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$395,000; 1811 Broadsmore Dr.; Aug. 29, by Timothy Salley to Christina L. Orlando and Jeffrey D. Dickel.

$314,500; 6S160 W Ridge Dr.; Aug. 21, by Ben R. Perez Jr. to Matthew G. Levandoski.

$250,000; 1065 Molitor Rd.; Aug. 21, by J & C Leasing II LLC. to Antonio Contreras Valencia and Jorge A Contreras Medina.

$237,500; 2931 Church Rd.; Aug. 22, by Aron Philips to Lauren Kaiser.

$233,000; 1625 Cumberland Rd.; Aug. 21, by Brent Bloem to Christina L. Gallant.

$220,000; 1380 Ashton Ct.; Aug. 21, by Michael Lorentz to Robert A. Mansilla.

$214,500; 1781 Orchid St.; Aug. 21, by Safeclick Home LLC. to Giovanni and Jessie Altamirano.

$207,000; 3501 St. Annes Ct.; Aug. 21, by Linda Moore to Ion Nazar.

$206,000; 607 Pennsylvania Ave.; Aug. 22, by William N. Schomer to Jacqueline Ramos.

$195,000; 637 Grand Ave.; Aug. 23, by Housing Continuum Inc. to Jose J. Magana.

$184,000; 2265 Reflections Dr.; Aug. 22, by Stanislov Malikov to Sharad K. Agarwal.

$183,000; 2408 Wilton Ln. Unit 562-5; Aug. 21, by Kathleen A. Nolan to Kori M. Rentas.

$182,000; 1520 Foxcroft Dr.; Aug. 21, by Farah J. Baldwin to Myra D. Valazquez and Wilgen Rivera.

$180,000; 902 6th Ave.; Aug. 21, by Patricia Ramirez to Jose Sanchez.

$178,000; 3090 Autumn Lake Dr.; Aug. 22, by Joseph Leopold to Rudolph L. and Dorothy R. West.

$157,000; 2269 Bittersweet Ct.; Aug. 21, by Teresa Moore to Vincent A. Parello.

$156,000; 778 E. New York St.; Aug. 22, by Maria G. Vargas to Gustavo Martinez Martinez.

$155,000; 325 Le Grande Blvd.; Aug. 21, by PMT NPL Financing 2015-1 to Victor Herrera Tinajero and Maria E. Gomez Rodriguez.

$150,000; 420 Jefferson St.; Aug. 22, by Jose Quinonez to Luciano Jaimes.

$145,000; 1591 Galway Dr.; Aug. 22, by Anthony Konopacki to Ricardo Lopez Reyes.

$145,000; 1581 Galway Dr.; Aug. 22, by Anthony Konopacki to Ricardo Lopez Reyes.

$141,500; 235 N. Loucks St.; Aug. 22, by Wanda I. Gonzalez to Olivia Martinez Diaz.

$140,000; 468 Crane St.; Aug. 21, by James W. Fourmont to Omar Z. Rodriguez.

$137,000; 322 N. Buell Ave.; Aug. 21, by Chad Vargas to John H. Sullivan and Karen M. Ruiz.

$135,000; 3224 Heather Glen Dr. Unit 3B; Aug. 23, by Donald M. Wojtynek to Radcliffe Capital LLC.

$134,000; 221 High St.; Aug. 22, by Meusterra Equities LLC. to Genoveva Brenes.

$85,000; 811 Liberty St.; Aug. 21, by Norma M. Kleinfieldt to Ignacio Cervantes.

$59,000; 1750 N. Marywood Ave. Unit 412; Aug. 22, by Kristen Deuerling to Nida Ghazi.

$412,500; 607 S. Jefferson St.; Aug. 30, by Winkle Interior Innovations to Mitchell A. Lopata and Stacey L. Peterson.

$324,000; 345 N. Jefferson St.; Aug. 30, by Sarah M. Hohmann to Naomi Dwyer.

$265,000; 3112 Merrywell Ct.; Aug. 29, by James E. Heller II to Evan Larson.

$205,000; 1415 Plainview Rd.; Aug. 27, by Fernando Urvieta to Juan Carlos Ortiz Reyes.

$185,000; 123 San Juan Rd.; Aug. 28, by Joseph F. Hefferle to Nancy Mondragon.

$175,000; 2111 Orchard Ln.; Aug. 28, by Stephen Magliaro to Patriia M. Koch.

$155,000; 8 Fir St.; Aug. 28, by 2nd Wolf Properties LLC. to Ismael Morales and Maria Angelica Jimenez Perez.

$106,000; 1611 Silverstone Dr.; Aug. 30, by Kristina Foster to Aremy J. and Natividad Renteria.

$177,000; 732 Timothy Ct.; Aug. 29, by Hwa R. Seong to Jennifer Barber.

$380,000; 1518 Fairfield Dr.; Aug. 29, by Shodeen Homes LLC. to Dale E. and Peggy L. Lorenz.

$354,500; 1413 Beed Ave.; Aug. 28, by Shodeen Homes LLC. to Edward C. and Banita Larocco.

$344,000; 0S129 Surrey Dr.; Aug. 29, by John R. Whitcomb to Jeffrey J. and Amanda L. Morken.

$266,500; 1182 Sears Cir.; Aug. 27, by NVR Inc. to John W. and Jean M. Rigert.

$248,000; 1180 Sears Cir.; Aug. 27, by NVR Inc. to Marcela Avila and Silvio Moran.

$165,000; 111 E. Nebraska St.; Aug. 24, by Eric P. Gross to Justin B. Bond.

$471,500; 813 Richwood Ave.; Aug. 27, by Demarco Designs Inc. to Daniel and Rebecca Hahn.

$355,000; 309 Red Rock Ln.; Aug. 30, by Susanne E. Sharuga to Jeffrey S. Wright and Derek A. Weihofen.

$352,500; 320 Longview Dr.; Aug. 30, by MI Homes Of Chicago LLC. to Juan C. and Malina Campos.

$325,000; 3121 Chalkstone Ave.; Aug. 29, by David S. Dehaan to Daniel Ottolino.

$320,500; 400 Brockton Ave.; Aug. 30, by Jarvis Dunmore to Dhaval and Ishani Patel.

$320,000; 2021 Lucca Dr.; Aug. 28, by Darlene J. Alanis to Thomas M. Vincent and Christine A. Moody.

$300,000; 39W469 Abilene Trl.; Aug. 27, by Maria Cortez to Jerry D. and Katie Jerome.

$287,500; 1012 Spinnaker St.; Aug. 29, by Zinayida Slobodchykova to Dmytro Stefanyuk.

$265,000; 1421 Knotty Pine Dr.; Aug. 27, by Christopher D. Bachewicz to Yesenia Regino.

$250,500; 862 Butterfly Field Dr.; Aug. 27, by Walter J. Zibble to Karen Zasowski.

$244,000; 2670 Kettlehook Dr.; Aug. 29, by Jeffrey S. Risdon to Valentin and Iris J. Reynoso.

$225,000; 601 N. Lyle Ave.; Aug. 28, by Fang Niu to Mauricio M. and Benita Castrejon.

$215,000; 174 N. Worth Ave.; Aug. 27, by Frank D. Jimmo to Barbara Brooks.

$215,000; 317 Fulton St.; Aug. 28, by Cornerstone Inverstment Properties to Walter Beaudette Jr.

$206,000; 3043 Marion St.; Aug. 30, by Papao Saisnith to Jesse Stutler.

$198,000; 534 W Chicago St.; Aug. 28, by Pathfinder Holdings LLC. to Elia M. Noveron and Karen Ramirez Navarro.

$198,000; 321 Locust St.; Aug. 29, by Weststar Industries LLC. to Brian and Ivette R. Anderson.

$190,000; 1219 Crestview Dr.; Aug. 29, by Carole Kramer to Jose L. Rosas Rodriguez and Yesenia Olvera.

$190,000; 156 S. Melrose Ave.; Aug. 30, by Maria Esther Fekete to Rafael Cruz Martinez.

$189,500; 2443 Daybreak Ct.; Aug. 30, by Bayview Loan Servicing LLC. to Dominick and Vincenza Capici.

$185,000; 938 Mesa Dr.; Aug. 29, by Glen Ellyn to Dean A. Welch.

$180,000; 3110 Valley Falls St.; Aug. 30, by Joson Michael Karns to Mamadou Fall.

$175,000; 239 S. Edison Ave.; Aug. 29, by Todd Borst to Timothy E. Brady.

$105,000; 125 S. Porter St.; Aug. 30, by Kathy L. Szpekowski to Matthew Dockendorff.

$360,000; 327 Daniels Way; Aug. 28, by Robert D. Hartley to Christopher C. and Rachel E. Gilmore.

$206,500; 2138 Vanderbilt Dr.; Aug. 28, by Lois J. Larson to Ras Closing Services LLC.

$150,000; 2883 Caldwell Ln.; Aug. 27, by Kane County Sheriff to Pathfinder Holdings LLC.

$395,000; 828 Blue Aster Pwy.; Aug. 27, by NVR Inc. to Jeffrey S. and Allison P. Trester.

$235,000; 264 Gregory M Sears Dr.; Aug. 24, by Sean M. Daugherty to Ubbaldo Jimenez.

$200,000; 425 Town Center Blvd; Aug. 24, by Robert Michael Humphreys II to Carlene Kay Woodruff.

$168,000; 442 Evergreen Cir.; Aug. 28, by Morgan D. Ball to Wojciech and Katarzyna Szlinger.

$171,000; 2650 Carlisle Ln.; Aug. 28, by Krystel J. Hauschildt to Miguel A. Amaya II.

$139,000; 1013 Tuscany Trl.; Aug. 29, by CalAtlantic Group Inc. to Malinda S. Mottys.

$280,000; 612 Pinewood Dr.; Aug. 28, by James W. Lefaver to Sharee J. Vanlloy.

$272,500; 311 Carrie Ct.; Aug. 29, by John T. Obrien to Maria Esquivel.

$339,000; 980 Americana Ave.; Aug. 28, by DR Horton to Roger L. and Renee Smith.

$309,000; 1210 Americana Ave.; Aug. 30, by DRH Cambridge Homes Inc. to Guy V. and Pamela V. Kelly.

$250,000; 1156 Shoreline Dr.; Aug. 29, by Ryan W. Hallgren to Darlene Wians.

$195,000; 2310 Aurora Dr.; Aug. 24, by D R Horton Inc. to Luciano Morgante.

$168,500; 1740 Spinnaker St.; Aug. 27, by Zackery D. Romando to Daniel J. Delvecchio.

$165,000; 1245 Derry Ln.; Aug. 28, by Lindsay Petrie to Frank Spizzirri Jr.

$255,000; 1036 Van Tassel Rd.; Aug. 27, by Peter Nowak to Michael R. and Kathleen A. Morrison.

$556,000; 1937 Sagebrook Dr.; Aug. 27, by K Hovnanian At Sagebrook LLC. to Mitesh Patel and Kamlini Potdar.

$393,000; 1908 Sagebrook Dr.; Aug. 27, by K Hovnanian At Sagebrook LLC. to Eric and Graciela B. Diaz.

$359,000; 654 Lake Ridge Dr.; Aug. 29, by Sarkis Oshana to Daniel and Mina Valenti.

$295,000; 511 Chesterfield Ln.; Aug. 29, by Carl Senne to Michael D. Taylor.

$190,500; 200 Nicole Dr. Unit B; Aug. 30, by Erica Filyo to Anthony Giachetti.

$190,000; 52 One Dr. Unit B; Aug. 30, by John Palmer to Darlene Alanis.

$177,500; 25 Weston Ct.; Aug. 28, by Thomas A. Oreilly to Steven Eugene Young and Prince Goldwyn Lo Young.

$118,000; 1100 Kane St.; Aug. 29, by Jeanine Rosatie to Kane Manchester Rentals LLC.

$627,000; 40W849 Fox Creek Dr.; Aug. 24, by Steve L. Case to Bryan C. and Catherine L. Scanlon.

$599,000; 1168 Willowgate Ln.; Aug. 27, by William Lawrence Hardison to Craig L. Filippi and Michele R. McClelland.

$587,500; 40W714 Fox Creek Dr.; Aug. 28, by John E. David to David A. Dombrowski and Jessica M. Gillum.

$499,000; 6N540 Burr Rd.; Aug. 28, by Donald A. Lange to Andrew and Stefanie Debuono.

$455,000; 4N405 S. Robert Frost Cir.; Aug. 30, by John C. Nelson to Eric C. and Kate M. Peterson.

$350,000; 3720 Antoine Ct.; Aug. 24, by Doris Siemen to Alexander and Katie Wiff.

$334,000; 1651 Patricia Ln.; Aug. 29, by Keith C. Green to William J. and Margaret L. Kalamaris.

$315,000; 39W424 Hemlock Dr.; Aug. 23, by Michael R. Morrison to Timothy W. Blanchard and Kay S. Richards.

$293,000; 41W023 Crooked Ln.; Aug. 28, by Monica R. Herdrich to Samuel A. and Katelyn S. Bolds.

$242,000; 39W624 Hemlock Dr.; Aug. 27, by Carman Dalstrom to Joseph J. Mayeux.

$233,500; 841 Riding Ln.; Aug. 22, by Toll Il LP to Kathryn Nelligan and Joyce Fitzgerald.

$225,000; 120 N. 6th Ave.; Aug. 28, by Charles C. Felish to Christopher A. Janis and Lauren M. Doty.

$217,500; 719 Stuarts Dr.; Aug. 22, by Hetul A. Thakkar to Rajan and Poonam Verma.

$202,000; 1816 Evergreen St.; Aug. 27, by Cheryl Gail Wilson to Catherine Wolowiec.

$200,000; 520 Prairie St.; Aug. 27, by Roderick L. Hefel to Michael Stevens.

$161,000; 233 Auburn Ct.; Aug. 27, by Andrew M. Packman to Landon Bruni.

$78,000; 510 Geneva St.; Aug. 30, by Amanda Shives to Amanda Mannina.

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