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Alexander Haig?

Remember Al Haig, Ronald Reagan's first Secretary of State? As a negotiating ploy, he would regularly threaten to resign if the Administration's internal decision-making process went against him. Suddenly one day, to his amazement, the Administration accepted his offer of resignation.

Anne Krueger, Washington's most senior appointee to the International Monetary Fund, is the Al Haig of the Bush Administration. Krueger is a friend of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice going back to their days at Stanford University. At the IMF she has used the threat of resignation on a number of occasions as a negotiating ploy. But the string may be running out. A senior Bush Administration official recently voiced privately: "The next time she pulls that stunt and threatens to resign, we're going to accept it."
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Title Annotation:Anne Krueger resignatin threat at International Monetary Fund
Publication:The International Economy
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Date:Sep 22, 2005
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