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Savings and algorithms: UK supermarkets battle cost of living crisis. Reuters News Service Jun 30, 2022 853
Beating the algorithm. Jun 27, 2022 584
Early Alzheimer's diagnosis possible in a single MRI scan using new algorithm. Jun 25, 2022 333
Markowitz-Based Cardinality Constrained Portfolio Selection Using Asexual Reproduction Optimization (ARO). Moghadam, Mohammad Reza Sadeghi; Mansouri, Taha; Sheykhizadeh, Morteza Jun 22, 2022 7901
A Fast Direct Position Determination Algorithm for LFM Signal Based on Spectrum Detection. Ren, Han; Liu, Huijie; Guo, Rujiang Jun 18, 2022 7035
Research on Segmenting E-Commerce Customer through an Improved K-Medoids Clustering Algorithm. Wu, Zengyuan; Jin, Lingmin; Zhao, Jiali; Jing, Lizheng; Chen, Liang Jun 18, 2022 6635
Comparative Study of Physical Education Teaching in Middle Schools at Home and Abroad Using Clustering Algorithm. Tan, Dejun Report Jun 18, 2022 6285
Vehicle Safety-Assisted Driving Technology Based on Computer Artificial Intelligence Environment. Yan, Haibo Jun 18, 2022 7101
Robust Parameter Design for Cyclone System Based on Dual-Response Surface Method and Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm. Luo, Fusheng; Yin, Xianhui; Niu, Zhanwen Jun 18, 2022 7015
Analytic Solution for the Strongly Nonlinear Multi-Order Fractional Version of a BVP Occurring in Chemical Reactor Theory. Erturk, Vedat Suat; Alomari, A.K.; Kumar, Pushpendra; Murillo-Arcila, Marina Jun 18, 2022 3957
Financial Fraud Detection Approach Based on Firefly Optimization Algorithm and Support Vector Machine. Singh, Ajeet; Jain, Anurag; Biable, Seblewongel Esseynew Jun 17, 2022 6902
The Application of Internet of Things in Robot Route Planning Based on Multisource Information Fusion. Yao, Yunfeng; He, Na; Zhang, Min Jun 17, 2022 7094
Wushu Routine Movement and Diagnosis Based on Deep Learning and Symmetric Difference Algorithm. Yan, Shifang; Chen, Jun; Huang, Hai Jun 17, 2022 5028
Presenting a Management Model for a Multiobjective Sustainable Supply Chain in the Cellulosic Industry and Its Implementation by the NSGA-II Meta-Heuristic Algorithm. Mehri Charvadeh, Meisam; Pourmousa, Shademan; Tajdini, Ajang; Tamjidi, Abbas; Safdari, Vahidreza Jun 17, 2022 7522
Key Technologies of Lightweight Materials for New Energy Vehicles Based on Ant Colony Algorithm. Mei, Lin; Xiaoke, Li Jun 17, 2022 6245
A Model for Analyzing Teaching Quality Data of Sports Faculties Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Neural Network. Li, Xue Jun 17, 2022 6422
Intelligent Integration Method of AI English Teaching Resource Information under Multi-Agent Collaboration. Liu, Minjuan Jun 17, 2022 6453
Application of Differential Evolution Algorithm in the Construction and Simulation of Interactive English Translation Teaching Mode. Che, Chi Jun 17, 2022 5396
Quantitative Prediction of Low-Permeability Sandstone Grain Size Based on Conventional Logging Data by Deep Neural Network-Based BP Algorithm. Fan, Hongjun; Zhao, Xiaoqing; Wang, Zongjun; Zhang, Zheqing; Chang, Ao Jun 17, 2022 8432
Multiobjective Multidepot Capacitated Arc Routing Optimization Based on Hybrid Algorithm. Wu, Liang Jun 17, 2022 7751
Application of Correlation Filter Tracking Algorithm Based on Multiple Color Features in Basketball Motion Capture System. Li, Bingyang; Quan, Haiying Jun 17, 2022 5515
Innovative Sensor Design Method of Industrial Ceramic Product Modeling Based on Immune Optimization Algorithm. Gu, Chihui Jun 17, 2022 4260
Hydraulic Simulation of Leakage in Post-Earthquake Water Supply Pipeline Network and Its Algorithm Improvement. Yu, Tianyang Jun 17, 2022 4949
Mobile Robot Path Planning Based on Improved Coyote Optimization Algorithm. Huang, Jingyao; Wu, Huihui Jun 17, 2022 7574
Distributed Fixed-Time Coordinated Attitude Tracking Control with a Dynamic Leader for Spacecraft Formation Flying System. Zhou, Zhanjie Jun 17, 2022 6043
E-dyNSGA-III: A Multi-Objective Algorithm for Handling Pareto Optimality over Time. Essiet, Ima Okon; Sun, Yanxia; Wang, Zenghui Jun 17, 2022 7704
Optimization of the Economic and Trade Management Legal Model Based on the Support Vector Machine Algorithm and Logistic Regression Algorithm. Nie, Zhihai; Bai, Xue; Nie, Lihai; Wu, Jin Jun 17, 2022 6085
Cultural Tourism Industry Feature Extraction Based on Multiscale Feature Fusion Algorithm and Artificial Intelligence. Fang, Wang Jun 17, 2022 4966
A Heart Segmentation Algorithm Based on Dynamic Ultrasound. Tian, Mingjun; Zheng, Minjuan Report Jun 17, 2022 4445
Visibility Detection of 3D Objects and Visual K-Nearest Neighbor Query Based on Convex Hull Model. Hao, Tianbao; Liu, Yongshan; Gong, Xiang; Kong, Dehan; Wang, Jianjun Jun 16, 2022 9480
Research on Lane Change Motion Planning Steering Input Based on Optimal Control Theory. Liu, Yongsheng; Liu, Yingjie Jun 16, 2022 7490
Sports-Assisted Education Based on a Support Vector Machine and Genetic Algorithm. Li, ChengZhao Jun 16, 2022 4980
A Deep Learning Approach to Optimal Sampling Problems. Wang, Xinxin; Meng, Xiangyu; Li, Fangfei Jun 16, 2022 4545
Application of the Neural Network Based on the Multilayer Perceptron Genetic Algorithm in Chinese-English Two-Way Translation. Yu, Yuxiu Jun 16, 2022 7234
Cephalometric Analysis in Orthodontics Using Artificial Intelligence--A Comprehensive Review. Subramanian, Aravind Kumar; Chen, Yong; Almalki, Abdullah; Sivamurthy, Gautham; Kafle, Dashrath Report Jun 16, 2022 6229
Deep Learning-Based CT Imaging for the Diagnosis of Liver Tumor. Zhang, Heng; Luo, Kaiwen; Deng, Ren; Li, Shenglin; Duan, Shukai Jun 16, 2022 4955
Internet of Things Task Migration Algorithm under Edge Computing in the Design of English Translation Theory and Teaching Practice Courses. Guo, Shangying Jun 16, 2022 9683
Prediction Model of International Trade Risk Based on Stochastic Time-Series Neural Network. Xu, Lei; Dong, Guicai Jun 16, 2022 5904
Protection and Inheritance of Traditional Culture in Urbanization Construction Based on Genetic Algorithm under the Concept of Environmental Protection. Guo, Lin Jun 16, 2022 6692
Cardiovascular Disease, Intensive Care, and Mortality in Coronavirus Disease 2019 Patients: A Meta-Analysis. Sarfraz, Zouina; Sarfraz, Azza; Sarfraz, Muzna; Zia, Iqra; Ali, Moosa Zulfiqar; Garimella, Radhika; Jun 15, 2022 2891
The Design of the Lightweight Smart Home System and Interaction Experience of Products for Middle-Aged and Elderly Users in Smart Cities. Ji, Qingnan Jun 15, 2022 5586
Optimization Model of Financial Market Portfolio Using Artificial Fish Swarm Model and Uniform Distribution. Xiao, Yao Jun 15, 2022 6339
Intelligent Warehouse Robot Scheduling System Using a Modified Nondominated Sorting Algorithm. Ma, Jia; Yang, Shujun; Jing, Hao Jun 15, 2022 7103
Fall Detection and Direction Judgment Based on Posture Estimation. Yuan, Chunmiao; Zhang, Pengju; Yang, Qingyong; Wang, Jianming Jun 15, 2022 7594
Metal Jewelry Craft Design Based on Computer Vision. Li, Nan Jun 15, 2022 8422
Exploration of Joint Optimization and Visualization of Inventory Transportation in Agricultural Logistics Based on Ant Colony Algorithm. Dong, Bo; Duan, Manzhen; Li, Yinfeng Jun 15, 2022 7053
Intelligent Traffic Flow Prediction and Analysis Based on Internet of Things and Big Data. Liu, Bing; Zhang, Tao; Hu, Weicheng Jun 15, 2022 4667
Automatic Segmentation of MRI of Brain Tumor Using Deep Convolutional Network. Zhou, Runwei; Hu, Shijun; Ma, Baoxiang; Ma, Bangcheng Report Jun 15, 2022 5646
Optimization of TCM Diagnosis Information Management System Based on Artificial Neural Networks. Jia, Dian Jun 15, 2022 5391
A Novel Fast Iterative Learning Control for Linear Discrete Systems with Parametric Disturbance and Measurement Noise. Lei, Tongfei; Riaz, Saleem; Manzoor, Nadir Jun 15, 2022 9492
Construction of Data Mining Analysis Model in English Teaching Based on Apriori Association Rule Algorithm. Wang, Shufei Jun 15, 2022 8393
Image Restoration using Nonlocal Regularized Variational Model with Spatially Adapted Regularization Parameter. Pan, Chen; Feng, Helin Jun 15, 2022 11783
Comparative Analysis and Evaluation of Bridge Construction Risk with Multiple Intelligent Algorithms. Wu, Ying; Lu, Pengzhen Jun 15, 2022 8130
Key Technology of the Medical Image Wise Mining Method Based on the Meanshift Algorithm. Cui, Jinli; Wang, Yadong; Wang, Ke Jun 15, 2022 4836
Electrochemical Intelligent Recognition of Mineral Materials Based on Superpixel Image Segmentation. Liu, Weiping; Jin, Fangzhou Jun 15, 2022 5982
Implementation of Missing Data Imputation Schemes in Face Recognition Algorithm under Partial Occlusion. Appati, Justice Kwame; Adu-Manu, Kofi Sarpong; Owusu, Ebenezer Jun 15, 2022 5022
A Method Applied in Anomaly Detection of Impurities Adhering to Pipes of Coriolis Mass Flowmeter. Ren, Jianxin; Qin, Yixin; Yang, Peng; Zhang, Peng Jun 15, 2022 4820
Innovative Practice of Music Education in the Universities in the Context of 5G Network. Huang, Shaohan Jun 14, 2022 5122
The Recommendation System of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Resources in Universities Based on Improved Collaborative Filtering Model. Geng, Li Report Jun 14, 2022 5321
Analysis and Research on Sustainable Development Factors of the Sports Industry Based on Chaos Theory. Luo, Yuankai; Gao, Shanshan; Yan, Xuanfei; Cao, Yecheng Jun 14, 2022 6406
Motion Trajectory Control System for Production Line Robots Based on Variable Domain Fuzzy Control. Pan, Ling Jun 14, 2022 4666
Monte Carlo Noise Reduction Algorithm Based on Deep Neural Network in Efficient Indoor Scene Rendering System. Chen, Xiwen; Shen, Jianfei Jun 14, 2022 5173
Correlation of Computed Tomographic Angiography in Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting and Effect of Standardized Rehabilitation Nursing. Liu, Mingming Jun 14, 2022 5351
Medical Intelligent System and Orthopedic Clinical Nursing Based on Graph Partition Sampling Algorithm. Heng, Xiucheng; Chen, Yufei; Liu, Lihong Jun 14, 2022 9061
Interactive Design and Management Method of Art Teaching System in Colleges and Universities under the Background of Big Data. Huang, Zejun Jun 14, 2022 6334
Assessment of Jiangsu Regional Logistics Space Nonequilibrium Situation by Boosting and Bagging Algorithms. Wang, Zhifeng Jun 14, 2022 6619
Identification and Validation of a Novel Immune Infiltration-Based Diagnostic Score for Early Detection of Hepatocellular Carcinoma by Machine-Learning Strategies. Guo, Xuli; Xiong, Hailin; Dong, Shaoting; Wei, Xiaobing Jun 14, 2022 6281
The algorithm of infidelity. Jun 13, 2022 539
Electronic Controller Automatic Test System Based on Intelligent Control Algorithm. Li, Meiqi; Gong, Xu Jun 13, 2022 6473
A Novel Light Field Image Compression Method Using EPI Restoration Neural Network. Liu, Jinghuai; Zhang, Qian; Shen, Ang; Gao, Ying; Hou, Jiaqi; Wang, Bin; Yan, Tao Jun 13, 2022 4771
Fractional-Order Boosted Jellyfish Search Optimizer with Gaussian Mutation for Income Forecast of Rural Resident. Lei, Yang; Fan, Lingyun; Yang, Juntao; Si, Wenhu Jun 13, 2022 17812
MOOC and Flipped Classroom Task-Based English Teaching Model for Colleges and Universities Using Data Mining and Few-Shot Learning Technology. Gong, Yujuan; Zhou, Jie Jun 13, 2022 6332
Study on Sustainable Agricultural Structure Optimization Method Based on Multiobjective Optimization Algorithm. Duan, Dingkang Report Jun 13, 2022 6938
Scene Classification in the Environmental Art Design by Using the Lightweight Deep Learning Model under the Background of Big Data. Liu, Lu Jun 13, 2022 5737
Tourism Information Management System Using Neural Networks Driven by Particle Swarm Model. Gao, Xuan; Qi, Yuan; Chai, Yong; Lei, Chun; Wang, Jiefei Jun 13, 2022 6012
Motion Capture and Dance Image Discrimination Based on Silent Positioning Algorithm. Zhu, Lin Jun 13, 2022 5350
Artificial Intelligence-Based Semisupervised Self-Training Algorithm in Pathological Tissue Image Segmentation. Li, Qun; Liu, Linlin Jun 13, 2022 8366
Intelligent Analysis and Classification of Piano Music Gestures with Multimodal Recordings. Chang, Xunyun; Peng, Liangqing Jun 13, 2022 6021
Multitemporal Change Detection and Irregular Land Shape Area Measurement from Multispectral Sensor Images through BSO Algorithm. Kumar, L. Ashok; Jebarani, M. R. Ebenezer; Krishnan, V. Gokula; Ahmad, Mohd Wazih Report Jun 13, 2022 4993
ELM-Assisted Particle Filter for INS/UWB-Integrated Quadrotor Positioning. Bi, Shuhui; Li, Fukun; Wang, Lei; Xu, Yuan; Feng, Jidong Jun 13, 2022 4458
A Spatial Spectrum Estimation Method for Optimization and Improvement of Resource Allocation and Management of Public Sport and Health Facilities. Sun, Yongsheng Jun 13, 2022 4978
Machine Vision-Based Ping Pong Ball Rotation Trajectory Tracking Algorithm. Wang, Yilei; Wang, Ling Jun 13, 2022 8270
The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Football Risk Prediction. Qiao, Jinyu Jun 13, 2022 5653
Design of Optimum Portfolio Scheme Based on Improved NSGA-II Algorithm. Zhou, Yiqian; Chen, Weinan; Lin, Deqin Jun 13, 2022 4602
Automatic Measurement Method of Slump Flow of Cement Paste Based on Dynamic Image Processing Technology. He, Shiqin; Gao, Pengfei; Wang, Chunyue; Nie, Ding; Wang, Hui Jun 13, 2022 3575
Research on the Optimization of Agricultural Industry Structure Based on Genetic Algorithm. Liu, Lingxiao Jun 13, 2022 5636
Influence of Aerobic Exercise Load Intensity on Children's Mental Health. Zhao, Sihong Jun 11, 2022 5597
Integrated Bioinformatics Identifies FREM1 as a Diagnostic Gene Signature for Heart Failure. Jiang, Chenyang; Jiang, Weidong Jun 11, 2022 4969
Feature Extraction Method of Electronic Information Based on Statistical Correlation. Sun, Zhengkai; Yang, Haidong Jun 11, 2022 6393
An Enhanced Moth-Flame Optimization with Multiple Flame Guidance Mechanism for Parameter Extraction of Photovoltaic Models. Wang, Zhenyu; Cao, Zijian; Liu, Chen; Jia, Haowen; Tian, Feng; Liu, Fuxi Report Jun 11, 2022 9545
Research on the Multimodal Digital Teaching Quality Data Evaluation Model Based on Fuzzy BP Neural Network. Feng, Wenyan; Feng, Fan Jun 11, 2022 6988
Evaluation of the Physical Education Teaching and Training Efficiency by the Integration of Ideological and Political Courses with Lightweight Deep Learning. Zhang, Shuaiqi Jun 11, 2022 6318
Deep Learning Approaches for Cyberbullying Detection and Classification on Social Media. S, Neelakandan; M, Sridevi; Chandrasekaran, Saravanan; K, Murugeswari; Singh Pundir, Aditya Kumar; R Jun 11, 2022 8257
Adoption of Wireless Network and Artificial Intelligence Algorithm in Chinese-English Tense Translation. Li, Xiaojing Jun 11, 2022 6031
Human Intelligence Analysis through Perception of AI in Teaching and Learning. Kshirsagar, Pravin R.; Jagannadham, D. B. V.; Alqahtani, Hamed; Noorulhasan Naveed, Quadri; Islam, S Jun 11, 2022 5707
Diagnosis and Nursing Intervention of Gynecological Ovarian Endometriosis with Magnetic Resonance Imaging under Artificial Intelligence Algorithm. Jiang, Nijie; Xie, Hong; Lin, Jiao; Wang, Yun; Yin, Yanan Jun 11, 2022 5520
Dynamic Data Infrastructure Security for Interoperable e-Healthcare Systems: A Semantic Feature-Driven NoSQL Intrusion Attack Detection Model. Sreejith, R.; Senthil, S. Jun 10, 2022 18103
Human Resource Matching Support System Based on Deep Learning. Chen, Xi Report Jun 10, 2022 5833
CRUN-Based Leaf Disease Segmentation and Morphological-Based Stage Identification. Sujithra, J.; Ukrit, M. Ferni Report Jun 10, 2022 5317
Construction of Tourism E-Commerce Platform Based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm. Yin, Xiaoyin; He, Jiangnan Jun 10, 2022 5461
DSM and Optimization of Multihop Smart Grid Based on Genetic Algorithm. Zhu, Qi; Li, Yingliang; Song, Jiuxu Jun 10, 2022 6558
Initial Clustering Based on the Swarm Intelligence Algorithm for Computing a Data Density Parameter. Xiong, Wei Jun 10, 2022 4492
Effect of Improved Association Algorithm on Mining and Recognition of Audit Data. Qiu, Putianyi Jun 10, 2022 5490
Design of Customer Churn Early Warning System Based on Mobile Communication Technology Based on Data Mining. Li, Qiang Jun 10, 2022 7035
Treatment of Cancer Gene Changes in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia by Big Data Analysis Platform-Based Dasatinib. Song, Linlin; Li, Qi; Shi, Hui; Zhang, Pengxia Jun 10, 2022 5837
Path Planning of Multirotor UAV Based on the Improved Ant Colony Algorithm. Qi, Duo; Zhang, Zhihao; Zhang, Qirui Jun 9, 2022 4163
Monitoring Area Coverage Based on Improved Virtual Force and Multimedia Nodes Movement Data in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks. Li, Qiangyi; Liu, Ningzhong Jun 9, 2022 4912
Wearable Psychological Stress Monitoring Equipment and Data Analysis Based on a Wireless Sensor. Xu, Huixiang; Zhang, Nan; Liu, Qiuju Jun 9, 2022 5723
Research on Intelligent Recognition and Management of Smart City Based on Machine Vision. Liu, Rulin; Liu, Longfeng Jun 9, 2022 6212
Research on Extraction Method of Multiple Narrow Channel Vessel Trajectory Feature in Yangtze River Based on VITS Data. Yan, Xintong; He, Jie; Ren, Qiaoqiao; Bai, Chunguang; Zhang, Changjian; Wang, Chenwei Jun 9, 2022 10279
Real-Time Object Detection for the Running Train Based on the Improved YOLO V4 Neural Network. Liu, Yang; Gao, Mengfei; Zong, Humin; Wang, Xinping; Li, Jinshuang Jun 9, 2022 7018
Automatic Lane Line Detection System Based on Artificial Intelligence. Ji, Gaoqing; Zheng, Yunchang Jun 9, 2022 4900
Research on Structural Optimization of Prefabricated Components Based on Improved Immune Genetic Algorithm. Ma, Tingting Jun 9, 2022 4880
Fuzzy Logic-Based Machine Learning Algorithm for Cultural and Creative Product Design. Lan, Taihua Jun 9, 2022 4189
Particle Swarm Optimization and Modular Multilevel Converter Communication in Electrical Applications with Machine Learning Algorithm. Kamal, Shoaib; Sayeed, Farrukh; Ahanger, Tariq Ahamed; Subbalakshmi, Chatti; Kalidoss, R.; Singh, Ni Jun 9, 2022 6665
Research on Discrete Dynamic Modeling of Learner Behavior Analysis in English Teaching. Fu, Junru; Cao, Lingmei Jun 9, 2022 5218
Machine Learning Algorithm for Soil Analysis and Classification of Micronutrients in IoT-Enabled Automated Farms. Blesslin Sheeba, T.; Anand, L. D. Vijay; Manohar, Gunaselvi; Selvan, Saravana; Wilfred, C. Bazil; Mu Jun 8, 2022 5370
Prediction of Mg Alloy Corrosion Based on Machine Learning Models. Lu, Zhenxin; Si, Shujing; He, Keying; Ren, Yang; Li, Shuo; Zhang, Shuman; Fu, Yi Report Jun 8, 2022 3976
Application and Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms for Predicting Rock Deformation in Hydraulic Tunnels. Liu, Yixin; Ren, Xuhua; Zhang, Jixun; Zhang, Yuxian Jun 8, 2022 5664
Automatic English Pronunciation Evaluation Algorithm Based on Sequence Matching and Feature Fusion. Liu, Nian Jun 8, 2022 4540
Application of a New Loss Function-Based Support Vector Machine Algorithm in Quality Control of Measurement Observation Data. Wu, Youping; Tao, Guoqiang Jun 8, 2022 6144
Algorithm for Swimmers' Starting Posture Correction Based on Kinect. Chang, Zheng; Zhao, Yu Jun 8, 2022 5332
Research on the Efficiency Evaluation of Cross-Organizational Knowledge Synergy in Industry University Cooperation Based on BP Neural Network Algorithm. Jing, Li Jun 8, 2022 5558
Parameter Identification with a New Recursive Framework for Wiener-Hammerstein-Like System and Its Application. Liang, Shujun; Zhang, Huanlong; Zhang, Jie; Wang, Fengxian Jun 8, 2022 6621
An Enhanced Multifactor Multiobjective Approach for Software Modularization. Zakir Khan, Muhammad; Naseem, Rashid; Anwar, Aamir; ul-Haq, Ijaz; Hussain, Saddam; Alroobaea, Roobae Jun 8, 2022 8173
Design and Application of Cloud Resource-Based Ideological and Political Online Course Resource Platform. Kang, Zheqing Jun 8, 2022 5210
Regional Financial Economic Data Processing Based on Distributed Decoding Technology. Zhang, HuiLi Jun 8, 2022 6982
A Microwave Imaging Matrix Algorithm Based on Contrast Source. Wang, Meng; Lu, Guizhen; Chen, Junwen Jun 8, 2022 4544
MOOC Teaching Model of Basic Education Based on Fuzzy Decision Tree Algorithm. Yuanyuan, Zhang Jun 8, 2022 5032
Robust Transmit Beamforming Algorithm for Low-Altitude Slow-Speed Small Target Detection. Jin, Songpo; Li, Hongtao; Wang, Pengyi; Shen, Yi; Zhuang, Shanna Jun 8, 2022 4389
Analysis of Human Exercise Health Monitoring Data of Smart Bracelet Based on Machine Learning. Ma, Xiaoge Jun 8, 2022 6612
Film and Video Quality Optimization Using Attention Mechanism-Embedded Lightweight Neural Network Model. Ma, Youwen Jun 8, 2022 6136
Prediction for Distant Metastasis of Breast Cancer Using Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging Images under Deep Learning. Li, Li; Tian, Hongzhe; Zhang, Baorong; Wang, Weijun; Li, Bo Jun 8, 2022 4976
Construction of Economic Security Early Warning System Based on Cloud Computing and Data Mining. Yuan, Guanghui; Xie, Fei; Tan, Huiling Jun 8, 2022 6314
Sharing of Teaching Resources for English Majors Based on Ubiquitous Learning Resource Sharing Platform and Neural Network. Zhang, Lijuan Jun 8, 2022 6574
VIASCKDE Index: A Novel Internal Cluster Validity Index for Arbitrary-Shaped Clusters Based on the Kernel Density Estimation. Senol, Ali Jun 8, 2022 11245
High Performance Computing Simulation of Intelligent Logistics Management Based on Shortest Path Algorithm. Wei, Zongchao Jun 8, 2022 4304
Research and Application of Clustering Algorithm for Text Big Data. Chen, Zi Li Jun 8, 2022 5235
Construction of Tourism Management Engineering Based on Data Mining Technology. Ma, Zhichen Jun 8, 2022 5886
Embedded Estimation Sequential Bayes Parameter Inference for the Ricker Dynamical System. Rehman, Muhammad Javvad Ur; Zafar, Raheel; Dilpazir, Hammad; Sohail, Muhammad Farhan; Khan, Muhammad Jun 8, 2022 6122
Research on Complex Multiconstraint Path Planning Based on ACA Hybrid Algorithm. Wang, Hongyun; Gao, Min; Gao, Weiwei; Li, Wenzhao Jun 8, 2022 7306
Solving the Problem of Time, Cost, and Quality Trade-Off in Project Scheduling under Fuzzy Conditions Using Meta-Heuristic Algorithms. Ghadir, Hojjatullah; Shayannia, Seyed Ahmad; Miandargh, Mehdi Amir Jun 8, 2022 10057
Research on High-Satisfaction Evaluation of Health-Care Product Design Based on Genetic Optimization Algorithm. Zhao, Yanyun; Xue, Yujia Report Jun 7, 2022 5966
Balanced Allocation Method of Physical Education Distance Education Resources Based on Linear Prediction. Ren, Hui; Sohail, Mishal Report Jun 7, 2022 5914
Study on Evaluation of Leisure Diving Tourism Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Method Optimized Bat Algorithm. Sun, Jin Report Jun 7, 2022 4688
Research on Agricultural Economic Early Warning Based on Genetic Algorithm and SVM. Bian, Xueyong; Lv, Xuzi; Tian, Jie Jun 7, 2022 3576
Node Localization Algorithm Based on Modified Archimedes Optimization Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks. Cheng, Mangmang; Qin, Tao; Yang, Jing Jun 7, 2022 6663
Research on Communication Optimization of Power Carrier Sensor Control Network Based on Ant Colony Algorithm. Ma, Xiang; Workneh, Tewabe Chekole Jun 7, 2022 4096
Reinforcement Learning for Computational Guidance of Launch Vehicle Upper Stage. Li, Shiyao; Yan, Yushen; Qiao, Hao; Guan, Xin; Li, Xinguo Jun 7, 2022 9301
Empirical Method for Thyroid Disease Classification Using a Machine Learning Approach. Alyas, Tahir; Hamid, Muhammad; Alissa, Khalid; Faiz, Tauqeer; Tabassum, Nadia; Ahmad, Aqeel Jun 7, 2022 5000
Application of Fuzzy Immune Algorithm and Soft Computing in the Design of 2-DOF PID Controller. Ding, Ning; Prabhakar, Priti; Khosla, Anita; Jagota, Vishal; Ramirez-Asis, Edwin; Singh, Bhupesh Kum Jun 7, 2022 5480
Integration and Optimization of British and American Literature Information Resources in the Distributed Cloud Computing Environment. Chen, Mei Jun 7, 2022 7006
A Novel Stress State Assessment Method for College Students Based on EEG. Liu, Li; Ji, Yunfeng; Gao, Yun; Li, Tao; Xu, Wei Jun 7, 2022 6653
Font Design in Visual Communication Design of Genetic Algorithm. Wang, Yue; Chung, Won-jun Jun 7, 2022 5572
Construction of the Enterprise Human Resource Quality Evaluation System Based on the WICS Leadership Model. Zong, Na Report Jun 7, 2022 5230
Statistical Learning-Based Spatial Downscaling Models for Precipitation Distribution. Wu, Yichen; Zhang, Zhihua; Crabbe, M. James C.; Chandra Das, Lipon Report Jun 7, 2022 3868
Research on Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Multimodal Hierarchical Attention Mechanism and Genetic Neural Network. Wang, Dalei; Ma, Lan Jun 6, 2022 10706
Analysis of Risk Factors in Global Software Development: A Cross-Continental Study Using Modified Firefly Algorithm. Iftikhar, Asim; Ali, Syed Mubashir; Alam, Muhammad; Musa, Shahrulniza; Su'ud, Mazliham Mohd Report Jun 6, 2022 7743
Algorithm Composition and Emotion Recognition Based on Machine Learning. He, Jiao Jun 6, 2022 6715
Phase Prediction Study of High-Entropy Energy Alloy Generation Based on Machine Learning. He, Zhongping; Zhang, Huan Report Jun 6, 2022 5282
A Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) for Unbiased Prediction of Caesarean Section Based on Features Extraction and Optimized Classification. Javeed, Ashir; Ali, Liaqat; Mohammed Seid, Abegaz; Ali, Arif; Khan, Dilpazir; Imrana, Yakubu Jun 6, 2022 7906
A Genetic Neural Net Model for the Relationship between Pre-School and Attention in Early Childhood. Wang, Liping; Yao, Na Jun 6, 2022 7237
Design of Sports Rehabilitation Training System Based on EEMD Algorithm. Wang, Kaiwei; Wang, Zhenghui; Ren, Wu; Yang, Chunsheng Jun 6, 2022 6168
Analysis of Traditional Cultural Acceptance Based on Deep Learning. Fei, Qingmei Jun 6, 2022 4528
DARSegNet: A Real-Time Semantic Segmentation Method Based on Dual Attention Fusion Module and Encoder-Decoder Network. Xing, Yongfeng; Zhong, Luo; Zhong, Xian Report Jun 6, 2022 5202
Urban Landscape Information Construction and Visual Communication Design Based on Digital Image Matrix Reconstruction. Yu, Jie; Zhang, Liping Jun 6, 2022 6934
Federated Multitask Learning with Manifold Regularization for Face Spoof Attack Detection[sup.?]. Chen, Yingyue; Chen, Liang; Hong, Chaoqun; Wang, Xiaodong Report Jun 6, 2022 5245
Human Resource Decision-Making and Recommendation Based on Hadoop Distributed Big Data Platform. Chen, Weiling; Du, Chunjing Jun 6, 2022 6164
Firefly Optimization-Based Cooperative Localization Algorithm for Intelligent IoT. Liu, Cheng peng; Xia, Bin; Zhang, Liye Jun 6, 2022 3473
A Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimizer for Curriculum Sequencing Problem. Peng, Xianjie; Sun, Xiaonan; He, Zhen Clinical report Jun 6, 2022 5735
Graphic Perception System for Visually Impaired Groups. Wen, Jingzi Jun 3, 2022 5409
Resource Management and Optimization Method of Music Audio-Visual Archives under the Background of Big Data. Deng, Chongbo Jun 3, 2022 5987
COVID-19 Propagation Prediction Model Using Improved Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithms in Combination with XGBoost and Bagging-Integrated Learning. Duan, Yonghui; Mao, Yaqi; Guo, Yibin; Wang, Xiang; Gao, Shen Report Jun 3, 2022 8670
DOA Estimation Method for Ultra-Wide-Band Insect Radar Based on Variable Conical Conformal Array: Adjustable MUSIC Algorithm. Mei, Jia-Lei; Zhou, Pei-Cong; Xiong, Xin-Nong; Liu, Ren-Xin; Zhang, Qing-Yue; Yin, Zi-Cong Jun 3, 2022 5185
Concrete Vehicle Scheduling Based on Immune Genetic Algorithm. Yang, Jie; Yue, Bin; Feng, Feifei; Shi, Jinfa; Zong, Haoyang; Ma, Junxu; Shangguan, Linjian Jun 3, 2022 8306
Automatic Image Processing Algorithm for Light Environment Optimization Based on Multimodal Neural Network Model. Chen, Mujun Jun 3, 2022 7889
Dynamic Resource Allocation and Forecast of Snow Tourism Demand Based on Multiobjective Optimization Algorithm. Feng, Mingfen; Zhang, Xiaomei; Dong, Shuqi Jun 3, 2022 6268
Pose Estimation-Assisted Dance Tracking System Based on Convolutional Neural Network. Mu, Jin Dance review Jun 3, 2022 6380
An Animation Model Generation Method Based on Gaussian Mutation Genetic Algorithm to Optimize Neural Network. Liu, Jing; Chen, Qixing; Zhang, Yihua; Tian, Xiaoying Jun 3, 2022 5614
Prediction of Labor Unemployment Based on Time Series Model and Neural Network Model. Liu, Xitao; Li, Lihui Jun 3, 2022 4796
Cycle Performance of Aerated Lightweight Concrete Windowed and Windowless Wall Panel from the Perspective of Lightweight Deep Learning. Yuan, Xing; Zhang, Yao; Lu, Qinggang; Zhang, Shuhang; Liu, Hua; Jin, Mingchang; Xu, Feng Jun 3, 2022 8182
Application of Fast P2P Traffic Recognition Technology Based on Decision Tree in the Detection of Network Traffic Data. Zheng, Lin; Li, Junjiao Jun 3, 2022 5289
Prediction of Shear Wave Velocity Based on a Hybrid Network of Two-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network and Gated Recurrent Unit. Chen, Tengfei; Gao, Gang; Wang, Peng; Zhao, Bin; Li, Yonggen; Gui, Zhixian Jun 2, 2022 6322
Comparative Study of Two Localization Approaches for Mobile Robots in an Indoor Environment. Alhamdi, Eman; Hedjar, Ramdane Jun 2, 2022 6755
Prediction of Prognostic Risk Factors in Patients with Invasive Candidiasis and Cancer: A Single-Centre Retrospective Study. Li, Jingyi; Li, Yaling; Gao, Yali; Niu, Xueli; Tang, Mingsui; Fu, Chang; Wang, Zihan; Liu, Jiayi; So Report Jun 2, 2022 6496
Dance Movement Interference Suppression Algorithm Based upon Contour Model and AdaBoost Algorithm. Xu, Jiaxi Jun 2, 2022 7009
Wireless Sensor System of UAV Infrared Image and Visible Light Image Registration Fusion. Gu, Lei; Meng, Juan Jun 2, 2022 7530
Real-Time Multitarget Tracking for Panoramic Video Based on Dual Neural Networks for Multisensor Information Fusion. Lin, Qing Jun 2, 2022 7197
Graphic Language Representation in Visual Communication Design Based on Two-Way Long- and Short-Memory Model. Zhang, Bingjing Report Jun 2, 2022 5632
Optimizing Object Storage System by the Object Multi-Tiered Balanced Organization. Zhang, Lei; Feng, Dongyu; Lei, Chengxi Report Jun 2, 2022 12316
Online Learning for DNN Training: A Stochastic Block Adaptive Gradient Algorithm. Liu, Jianghui; Li, Baozhu; Zhou, Yangfan; Zhao, Xuhui; Zhu, Junlong; Zhang, Mingchuan Report Jun 2, 2022 6154
Construction of English and American Literature Corpus Based on Machine Learning Algorithm. Dai, Qian Report Jun 2, 2022 6041
Analysis of Sentiment and Personalised Recommendation in Musical Performance. Wang, Dan Report Jun 2, 2022 4554
Construction of Knowledge Graph of 3D Clothing Design Resources Based on Multimodal Clustering Network. Zheng, Jia; Hong, Wei Jun 2, 2022 7431
A Path-Planning Approach Based on Potential and Dynamic Q-Learning for Mobile Robots in Unknown Environment. Hao, Bing; Du, He; Zhao, Jianshuo; Zhang, Jiamin; Wang, Qi Jun 2, 2022 6982
Key Frame Extraction Method for Minors' Participation in Online Short-Form Video from the Perspective of Government Administration. Wu, Qiuli Jun 2, 2022 6659
Evaluating the Stability of Numerical Schemes for Fluid Solvers in Game Technology. Stark, Craig R.; Diver, Declan A. Jun 2, 2022 6574
Designing and Implementing a Terminal Platform to Manage and Detect the Health of Exercise Parameters Based on Internet Objects. Bai, Xi Jun 2, 2022 7774
Applications of Deep Learning in the Evaluation and Analysis of College Students' Mental Health. Zhou, Lanfeng Jun 1, 2022 5643
Adoption of Compound Echocardiography under Artificial Intelligence Algorithm in Fetal Congenial Heart Disease Screening during Gestation. Han, Guowei; Jin, Tianliang; Zhang, Li; Guo, Chen; Gui, Hua; Na, Risu; Wang, Xuesong Jun 1, 2022 5030
Changing landscape of nursing homes serving residents with dementia and mental illnesses. Xu, Huiwen; Intrator, Orna; Culakova, Eva; Bowblis, John R. Report Jun 1, 2022 7693
Assessment of Ship-Overtaking Situation Based on Swarm Intelligence Improved KDE. Xue, Han Jun 1, 2022 6017
Research on Digital Steganography and Image Synthesis Model Based on Improved Wavelet Neural Network. Li, Xujie; Yao, Rujing; Lee, Jonghan Jun 1, 2022 7397
Development of a New Modelling Approach and Performance Evaluation of Meta-heuristic Optimization Algorithms for the Prediction of Kinetic Growth Parameters for Pseudomonas spp. in Fish. Tarlak, Fatih; Yucel, Ozgun; Khosravi-Darani, Kianoush Jun 1, 2022 4622
A Hybrid Human-Machine Learning Approach for Screening Prostate Biopsies Can Improve Clinical Efficiency Without Compromising Diagnostic Accuracy. Dov, David; Assaad, Serge; Syedibrahim, Ameer; Bell, Jonathan; Huang, Jiaoti; Madden, John; Bentley, Report Jun 1, 2022 6420
Development and Supervision of Financial Technology Based on Blockchain. Yang, Rui Jun 1, 2022 6146
Application of Image Recognition Based on Wireless Sensors in Dance Teaching System. Ben, Chi Jun 1, 2022 5979
Evaluation of Financial Subsidy for Agriculture Based on Combined Algorithm. Chen, Kexin; Wang, Zhenyu Jun 1, 2022 4319
Small Object Detection Network Based on Feature Information Enhancement. Luo, Huilan; Wang, Pei; Chen, Hongkun; Kowelo, Vladimir Peter Jun 1, 2022 7625
Entropy and Correlation Coefficients of Neutrosophic and Interval-Valued Neutrosophic Hypersoft Set with application of Multi-Attributive Problems. Jafar, Muhammad Naveed; Saeed, Muhammad; Ghani, Tahir Jun 1, 2022 5988
Trajectory Control Algorithm of Flexible Joint Manipulator Based on Random Matrix and Screw Theory. Guo, Hao; Zhou, Dashuai; He, Yao Jun 1, 2022 7534
Variations in 2D and 3D Models by a New Family of Subdivision Schemes and Algorithms for its Analysis. Hameed, Rabia; Mustafa, Ghulam; Majeed, Rizwan Jun 1, 2022 7737
The Opposition-Based Learning Parameter Adjusting Harmony Search Algorithm Research on Radars Optimal Deployment. Cui, Yujuan; He, Hang; Dong, Wenhan; Liu, Liguo; Liu, Haibo Jun 1, 2022 10743
Real-Time Simulation Method of Flame Animation Based on the Deep Stripping Algorithm and Texture Mapping. Fei, Jingjing Jun 1, 2022 5156
Gaussian Pyramid for Nonlinear Support Vector Machine. Abo Zidan, Rawan; Karraz, George May 31, 2022 5136
Ultra-humanoid robot paints terrifying portrait of the Queen to mark Jubilee; The painting was created by Ai-Da Robot, a human-sized robot built in 2019 that uses Artificial Intelligence to create drawings, painting, and sculptures. By, Connie Evans & Benedict Tetzlaff-Deas & Charlie Duffield May 31, 2022 408
Intelligent Gamification Mechanics Using Fuzzy-AHP and K-Means to Provide Matched Partner Reference. Marisa, Fitri; Syed Ahmad, Sharifah Sakinah; Kausar, Nasreen; Kousar, Sajida; Pamucar, Dragan; Al Di May 31, 2022 6872
Target Tracking Algorithm in Football Match Video Based on Deep Learning. Zhao, Wei May 31, 2022 6386
Severity Prediction over Parkinson's Disease Prediction by Using the Deep Brooke Inception Net Classifier. Sarankumar, R.; Vinod, D.; Anitha, K.; Manohar, Gunaselvi; Vijayanand, Karunanithi Senthamilselvi; P May 31, 2022 5290
Computational Intelligence-Based Melanoma Detection and Classification Using Dermoscopic Images. Vaiyapuri, Thavavel; Balaji, Prasanalakshmi; S, Shridevi.; Alaskar, Haya; Sbai, Zohra May 31, 2022 4890
Discovery of Knowledge in the Incidence of a Type of Lung Cancer for Patients through Data Mining Models. Saleh Ibrahim, Yousif; Muhammed, Yasser; Al-Douri, Asaad T.; Faisal, Muhammad Shahzad; Mohamad, Abdu May 31, 2022 5785
Characteristic Analysis and Route Optimization of Heterogeneous Neural Network in Logistics Allocation System. Zeng, Qingju May 31, 2022 5632
A BP Neural Network Algorithm for Multimedia Data Monitoring of Air Particulate Matter. Zhang, Chunyi May 31, 2022 4750
System Resource Allocation and Rural Industry Revitalization Based on Max-Min Algorithm. Dai, Qiongyao May 31, 2022 6216
Development of an Appropriate Uncertainty Model with an Application to Solid Waste Management Planning. Abd Elazeem, Abd Elazeem M.; El-Wahed Khalifa, Hamiden Abd; Pamucar, Dragan; Kacem, Amina Hadj; Afif May 31, 2022 10093
Adaptive Spatial Division-Guided Resource-Based Economic Transformation with Synergistic Resource, Economic, and Environmental Health. Yang, Jiangong May 31, 2022 6190
Evaluation of Physical Education Teaching Effect Based on Action Skill Recognition. Ding, Xia; Peng, Wei; Yi, Xiaoling May 31, 2022 5610
An Optimization Method for Enterprise Resource Integration Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization. Guo, Aifang; Zhu, Lina; Chang, Lingjie May 31, 2022 6610
Multiagent Culture Algorithm-Based Interactive Design of College English Online Teaching Process. Peng, Nianfan May 31, 2022 5834
Commercial Bank Credit Grading Model Using Genetic Optimization Neural Network and Cluster Analysis. Bai, Yunpu; Zha, Dunlin May 31, 2022 6548
Classification and Pathological Diagnosis of Idiopathic Interstitial Pneumonia. Chen, Zhihua; Huang, Wenqiang; Song, Yibo May 31, 2022 5634
Design of Teaching Quality Analysis and Management System for PE Courses Based on Data-Mining Algorithm. Li, Sen; Yanrui Luo, May 31, 2022 6569
Construction of Remote Sensing Model of Fresh Corn Biomass Based on Neural Network. Chen, Jianjian; Zhang, Hui; Bian, Yunlong; Li, Xiangnan; Lv, Guihua May 31, 2022 7458
Feedback Delay of Sports Intelligent Learning System Based on Model Predictive Control. Lv, Haidong May 31, 2022 5387
Digital-Media-Based Interaction and Dissemination of Traditional Culture Integrating Using Social Media Data Analytics. Hong, Na May 31, 2022 7947
Blockchain-Based Neural Network Model for Agricultural Product Cold Chain Coordination. Gao, Zhenghao; Li, Dan May 31, 2022 7858
A Comparison between Multiple-Input Multiple-Output and Multiple-Input Single-Output Radar Configurations for Through-the-Wall Imaging Applications. Pisa, Stefano; Cicchetti, Renato; Piuzzi, Emanuele; Testa, Orlandino May 31, 2022 5906
Multi-Band mm-Wave Wearable Antenna Synthesized with a Genetic Algorithm. Dejen, Arebu; Ridwan, Murad; Jayasinghe, Jeevani; Anguera, Jaume May 31, 2022 5517
Parking Guidance System Based on Geomagnetic Sensors and Recurrent Neural Networks. Ren, Chengjuan; Lee, Sukhoon; Jeong, Dongwon; Chen, Haotian; Xiao, Yan May 31, 2022 7102
A Novel DC-Power Control Method for Cascaded Converter under DC Voltage-Imbalance Condition. Xia, Zhenglong; Wu, Qifan; Ye, Zongbin; Yu, Dongsheng; Zhu, Lanqiao; Hu, Wenhao May 31, 2022 5597
Multimodal Transport Path Selection of Cold Chain Logistics Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm. Zheng, Changjiang; Sun, Kai; Gu, Yuhang; Shen, Jinxing; Du, Muqing May 31, 2022 6575
A Closure Jacking Force Calculation Algorithm for Curved Prestressed Concrete Continuous Rigid-Frame Bridges with Asymmetric Cantilevers and Piers. Chen, Chuang; Wang, Xuyi; Lin, Qidong; Wang, Yinhui May 31, 2022 7181
Research on Folk Handicraft Image Recognition Based on Neural Networks and Visual Saliency. Yu, Xinyong; Dai, Yanli May 31, 2022 4502
A Three-Dimensional Animation Character Dance Movement Model Based on the Edge Distance Random Matrix. Jin, Yan May 31, 2022 7502
Digital Movie Recommendation Algorithm Based on Big Data Platform. Miao, Guojian; Gao, Yin; Zhu, Zhenshen May 31, 2022 4997
Temperature Control Algorithm of Underground Air Conditioning in Station. Zheng, Lei; Zhao, Yucai; Hu, Xinchao; Li, Wenlong; Zhou, Wei; Fang, Yuyue May 31, 2022 3819
Parametric Optimal Design System of Construction System Based on Distributed Optimal Algorithm. Zhang, Wei May 31, 2022 6129
English Translation Template Retrieval Based on Semantic Distance Ontology Knowledge Recognition Algorithm. Chen, Yu May 31, 2022 6543
Research on Multilevel Chaotic Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Optical Processing Technology. Li, Guangli; Talha, Muhammad May 31, 2022 4979
Machine Learning- and Feature Selection-Enabled Framework for Accurate Crop Yield Prediction. Gupta, Sandeep; Geetha, Angelina; Sankaran, K. Sakthidasan; Zamani, Abu Sarwar; Ritonga, Mahyudin; R May 30, 2022 4930
Prediction of Quality Food Sale in Mart Using the AI-Based TOR Method. Irfan, Daniyal; Tang, Xuan; Narayan, Vipul; Mall, Pawan Kumar; Srivastava, Swapnita; Saravanan, V. May 30, 2022 4443
Training a Feedforward Neural Network Using Hybrid Gravitational Search Algorithm with Dynamic Multiswarm Particle Swarm Optimization. Nagra, Arfan Ali; Alyas, Tahir; Hamid, Muhammad; Tabassum, Nadia; Ahmad, Aqeel May 30, 2022 5661
Simulating Nonhomogeneous Non-Gaussian Field by Using Iterative Rank-Dependent Reordering versus Translation Process-Based Procedure. Hong, H. P.; Xiao, M. Y. May 30, 2022 8618
Optimal Sizing of Hybrid Energy System Using Random Exploratory Search-Centred Harris Hawks Optimizer with Improved Exploitation Capability. Anand, Priyanka; Kamboj, Vikram Kumar; Alaraj, Muhannad; Rizwan, Mohammad; Mwakitalima, Isaka J. May 30, 2022 13788
Distributed Double-Layered Dynamic Matrix Control for Large-Scale System. Wang, Li; Cai, Yuanli; Zan, Xin May 30, 2022 6582
Proposing Lane and Obstacle Detection Algorithm Using YOLO to Control Self-Driving Cars on Advanced Networks. Huu, Phat Nguyen; Pham Thi, Quyen; Tong Thi Quynh, Phuong May 30, 2022 8898
Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Network for Predicting the Return of Rate Underframe the Fama-French 5 Factor. Khoa, Bui Thanh; Huynh, Tran Trong May 30, 2022 5296
Design, Implementation, and Performance Evaluation of a Web-Based Multiple Robot Control System. Rajapaksha, U. U. Samantha; Jayawardena, Chandimal; MacDonald, Bruce A. May 30, 2022 9614
Effect of Low-Dose Dexmedetomidine Combined with Lumbosacral Plexus Block Guided by Ultrasound Imaging Based on Image Segmentation Algorithm in Fracture Surgery. Ji, Qiang; Wang, Feng; He, Qiang; Li, Yanhui; Ma, Yan May 30, 2022 5138
Traffic Sign Detection Based on SSD Combined with Receptive Field Module and Path Aggregation Network. Wu, Jianjun; Liao, Shaowen Report May 30, 2022 8137
Optimal Deep Transfer Learning-Based Human-Centric Biomedical Diagnosis for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Detection. Hamza, Manar Ahmed; Albraikan, Amani Abdulrahman; Alzahrani, Jaber S.; Dhahbi, Sami; Al-Turaiki, Isr May 30, 2022 5080
Evaluation of the Emotion Model in Electronic Music Based on PSO-BP. Guo, Ting May 30, 2022 5469
An Infrared Stripe Noise Removal Method Based on Multi-Scale Wavelet Transform and Multinomial Sparse Representation. Li, Mingxuan; Nong, Shenkai; Nie, Ting; Han, Chengshan; Huang, Liang May 30, 2022 7248
A Design Optimization Method with Sparse Scattered Data and Evolutionary Computation. Liu, Yuxiang; He, Shipei; Liu, Wei; Chen, Xihong May 30, 2022 6170
Integrated Learning Model-Based Assessment of Enteral Nutrition Support in Neurosurgical Intensive Care Patients. Jiang, Suxue; Wang, Roushi; Zhang, Haiying Report May 30, 2022 4630
A Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Deployment of Sensor Nodes in WSN Network. Liang, Jie; Wang, Lu; Ji, Qingchang May 30, 2022 8035
Automatic Scaling Mechanism of Intermodal EDI System under Green Cloud Computing. Huang, Qiang; Sun, Lin; Jia, Furong; Yuan, Jiaxin; Wu, Yao; Pan, Jinshan May 30, 2022 9276
Allocation of English Distance Teaching Resources based on Deep Reinforcement Learning and Multi-Objective Optimization. Cheng, Li; Wang, Yangzi; Hu, Bin; Maia, Darchia May 29, 2022 6207
Secure MRI Brain Image Transmission Using IOT Devices Based on Hybrid Autoencoder and Restricted Boltzmann Approach. Deepthi, S. Aruna; Rao, E. Sreenivasa; Giriprasad, M. N. May 29, 2022 6894
Research on the Intrusion Detection Model of Underwater Sensor Networks. Huang, Haijie; Liu, Na; Chen, Dandan; Yang, Qiuling; Huang, Xiangdang May 29, 2022 9367
Application of Motion Capture Based on Digital Filtering Algorithm in Sports Dance Teaching. Rao, Fan May 29, 2022 7391
Medical Image Classification Utilizing Ensemble Learning and Levy Flight-Based Honey Badger Algorithm on 6G-Enabled Internet of Things. Abd Elaziz, Mohamed; Mabrouk, Alhassan; Dahou, Abdelghani; Chelloug, Samia Allaoua May 29, 2022 11497
Research on Intelligent Sports Training System for Golf Based on Body Sense Recognition. Wang, Meng; Zang, Tong May 29, 2022 4789
The Emerging Role of Implementing Machine Learning in Food Recommendation for Chronic Kidney Diseases Using Correlation Analysis. Gupta, Sachin; Garg, Neeraj; Sinha, Divyanshu; Yadav, Babita; Gupta, Bhoomi; Miah, Shahajan May 29, 2022 6360
Identification of Flight Area Identification Plate Based on an Improved MSER Algorithm. Liu, Hao; Zhu, Daiwu; Zhu, Yuran; Xie, Xiaofan; Zhao, Haodi May 28, 2022 5313
The Cultural Value Validity of Digital Media Art Based on Deep Learning Network Model. Ruan, Yuan May 28, 2022 6233
System Evaluation and Management of College Students' Physical Exercise Behavior Stages Integrating Bayesian Association Rules Data Mining Algorithm. Shi, Juan May 28, 2022 6581
A Cooperative Lightweight Translation Algorithm Combined with Sparse-ReLU. Xu, Xintao; Liu, Yi; Chen, Gang; Ye, Junbin; Li, Zhigang; Lu, Huaxiang May 28, 2022 5850
High-Performance Concrete Strength Prediction Based on Machine Learning. Liu, Yanning May 28, 2022 5050
An Efficient Resource Management Optimization Scheme for Internet of Vehicles in Edge Computing Environment. Zhu, Anqing; Wen, Youyun May 28, 2022 4818
Digital Industry Financial Risk Early Warning System Based on Improved K-Means Clustering Algorithm. Duan, Xiao-li; Du, Xue-xia; Guo, Li-mei May 28, 2022 5463
Diagnosing Cancer Using IOT and Machine Learning Methods. Maray, Mohammed; Alghamdi, Mohammed; Alazzam, Malik Bader May 28, 2022 5723
Developing an Intelligent System with Deep Learning Algorithms for Sentiment Analysis of E-Commerce Product Reviews. Alzahrani, Mohammad Eid; Aldhyani, Theyazn H. H.; Alsubari, Saleh Nagi; Althobaiti, Maha M.; Fahad, May 28, 2022 5160
Research on Town Ecological Landscape Planning and Governance Based on Fuzzy Optimization Method of Internet of Things Technology. Ying, Yu; Jiang, Kunru; Ren, Meiqi May 28, 2022 5360
Accuracy Evaluation of Collapsed Cone Convolution Superposition Algorithms for the Nasopharynx Interface in the Early Stage of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma. Lai, Yuan-Chun; Hung, Li-Chung; Jeng, Chien-Chung; Feng, Chen-Ju; Chang, Tung-Hao; Hsu, Shih-Ming Report May 28, 2022 5714
Ant Colony Algorithm-Based Audit Supervision to Promote the Optimization of New Infrastructure Investment Environment. Yuan, Feng May 28, 2022 4548
An Enhanced Posture Prediction-Bayesian Network Algorithm for Sleep Posture Recognition in Wireless Body Area Networks. Roshini, A.; Kiran, K. V. D. May 28, 2022 6051
DANC-Net: Dual-Attention and Negative Constraint Network for Point Cloud Classification. Sun, Hang; Zhang, Yuanyue; Shi, Jinmei; Sun, Shuifa; Sheng, Guanqun; Wu, Yirong May 28, 2022 6798
A New Generation Communication System Based on Deep Learning Methods for the Process of Modulation and Demodulation from the Modulated Images. Daldal, Nihat; Sezer, Zeynel Abidin; Nour, Majid; Alhudhaif, Adi; Polat, Kemal Report May 28, 2022 5697
Wind Energy Resource Prediction and Optimal Storage Sizing to Guarantee Dispatchability: A Case Study in the Kenyan Power Grid. Odero, Hampfrey; Wekesa, Cyrus; Irungu, George Case study May 28, 2022 10157
Machine Learning: Supervised Algorithms to Determine the Defect in High-Precision Foundry Operation. BramahHazela,; Hymavathi, J.; Kumar, T. Rajasanthosh; Kavitha, S.; Deepa, D.; Lalar, Sachin; Karunak May 27, 2022 4017
Active Lane-Changing Control of Intelligent Vehicle on Curved Section of Expressway. Feng, Pengfei; Jin, Huiqing; Zhao, Linfeng; Lu, Mingyu May 27, 2022 5308
An Audit Risk Model Based on Improved BP Neural Network Data Mining Algorithm. Niu, Wenjia; Zhao, Lihua; Jia, Peiyao; Chu, Jiankun May 27, 2022 4951
UAV Intelligent Control Based on Machine Vision and Multiagent Decision-Making. Huang, Zishan May 27, 2022 6623
Research and DSP Implementation of Speech Enhancement Technology Based on Dynamic Mixed Features and Adaptive Mask. Yang, Jie; Tang, Yachun May 27, 2022 6072
Gaussian Function Fusing Fully Convolutional Network and Region Proposal-Based Network for Ship Target Detection in SAR Images. Zhang, Peipei; Xie, Guokun; Zhang, Jinsong May 27, 2022 10354
Application of Isomorphic Block Decoration Based on VR and Internet of Things in Fashion Design. Gan, Wen; Lin, Li Report May 27, 2022 7240
Ultimate Bearing Capacity Analysis of Manned Submersible Based on the Genetic Algorithm Discontinuous and Galerkin Finite Element Method. Jiang, Lu Report May 27, 2022 4377
Research on Intelligent Retrieval Method of Teaching Resources on Large-Scale Network Platform. Su, Xiaofeng; Zhang, Tianjing Report May 27, 2022 4863
Residential Energy-Saving Lighting Based on Bioinspired Algorithms. Wu, Yuhang; Zhang, Yitong; Ilmin, Nah; Sui, Jing Report May 27, 2022 4481

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