Bonsol v. Perryman. Brief Article May 1, 2003 115
Number of foreign citizens in Norway up 6% in 2002. Brief Article Apr 9, 2003 156
No rights for "detainees". (Insider Report). Brief Article Apr 7, 2003 175
Patriotic or unconstitutional? The mandatory detention of aliens under the USA Patriot Act. Sinnar, Shirin Apr 1, 2003 18423
Halfway there: Zadvydas v. Davis reins in indefinite detentions, but leaves much unanswered. Gardner, Joshua W. Case Note Mar 22, 2003 15026
Treated like a criminal: how the INS stole three days of my life. Arshadi, Behrooz Mar 1, 2003 1132
Ashcroft's roundup. Sarkar, Saurav Mar 1, 2003 1487
Negotiating the tricky real estate market: foreign residents, in particular, should turn to a professional when looking to buy. (Spotlight). Peyton, Dennis John Feb 1, 2003 2430
Habtegaber v. Jenifer. Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 135
Rasul v. Bush. Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 112
Soto-Ramirez v. Ashcroft. Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 113
How gaijin is my Kansai: Alex Stewart talks with the software and IT folk to find out. Stewart, Alex Dec 1, 2002 3270
Discovery subpoena to foreign witness is valid, Second Circuit rules. Jurand, Sara Hoffman Oct 1, 2002 475
Expatriating long-term residents need clarification. Packard, Pamela May 1, 2002 977
Enemy aliens. Cole, David May 1, 2002 26629
Oslo had 48,600 foreign citizens on 1 January - study. Brief Article Apr 25, 2002 133
Waging war, deciding guilt: trying the military tribunals. Katyal, Neal Kumar; Tribe, Laurence Apr 1, 2002 30093
Terrorism on trial: the President's constitutional authority to order the prosecution of suspected terrorists by military commission. Evans, Christopher M. Apr 1, 2002 11066
Negotiating the intersection: Defense companies must balance security and anti-discrimination concerns when dealing with foreign national employees and job applicants. McCullough, James J.; Melander, Deneen J.; Pafford, Abram J. Feb 1, 2002 4760
Friends and foes of Slavery: Foreigners and northerners in the old south. Rousey, Dennis C. Dec 22, 2001 13436
Detaining foreign nationals. (International). Hill, Gary Dec 1, 2001 2118
Keeping the Constitution's promise: an argument for greater judicial scrutiny of federal alienage classifications. Boyd, Tamra M. Nov 1, 2001 14633
Borderline Sanity. DURAND, JORGE; MASSEY, DOUGLAS S. Sep 24, 2001 3266
Former Drug Dealer, College Spokesman Fights Deportation. Brief Article Aug 6, 2001 287
Withholding requirements for tax-exempt organizations making foreign grants. Zarzar, Robert Jul 1, 2001 1246
MORE FOREIGNERS. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 208
Introduction to "gatekeeper's state: Immigration and boundary policing in an era of globalization". Palafox, Jose Jun 22, 2001 2539
The mouth that roared: Chavez continues feud with opponents. Brief Article Jun 14, 2001 915
Foreign national tax planning to avoid PFIC trap. Madden, David Jun 1, 2001 886
New rev. proc. clarifies procedures for obtaining withholding certificates for real property sales to foreign persons. Lerman, Jerry L. Apr 1, 2001 578
Chavez's charity. MARTINEZ, Demetria Brief Article Jan 19, 2001 650
The exclusion of HIV-positive immigrants under the Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act and the Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act. Cook, Shayna S. Nov 1, 2000 19476
Does the U.S. Need to Import Professional Workers? MASTERS, SUZETTE BROOKS; RUTHIZER, TED Sep 1, 2000 2406
U.S. Appeals Court: ALIEN. Brief Article Aug 1, 2000 98
U.S. estate tax exposure for foreign nationals. Schaefer, Michael K. Jun 1, 2000 2279
U.S. Appeals Court: ALIEN AEDPA- Antiterrorism & Effective Death Penaly Act. Brief Article May 1, 2000 103
U.S. Appeals Court: AEDPA- Antiterrorism & Effective Death Penaly Act ALIEN. Brief Article May 1, 2000 86
U.S. District Court: ALIEN. Brief Article May 1, 2000 85
Employers' FICA obligations for foreign nationals who work in the U.S. O'Brien, Michael May 1, 2000 1568
U.S. Appeals Court: AEDPA-Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act: ALIEN. Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 134
Performing whiteness: naturalization litigation and the construction of racial identity in America. Tehranian, John Jan 1, 2000 14799
Good counsel. Jan 1, 2000 802
International Credentialing and Immigration of Nurses: CGFNS. Xu, Yu; Xu, Zhaomin; Zhang, Jianhui Nov 1, 1999 5641
Planning strategies for U.S. foreign nationals. Fisher, Arthur L. Jun 1, 1999 1088
Representing the foreign national in criminal court. Pinkard, Eric C. Jun 1, 1999 5052
Different K-1s for different folks. Farber, Paul Aug 1, 1998 828
Determining payee and U.S. foreign status under sec. 1441. Hemelt, Jim Jul 1, 1998 1070
Principal residence sales by international executives after the TRA '97. Fisher, Arthur L. Apr 1, 1998 3643
Immigrant rights. Jordan, Howard; Cardona, Felix Mar 22, 1998 2120
The Vienna Convention on Consular Relations: a study of rights, wrongs, and remedies. Aceves, William J. Mar 1, 1998 30157
New regs. on certain filing requirements of foreign individuals. Torgersen, Stan Mar 1, 1998 627
Using Form W-7 to obtain ITINs. Fletcher, Eric S. Brief Article May 1, 1997 332
Girding for disaster: local officials and private charities brace themselves for welfare reform. Conniff, Ruth Mar 1, 1997 2658
Consuls at work: universal instruments of human rights and consular protection in the context of criminal justice. Uribe, Victor M. Jan 1, 1997 19601
The court once again sees the fiction and ignores the truth. Pace, Lance G. Case Note Jan 1, 1997 7245
Pre-U.S. immigration estate planning for nonresident aliens. Herzog, Keith E. Sep 1, 1996 5987
Planning opportunity for certain "J" visa holders. Fisher, Arthur L. Brief Article Jun 1, 1996 425
War against subhumans: comparisons between the German War against the Soviet Union and the American war against Japan, 1941-1945. Weingartner, James Mar 22, 1996 7550
Protecting immigrants against discrimination. Ancheta, Angelo N. Feb 1, 1996 2865
On Janet Reno. Cockburn, Alexander Column Dec 25, 1995 666
The labor market skills of recent male immigrants: evidence from the Current Population Survey. Funkhouser, Edward; Trejo, Stephen J. Jul 1, 1995 9521
Attribution rules applicable to commercial activities or controlled commercial entities of a foreign government for sec. 163(j) purposes. Sams, Jim Jun 1, 1995 1746
U.S. taxation of nonimmigrant students, teachers and trainees. Kenny, William J. Jun 1, 1995 4676
Allocating the local apportionment pie: what portion for resident aliens? Goldfarb, Carl E. Apr 1, 1995 17386
Withholding for foreign partners. Basile, John Apr 1, 1995 1789
Justice Department issues regs for criminal alien assistance grants. Quist, Janet Oct 17, 1994 485
Long-run convergence of ethnic skill differentials: the children and grandchildren of the Great Migration. Borjas, George J. Jul 1, 1994 8553
Taxation of foreign persons on temporary assignment in the U.S. Lichtig, Richard May 1, 1994 1505
IRA contributions by foreign nationals: long-term investments with short-term returns. Koch, Artemis Velahos Mar 1, 1994 683
Resident or nonresident? New regulations. Johnson, Linda M.; Zinneman, David E. Cover Story Jan 1, 1994 5586
The decision to work by married immigrant women. Duleep, Harriet Orcutt; Sanders, Seth Jul 1, 1993 7525
Certain foreign nationals may avoid penalties for underpayment of estimated tax by relying on 100% of prior year tax shown on dual status return. Friedman, Steven M. Jun 1, 1993 525
Time to give aliens the vote (again); green-card power. Raskin, Jamin B. Editorial Apr 5, 1993 1327
A license to abuse: the impact of conditional status on female immigrants. Anderson, Michelle J. Apr 1, 1993 17665

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