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$230,000; 1565 Niccon Trail; Aug. 20, by John A. Nolan to Ryan C. and Ashley Lavskis.

$540,000; 1480 Graystone Dr.; Aug. 13, by Sushil K. Gupta to Thomas and Janice Grady.

$313,000; 2219 Beaumont Ct.; Aug. 14, by J Randolph Sidio to Adekunie and Oluwasenmilore Afolabi.

$265,500; 2670 Cheshire Dr.; Aug. 14, by Fannie Mae to Ryan Tracy.

$250,000; 3337 Kentshire Cir.; Aug. 14, by Jamie Ho Kim to Mahipal Vancha and Deepthi Kondam.

$237,000; 3172 Village Green Dr.; Aug. 15, by Chia Ho Chen to Brian W. Bacon.

$229,000; 1196 Dogwood Ln.; Aug. 13, by Ergja Mekolli to Welmon and London Sampson.

$185,000; 3067 Anton Dr.; Aug. 14, by Mark D. Krohmer to Diane M. Kroll.

$175,000; 2052 Charleston Dr.; Aug. 9, by Saleem Mohammed to Brian Erber.

$170,000; 291 Park Ridge Ln. Unit C; Aug. 13, by Theodore A. Czajkowski to Faith Redding.

$170,000; 3251 Andover Dr.; Aug. 15, by DuPage County Sheriff to JVA IL LLC.

$159,000; 114 Raintree Ct.; Aug. 15, by Afshan Qureshi to Max Posh and Nada Mahan.

$139,000; 141 Heather Glen Dr.; Aug. 14, by Lora Polakow to Bhanu and Neha Mittal.

$117,500; 225 Raintree Ct.; Aug. 14, by US Bank NA to Ricardo Guzman.

$84,000; 243 Gregory St. Unit 9; Aug. 14, by Jesse A. Jernigan to Siamak Khoshini and Farnaz Almasganj.

$552,000; 1615 Barkei Dr.; Aug. 21, by Steven N. Allen to Casey and Keri Michalek.

$523,000; 2501 Kane Ln.; Aug. 21, by Brian J. James to Keith R. and Dana L. Hodgins.

$300,000; 406 Elm Ridge Ct.; Aug. 21, by William H. Morrow to Mark A. and Debbie Maldonado.

$281,000; 6177 Edwards Ct.; Aug. 21, by Grub Inc. to Daniel and Patricia L. Echols.

$225,000; 106 Park Ave.; Aug. 21, by Adam Wolf to Nestor Gonzalez Hernandez.

$175,000; 1967 Cobblestone Dr.; Aug. 20, by Sean Seunghoon Kim to Stacy Arvanitakis.

$165,000; 208 Granada Rd.; Aug. 21, by Jose M. Savedra to Luis Antonio Flores and Arcelia M. Camacho.

$160,000; 2280 Woodside Dr.; Aug. 17, by Tamrah J. Pitz to Ellyn Benbennick.

$160,000; 1240 Navajo Dr.; Aug. 21, by Veronica Carrillo to Nestor Ali Quezada.

$148,000; 8304 Sierra Woods Ln.; Aug. 21, by Donna Hansen to Burtland Wilson.

$205,000; 716 Timothy Ct.; Aug. 21, by Corey Blackburn to Vaentina Escalante and Sandra Angel Payan.

$159,500; 1S864 Route 47; Aug. 21, by 47 Main Elburn Partners LLC. to Robert R. and Dellyn Raimondi.

$422,000; 697 Slate Run; Aug. 20, by Overstreet Builders Inc. to Donald P. and Beverly P. McCullough.

$400,000; 4342 Rudyard Kipling Rd.; Aug. 21, by Taylor Morrison Of Illinois Inc. to Scott E. and Gina M. Macarthur.

$337,500; 3889 Double Eagle Dr.; Aug. 16, by Toll Il LP to Catherine Pawlowski.

$315,000; 183 Atwell St.; Aug. 21, by Ricardo Gomez to Kadamb and Niralibahen Thakkar.

$314,500; 09N836 Beckman Trail; Aug. 20, by Daniel L. Devries Sr to John M. Currie.

$300,000; 14N574 Oliver Dr.; Aug. 21, by Thomas J. Doherty to Megan E. and Jason Thompson.

$295,000; 796 Red Barn Ln.; Aug. 20, by Richard G. Dunne to John and Athanasia Boulahanis.

$285,000; 860 Hopps Rd.; Aug. 21, by Robert Horkman to Gregorio R. Fabian.

$279,000; 2369 Cottonwood Dr.; Aug. 20, by Eric Becker to Amado and Alexis Gasco.

$270,000; 10N254 Il Route 47; Aug. 17, by Diana Seybold to Rafal Kulik.

$237,000; 543 Blue Ridge Ct.; Aug. 20, by Jerry D. Jerome to David Barragan Lopez.

$205,000; 408 N. Spring St.; Aug. 21, by Justin D. Furman to Erik J. Melchers and Alivia B. Dehaan.

$181,000; 749 Diane Ave.; Aug. 17, by Clara King to Alejandro Alvarado.

$180,000; 424 S. State St.; Aug. 21, by Jeffrey J. Lesnik to Juan Villagomez.

$175,000; 1091 Birchdale Dr.; Aug. 20, by Eva M. Acevedo to Andres E. Lozano.

$171,000; 2457 Daybreak Ct.; Aug. 21, by Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp to Miguel A. and Adela Velazquez.

$170,000; 1155 Morton Ave.; Aug. 21, by Djaan Investments LLC. to Mohammed Ali Farrukh and Samina Ahmed.

$165,000; 861 Millcreek Cir.; Aug. 21, by Gilbert C. Tailes to Catherine J. Trofimuk.

$160,000; 407 Orchard St.; Aug. 17, by Padron Enterprises Inc. to Yair Tolentino Martinez.

$155,000; 620 W Chicago St.; Aug. 15, by David L. English to David Garcia Carranza and Diana Lara Gonzalez.

$146,500; 1677 College Green Dr.; Aug. 21, by Dorothy J. Brandon to Rachel Francisco.

$133,500; 2212 Colorado Ave. Unit 2212; Aug. 17, by Eunice Lawshea to Juan Urquiza.

$130,000; 325 N. Airlite St. Unit D; Aug. 20, by Junaid W. Karim to Michalina C. Maes.

$61,000; 217 Burr Oak Cir.; Aug. 17, by Tall Oaks Investment LLC. to Jorge and Sandro Crovetto.

$58,000; 730 Goodfield Ln.dg; Aug. 17, by Pingree LLC. to Finney Homes LLC.

$570,000; 211 Campbell Ct.; Aug. 21, by Jeffrey Q. Imming to John and Margaret Janisch.

$435,000; 0N688 King Dr.; Aug. 21, by Robert W. Martin to National Residential Nominee S.

$355,000; 39W098 Revere House Ln.; Aug. 21, by Robert B. Buelow to Erin M. and James M. Trinka.

$352,000; 2660 Cedar Ave.; Aug. 20, by Jeffrey S. Hammond to Joseph and Kelsey N. Zeman.

$348,000; 2696 Berkshire Dr.; Aug. 14, by William A. Soderstrom to Barrett and Leslie Rife.

$295,000; 124 N. Harrison St.; Aug. 21, by Theodore A. Wynn to Gregory J. Sarns and Kolleen J. Sarns.

$171,000; 112 Aberdeen Ct.; Aug. 21, by Michael A. Sinacore to Danny E. and Lesley Dimmick.

$375,000; 834 Blue Aster Parkway; Aug. 21, by Andrew Syska to Tammie and John C. Jones.

$217,500; 271 Aspen Cir.; Aug. 21, by Joseph Badran to Marzena Anderson.

$142,000; 753 Florence St.; Aug. 20, by CalAtlantic Group Inc. to Christopher G. Gallman.

$245,000; 14244 Flagstaff Ct.; Aug. 22, by Robert H. Bruggeman to John Hansen and Julie Hansen.

$295,000; 605 Lindsay Cir.; Aug. 21, by Adam T. Harlow to Syed M. W Rizvi and Syed Hussain Raza Rizvi.

$269,000; 1404 Prairie Ct.; Aug. 20, by Jennifer S. Dosch to Juan Aburto Gomez and Juan Aburto.

$220,000; 110 Oak St.; Aug. 21, by John J. Demars to Michael and Justine Gegner.

$155,000; 19 Sumner Ave.; Aug. 20, by Nicacio Corral to Jose M. Luna Rodriguez.

$340,000; 744 Woodfern Dr.; Aug. 17, by Jeremy Cartee to Christopher and Emily Fricker.

$310,000; 1484 Crest Dr.; Aug. 16, by D R Horton Inc. to Katherine A. and Barry A. Grabert II.

$301,000; 1043 Carolina Ct.; Aug. 21, by D R Horton Inc. to Michael M. and Susan R. Aguado.

$299,000; 1237 Clearwater Dr.; Aug. 17, by Dr Horton Inc. to Derek J. and Michelle M. Strissel.

$297,000; 961 Americana Ct.; Aug. 16, by D R Horton Inc. to Julie M. Triphahn.

$295,000; 60 Catamaran Cir.; Aug. 21, by Marc C. Hathaway to Dennis G. and Gina M. Sears.

$278,000; 1635 Lake Bluff Ln.; Aug. 16, by Martin G. Rielage to Dawn D. and Paul B. Ruge Jr.

$260,000; 912 Scottsdale Dr.; Aug. 21, by Diane A. Diel to David and Colette Day.

$238,500; 1038 Chestnut Dr.; Aug. 21, by D R Horton Inc. to Ernesto Aranda Jr.

$188,500; 2385 Upland Rd.; Aug. 21, by D R Horton Inc. to Tanayry Campos Perez.

$185,000; 1409 Isle Royale Ct.; Aug. 21, by Daniel R. Charak to Brefni A. Grigg.

$170,000; 1204 Alta Vista Dr.; Aug. 17, by Jeremy J. Corbeil to Nelson and Doris Montanez.

$100,000; 2250 Aurora Dr. Unit 26; Aug. 16, by Miles Tischhauser to Paul C. and Karen S. Deim.

$421,000; 2010 Sleepy Hollow Rd., Sleepy Hollow, 60118; Aug. 21, by Kathleen Dwyer to James J. and Olga P. Ryan.

$367,000; 498 Terrace Ln.; Aug. 21, by Scott R. Hutchinson to Thomas Fidanzia.

$355,000; 619 Carriage Way; Aug. 21, by Daniel P. Freeman to Eric Jones and Alyssa Larson.

$304,000; 194 W Lynn St.; Aug. 21, by Michael Tucci to William Wehrle.

$235,000; 3 Chatham Ct.; Aug. 21, by Gale Irvin to Cameron Laszczak.

$199,500; 551 E. Middle St.; Aug. 21, by J Rosario Aguilera to Martin Delgado.

$195,000; 1510 S. Pembroke Dr.; Aug. 21, by Bradley J. Savage to Laurelle T. Wallace.

$193,000; 150 Wilson Way; Aug. 21, by Tia Vongphakdy to Joel Almanza and Salador Gomez.

$157,000; 249 Nicole Dr. Unit C; Aug. 21, by Michael V. Mineo to Janette M. Ryan.

$117,500; 995 Kane St.; Aug. 21, by Mariann G. Jasper to Charles M. Gibellina Jr.

$675,000; 70 Horne St.; Aug. 20, by Charles Hanlon to David and Noel Leatherbury.

$565,000; 2502 Majestic Oaks Ln.; Aug. 20, by Cartus Financial Corp. to Robert and Kristin S. Brunson.

$526,000; 40W774 Willowbrook Ct.; Aug. 17, by Anthony R. Bennardo Jr. to Chad Lowe and Chani F. McOmber.

$516,000; 40W387 Oliver Wendell Holmes St.; Aug. 20, by Michael Daley to Yelena Voznyuk.

$500,000; 41W200 Hearthstone Ct.; Aug. 20, by Ed Farley to Alexander L. Wilkinson.

$452,000; 40W682 Blue Lake Cir. N; Aug. 16, by Robert P. Bader to Paul and Jennifer Marker.

$405,000; 4N521 N. Robert Frost Cir.; Aug. 16, by Linnea Windel to Christopher E. Krohn.

$380,000; 6N785 Colonel Bennett Ln.; Aug. 20, by Daniel W. Shanner to Jesus J. and Hisela A. Hernandez.

$324,000; 917 Spring Ave.; Aug. 17, by Andrew J. Callaci to Anthony Lavere and Sarah Atnipp.

$297,000; 210 Regency Ct. W; Aug. 20, by Daryn Kafka to Robert and Lauren Teske.

$287,000; 1805 S. Tyler Rd.; Aug. 16, by Bruce A. Block to David C. and Sharon L. Samuels.

$277,000; 1711 Jeanette Ave.; Aug. 20, by Christopher Billapando to Chadwick Kennedy and Frances Ramos.

$245,000; 314 S. 4th Ave.; Aug. 17, by David Thomas to Benjamin R. Fowler and Bethany Carrignan.

$235,000; 1912 Moore Ave.; Aug. 17, by Nancy L. Voss to Thomas Z. Eskridge and Vivian M. Gomez. $230,000; 418 Jackson Ave.; Aug. 16, by Daryl G. Miller to Jeffrey E. and Bonnie L. Klamar.

$228,000; 5N132 Bluff Dr. S; Aug. 20, by Michael P. Kruse to Michael P. and Mary T. Kruse.

$182,500; 112 Millington Way; Aug. 17, by John A. Childers to Margaret Hoscheit.

$270,000; 242 E. Park Ave.; Aug. 6, by Martin N. Sexton to Richard F. Chinnamallela.

$320,000; 732 Green Castle Ct.; Aug. 21, by Kevin A. Oakes to Robin A. Oakes.

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