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Alice's chip butty slimming success; FRIED TREATS HELPED GRAN LOSE FIVE STONE.

Byline: Maria Croce

WHEN Alice Whitehill lost two stone she decided to celebrate with a chip butty. Then every time she lost another stone she went to her chippy for another butty.

Now she's lost 5st 12lbs - and slimmed from a size 20 to a 10 - even with the chip shop treats along the way.

Alice, 65, from Strathaven, Lanarkshire, who works as a house manager in a sheltered home for the elderly, said: "I joined Scottish Slimmers and it's not a diet, it's just healthy eating.

"Nothing is banned. If someone said you're not allowed to eat something you crave it. I just followed class manager Winnie Rough's advice to write down everything I ate. And that meant I could include a regular treat of a chip butty."

Alice visited Cafe Q chip shop in Strathaven and said staff backed her all the way in her drive to lose weight.

She said: "Kevin Armstrong who works there has been a huge support. He'd rush out each time and ask how much weight I'd lost. Then he'd announce to the shop: 'This woman eats the chips from here and is still losing weight!'" Alice who is married to retired PE teacher Ian and has two sons, Stewart and John, got worried about her health when she became out-of-breath playing with her granddaughter Abby, now seven.

She also visited her son Stewart at his home in Cyprus and was horrified when she saw photos from the trip.

Alice joined Scottish Slimmers in May 2008 weighing 15st 2lbs and in just over a year by June she'd hit her target weight. And she's continued to lose weight, going down to 9st 4lbs.

"The problems started about 10 years ago when my weight went off the scale," she explained. "But I finally realised I had to do something about it.

"I'd been looking after Abby and she said, 'Gran why are you breathing funny?' I remembered my father had his first heart attack at my age and that really brought everything home to me.

"When I went to Scottish Slimmers and got on the scales I couldn't believe it. I thought it would take a miracle to get the weight off. But the miracle was Scottish Slimmers' eating plan.

"Because I was in the right frame of mind, with a bit of will-power and determination, I found it very straightforward.

I feel so much better.

"I've taken up salsa dancing and I do loads of walking. I've got so much energy now."

For details on Scottish Slimmers, freephone 0800 36 26 36 or log on to The Facts Name: Alice Whitehill Age: 65 From: Strathaven Weight before: 15st 2lbs Size 20/22 Weight after: 9st 4lbs Size: 10


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Date:Dec 21, 2009
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