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Alexander Pushkin: The Snowslide (1829).

The Snowslide (1829) (1)

   Swift wave-crests surging in the gloom
   Pummel the cliff face, foam and boom,
   As high above me eagles scream
       And pine trees swish,
   And frigid mountain summits gleam
       Through drifting mist.

   From there a snowslide once broke free
   And with a dreadful crash careened,
   Cascaded, clogged the gorge between
       Two rock-faced walls,
   And River Terek's mighty stream
       Leapt to a halt.

   Abruptly chastened and demure,
   O Terek, you choked off your roar,
   But chasing breakers' stubborn ire
       Burst through the snows ...
   You rushed your banks in fierce despair
       And overflowed.

   Long afterward, the snow lay deep,
   Unmelting in a massive heap;
   The Terek, frenzied, ran beneath,
       And made assault
   With foam and spray upon the steep
       And icy vault.

   Across it led an ample track:
   Horses would canter, oxen lag,
   Steppe merchants with their laden packs
       And camels wend

   Where none but Aeolus now walks,
       Lord of the wind.

Translated by Alyssa Dinega Gillespie

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Title Annotation:Translations
Author:Gillespie, Alyssa Dinega
Publication:Pushkin Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jan 1, 2019
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