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Alien moths.

Sorry to hear about the LBAM (light brown apple moth) in California (Cliff Ohmart's "Vineyard View," September). Bad enough dealing with your own problems without having to take someone else's.

Bet it was those pesky retail nursery people who brought it in. We regard them in Australia as environmental vandals who are profit-driven, with scant regard to the industries they threaten through indiscriminate importation of species (and their pests/diseases) because of the entrepreneurial "I reckon there's a buck in that" mindset.

Just a note on the LBAM instars. I had years of practice monitoring the little blighters, and find the first to be a very pale yellow/green similar to the growing tip in color--where they readily migrate after hatching--and the following ones to be dull green with that dark ventral strip. (This) may have something to do with what they are feeding on re: color--you mentioned brown in your article.

Great to see your level-headed approach to the situation. Had visions of Arnie driving a Hummer into the vineyards with guns blazing!

Good luck with the eradication, but as you say, it's dead easy to manage with all the information available. Baccilus thuringiensus (Dipel et al brands) handles it in a cinch. And I'd say your current native predators of OLM will be happy with more choice on the menu.

Craig Markby

Henschke Wines

South Australia

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Date:Nov 1, 2007
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