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Algonquin Brewing debuts Amber Lager.

Acknowledged as one of the fastest growing independent breweries in Ontario, Canada, Algonquin Brewing Co. has followed the success of its Formosa Springs Lager with the creation of Royal Amber Lager.

"We asked |brewmaster~ Jack Massey to come up with something new, an original recipe that would still fit with our overall corporate objective of brewing the highest quality Canadian beer for Canadian tastes," explained vice president of sales and marketing Drew Knox. "And we believe he's come up with a real winner with this new product."

Knox described Royal Amber as having a rich, full-bodied flavor with a more distinct hop character than other Canadian brews.

"This is a result of the special blend of the very best two-row Canadian barley malt and the finest imported wheat and Carastan malts money can buy," Massey said. "Malt is the main ingredient in beer. Two-row makes the finest brew, for the brewer it's the soul of beer."

According to Algonquin president Evan Hayter, "The introduction of Royal Amber Lager marks another significant step in the growth and development of the Algonquin Brewing Company."

Distribution for Royal Amber will be limited to major markets in Ontario such as Toronto, Hamilton, Brampton, Oakville and Ottawa, Hayter said.

Algonquin Amber will be available in bottles from 160 brewers retail stores, and at selected accounts in the draught form.
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Title Annotation:Algonquin Brewing Co. Ltd.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Dec 7, 1992
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