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Development of an adaptive genetic algorithm for simulation optimization/Desenvolvimento de um algoritmo genetico adaptativo para otimizacao via simulacao. Miranda, Rafael de Carvalho; Montevechi, Jose Arnaldo Barra; de Pinho, Alexandre Ferreira Jul 1, 2015 4967
Extracao semiautomatica de estradas vicinais com base em algoritmos geneticos. Ribeiro da Silva, Claudionor; Silva Centeno, Jorge Antonio Apr 1, 2010 5374
Frontal-view face detection in the presence of skin-tone regions using a new symmetry approach. Saad, El_Sayed M.; Hadhoud, Mohiy M.; Moawad, Moawad I.; El_Halawany, Mohamed; Abbas, Alaa M. Oct 1, 2006 5387
Evaluating simple metaheuristics for the Generalized Steiner Problem. Nesmachnow, Sergio Dec 1, 2005 5591
A parallel search algorithm for the SAT. Costa, V. Gil; Printista, A.M.; Reyes, N.; Marin, M. Dec 1, 2005 3199
Evolutionary computation with simulated annealing: conditions for optimal equilibrium distribution. Segura, Enrique C. Dec 1, 2005 3114
Analysis of Web based learning use in a first course of Algorithmics. Madoz, Maria C.; Gorga, Gladys; de Giusti, Armando Dec 1, 2005 3880
Cellular memetic algorithms. Alba, Enrique; Dorronsoro, Bernabe; Alfonso, Hugo Dec 1, 2005 7942
Adaptive clustering with artificial ants. Ingaramo, Diego Alejandro; Leguizamon, Guillermo; Errecalde, Marcelo Dec 1, 2005 6283
Dynamic load balancing in parallel processing on non-homogeneous clusters. De Giusti, Armando E.; Naiouf, Marcelo R.; De Giusti, Laura C.; Chichizola, Franco Dec 1, 2005 4927
A weighted K-means algorithm applied to brain tissue classification. Abras, Guillermo N.; Ballarin, Virginia L. Oct 1, 2005 3876
A robust algorithm for eye detection on gray intensity face without spectacles. Peng, Kun; Chen, Liming; Ruan, Su; Kukharev, Georgy Oct 1, 2005 3297
Evolutionary multiobjective optimization in non-stationary environments. Aragon, Victoria; Esquivel, Susana; Coello Coello, Carlos A. Oct 1, 2005 5892
A making-decision system for an urban transportation network. Bouamrane, Karim; Tahon, Christian; Beldjilali, Bouziane Oct 1, 2005 4628
A genetic based neuro-fuzzy controller for thermal processes. Goel, Ashok Kumar; Saxena, Suresh Chandra; Bhanot, Surekha Apr 1, 2005 4915
Invited paper: an evolutionary algorithm to track changes of optimum value locations in dynamic environments. Aragon, Victoria S.; Esquivel, Susana C. Oct 1, 2004 4694
Parallel processing. Dynamic load balance in sorting algorithms. Naiouf, Marcelo R. Oct 1, 2004 1262
Knowledge insertion: an efficient approach to reduce search effort in evolutionary scheduling. Pandolfi, D.; Lasso M.; De San Pedro, M.; Villagra, A.; Gallard, R. Aug 1, 2004 5272
Index structures for distributed text databases. Marin, Mauricio Apr 1, 2004 9336
On improved deformable template matching for polygonal objects. Tang, Zeying; Lu, Hanqing; Luo, Jianshu Apr 1, 2004 4404
A GRASP algorithm with tree based local search for designing a survivable Wide Area Network backbone. Cancela, Hector; Robledo, Franco; Rubino, Gerardo Apr 1, 2004 5064
ALENA: Adaptive-Length Evolving Neural Arrays. Corbalan, Leonardo C.; Lanzarini, Laura; De Giusti, Armando E. Apr 1, 2004 4881
An algorithm for minimising due times violations in flexible package production scheduling. Ibanez, Francisco S.; Araya, Daniel Diaz; Forradellas, Raymundo Q. Oct 1, 2003 3389
Dynamic deadlock detection under the OR requirement model. Campos, Alvaro E.; Orellana, Christian F.; Soto, Maria Pia Oct 1, 2003 4602
Selection of defuzzification method to obtain crisp value for representing uncertain data in a modified sweep algorithm. Nurcahyo, Gunadi W.; Shamsuddin, Siti Mariyam; Alias, Rose Alinda Oct 1, 2003 3966
Boundary extraction through gradient-based evolutionary algorithm. Katz, Roman; Delrieux, Claudio Apr 1, 2003 3213
The use of agent to incorporate network awareness into dynamic proxy framework: an overview. Choong, KhongNeng; Ali, Borhanuddin M.; Prakash, Veeraraghavan; Tee, Elok R.; Yee, YokeChek Apr 1, 2003 6276
A new method to compute second derivatives. Scolnik, Hugo D.; Gambini, M. Juliana May 1, 2002 3571
Parallelizing tracking algorithms. Roldan, Maria Carina; Naiouf, Marcelo; De Giusti, Armando May 1, 2002 7777
Error analysis in lossy compressed image transmission algorithms. Ramon, Hugo; De Giusti, Armando May 1, 2002 400
Coscheduling techniques and monitoring tools for non-dedicated cluster computing *. Solsona, Francesc; Gine, Francesc; Hernandez, Porfidio; Luque, Emilio Oct 1, 2001 4618
A comparison of different evolutive niching strategies for identifying a set of selfsimilar contractions for the IFS inverse problem. Ivanissevich, Maria L.; Cofino, A.S.; Gutierrez, J.M. Oct 1, 2001 3231
An algorithm for dynamic reconfiguration of mobile agents. Valente, Marco Tulio; Bigonha, Roberto; Bigonha, Mariza Oct 1, 2001 3977
Parallel processing applied to the design of concrete encased grounding electrodes. Vale, Maria Helena Murta; Silveira, Humberto de Aquino; Visacro, F. Silverio; Sato, Liria Matsumoto Oct 1, 2001 3227
"Parallelization of image similarity analysis". Naiouf, Marcelo; Tarrio, A.C. Diego; De Giusti, A.; De Giusti, A.C. Laura Oct 1, 2001 4026
Enhancing evolutionary algorithms through recombination and parallelism. Gallard, R.H.; Esquivel, S.C. Oct 1, 2001 5501
Image and Video Compression Standards Algorithms and Architectures Second Edition. Russo, Claudia May 1, 2001 138
A genetic approach using direct representation of solutions for the parallel task scheduling problem. S.C., Esquivel; C.R., Gatica; R.H., Gallard Oct 1, 2000 3555
Crowding under diverse distance criteria for niche formation in multimodal optimization. Natalia, Fernandez; Hugo, Alfonso; Raul, Gallard Oct 1, 2000 3301
On the implementation of the belief change operators. Falappa, Marcelo A.; Ferme, Eduardo L. Mar 1, 2000 7791
Self adaptation of parameters for MCPC in genetic algorithms. Esquivel, S.C.; Leiva, H.A.; Gallard, R.H. Mar 1, 2000 2897
A criteria to select genetic operators for solving CSP. Rojas, Maria Cristina Riff Mar 1, 2000 4019
Evolutionary optimization in non-stationary environments. Trojanowski, Krzysztof; Michalewicz, Zbigniew Mar 1, 2000 12699
Parallel recognition and classification of objects. Felice, C.A. Rodrigo; Ruscitti, C.A. Fernando; Naiouf, Marcelo; De Giusti, Armando Mar 1, 1999 9110
Preserving message integrity in dynamic process migration. Heymann, E.; Tinetti, F.; Luque, E. Mar 1, 1999 5145
Alternative strategies for asynchronous migration-controlled schemes in parallel genetic algorithms. Ochoa, C.; Gallard, R. Mar 1, 1999 4428
A parallel approach for backpropagation learning of neural networks. Piccoli F., Crespo, M.; Gallard R., Prinsta M. Mar 1, 1999 5302

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