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"The concert by Alhambra was by far the most exciting event in this year's series." El Ey-pectador, Bogota, Colombia. Celebrating its 33rd season, the Sephardic music ensemble, Alhambra, performs the rhythmic and haunting music of Spain, the Balkans, North Africa, the Middle East, Israel, Armenia--as well as Yiddish songs. Popular programs include "Wedding Music and Love Songs," "Jewish Holiday Songs," "Judeo-Spanish Songs for the Life Cycle," "The Story of Simon" (an interactive children's program) and "Building Bridges: the Arabic-Sephardic Kinship." Alhambra welcomes the extraordinary new players: Carlo VaIte (oud, classical guitar), Margo Gezairlian Grib (violin, vielle and soprano voice), and George Stathos (clarinet). Returning members are Cantor Daniel Pincus (tenor), Elliot Z. Levine (baritone), Rami El Aasser (percussion) and Director Isabelle Ganz (mezzo, shawm, flute). Based in New York, Alhambra performs as a quartet, quintet or sextet. The ensemble has performed in the British Isles, Istanbul, Quebec, Bogota and throughout the U.S. Three recordings available. // (713) 818-0386,,

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Date:Jul 1, 2014
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