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Alice, I Think.

Susan Juby. 2003. Read by Angela Goethals. 4 tapes. 6 hrs. Harper Childrens Audio. 0-06-054340-x. $24.00. Cardboard, plastic; plot, reader, author notes. JS

From KLIATT's May 2003 review of the book: "This novel is really a long comic monologue ... Alice tells how it all started: when she was four she read the Hobbit with her father and decided she was a hobbit. But when she went to school for the first time, dressed as a hobbit (which her parents thought was really cute), she became an instant pariah with her classmates. So she is home schooled. And by the time she is an adolescent, she is really trying to understand herself and get some friends, even a boyfriend, maybe, and get on with her life ... most readers will be amused."

All the nonconformity, confusion and world-wise musings of 15-year old Alice are perfectly captured in Goethals' reading. The voices are varied and totally expressive of each character: hysterical mother, grumbling father, weary policeman, "Death Lord Bob" (counselor), and the wildly funny hairdresser who manages to "give the most meaningful haircut of my life." The music provided as the bridge between sides of the tape nicely reflects the energy of the reader. This audio-book, like the Princess Diaries series, is sure to have great appeal to teens (especially girls.) Sally M. Tibbetts, LRC, Maine H.S., Des Plaines, IL
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Author:Tibbetts, Sally M.
Article Type:Audiobook Review
Date:Sep 1, 2003
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