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Articles from Algorithms (July 1, 2020)

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An Algorithm for Density Enrichment of Sparse Collaborative Filtering Datasets Using Robust Predictions as Derived Ratings. Margaris, Dionisis; Spiliotopoulos, Dimitris; Karagiorgos, Gregory; Vassilakis, Costas Report 13190
An Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Risk Analysis Model (IT2FRAM) for Determining Construction Project Contingency Reserve. Fateminia, Seyed Hamed; Sumati, Vuppuluri; Fayek, Aminah Robinson Report 9470
Approximate Triangulations of Grassmann Manifolds. Knudson, Kevin P. Report 6545
Biologically Inspired Visual System Architecture for Object Recognition in Autonomous Systems. Malowany, Dan; Guterman, Hugo Report 9847
CONDA-PM--A Systematic Review and Framework for Concept Drift Analysis in Process Mining. Elkhawaga, Ghada; Abuelkheir, Mervat; Barakat, Sherif I.; Riad, Alaa M.; Reichert, Manfred Report 23974
Embedded Bayesian Network Contribution for a Safe Mission Planning of Autonomous Vehicles. Dezan, Catherine; Zermani, Sara; Hireche, Chabha Report 13115
Equivalence of the Frame and Halting Problems. Dietrich, Eric; Fields, Chris Report 4979
Exact Method for Generating Strategy-Solvable Sudoku Clues. Nishikawa, Kohei; Toda, Takahisa Report 9679
Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm with Multiple Fuzzification Coefficients. Khang, Tran Dinh; Vuong, Nguyen Duc; Tran, Manh-Kien; Fowler, Michael Report 4962
Generalized Polynomial Chaos Expansion for Fast and Accurate Uncertainty Quantification in Geomechanical Modelling. Zoccarato, Claudia; Gazzola, Laura; Ferronato, Massimiliano; Teatini, Pietro Report 11231
Image Edge Detector with Gabor Type Filters Using a Spiking Neural Network of Biologically Inspired Neurons. Vemuru, Krishnamurthy V. Report 5517
Modeling Hourly Soil Temperature Using Deep BiLSTM Neural Network. Li, Cong; Zhang, Yaonan; Ren, Xupeng Report 7605
Nonparametric Estimation of Continuously Parametrized Families of Probability Density Functions--Computational Aspects. Rafajlowicz, Wojciech Report 9126
On the Relationship between Self-Admitted Technical Debt Removals and Technical Debt Measures. Aversano, Lerina; Iammarino, Martina; Carapella, Mimmo; Del Vecchio, Andrea; Nardi, Laura Report 8855
On the Well-Posedness of A High Order Convective Cahn-Hilliard Type Equations. Coclite, Giuseppe Maria; di Ruvo, Lorenzo Report 5157
Polyhedral DC Decomposition and DCA Optimization of Piecewise Linear Functions. Griewank, Andreas; Walther, Andrea Report 13510
Sensitivity Analysis for Microscopic Crowd Simulation. Godel, Marion; Fischer, Rainer; Koster, Gerta Report 11026
Stream-Based Lossless Data Compression Applying Adaptive Entropy Coding for Hardware-Based Implementation. Yamagiwa, Shinichi; Hayakawa, Eisaku; Marumo, Koichi Report 9646
TBRNet: Two-Stream BiLSTM Residual Network for Video Action Recognition. Wu, Xiao; Ji, Qingge Report 10253
Text Semantic Annotation: A Distributed Methodology Based on Community Coherence. Makris, Christos; Pispirigos, Georgios; Simos, Michael Angelos Report 7206
The RONO (Rank-Order-Normalization) Procedure for Power-Spectrum Analysis of Datasets with Non-Normal Distributions. Sturrock, Peter; Scholkmann, Felix 1418

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